The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 17, 2022
Ch. 66Hiddleston family

“I think the poison is slowly seeping into my body, so I won't be able to survive this end. Theodore Mark... Thank you for all the time that you have accompanied me and made friends with me. You are the best friend I have.” Lac Hong Hao's eyes faded.
“I can no longer see you. Bring your face closer so I can touch it." Lac Hong Hao's hand raised, trembling slightly.
"Don't trouble... I won't let you die... I'll rescue your stamina." Theodore Mark continuously sucked the poisonous blood from Lac Hong Hao's hand and spit it out.
"You don't die... I beg you..." Theodore Mark's eyes began to rain, and the drops of salt water became denser and denser. 
Theodore Mark was a little dizzy, his mind was wobbly, spinning, Theodore Mark tried to resist, rubbing his temples with his hands. After a while, Theodore Mark fainted.
"What? The show hasn't gone anywhere yet. I haven't finished the show yet, you already fainted." Lac Hong Hao raised his eyebrows.
“How is he? Why did he faint?" Phedra Elizabeth asked involuntarily.
“Unconsciously hit by the anesthetic. Later it will be fine. Let him lie here for a while. But I didn't expect him to cry so much. A moment is also good. Convenient for resuscitation.”
     Phedra Elizabeth finds that the situation is not satisfactory, on one side, two people are seriously injured, and on the other hand, the male lead directly confronts the old Paul. Confused about what to do. Immediately walk close to Duncan Hiddleston, standing behind Duncan Hiddleston's back to observe the situation. Duncan Hiddleston now stood looking at him for a long time.
"President Paul has not seen each other for a long time."
“General Director Hiddleston have we met before? I don't have a picture of you in my memory. Maybe you got the wrong person.”
“Will never… How can I get it wrong… Maybe my father didn't notice me when he hurt me so you didn't remember me?”
“Your father? Your last name is Hiddleston. So your father… Is it Henry Hiddleston? Is it President Hiddleston? Are you his son?"
“Just saying that have you noticed? You killed my father. You ruined my house. Now you are still leisurely living in the world... But God doesn't disappoint the last person who killed my father appeared… I have killed you with my own hands.”
“What is this? This is getting more and more complicated. Now my head is spinning like a cloud. The app can explain quickly. What's this?"
[Host, please wait a moment.]
“Immediate… Go.”
[App will share the screen. Invite the host to take a look.]
     Hiddleston Villa 5 years ago. Duncan Hiddleston's mother is watering the plants in the garden, happily reciting a few verses.
“The lady, something is not good.”
“Whatever you say, say it slowly. There's no need to rush it… Take it slow…”
"It's a big deal... Can't calm down... Story of the old man... An old man is bankrupt... The old man is bankrupt... Heard of the scene Detectives are investigating.”
"What?" Duncan Hiddleston's mother was shocked, the water bottle in her hand was unstable and fell to the ground.
"What's wrong with the old man? The company is bankrupt… The old man is facing the police.” Duncan Hiddleston's mother was unsteady on her feet, leaning and falling, her whole body was affected by the force of the earth, and the male lead's back was sucked back.
“Lady… Lady… Lady fainted…” The maid caught her.
"Where are you? Quickly help madam get inside... Quickly help madam get inside..."
A bunch of people ran up and took her inside. When Duncan Hiddleston's mother opened her eyes, she found herself in the next room with a servant.
“Lady, can you still resist? Her health was not good. It was the servant's fault that she suffered such a blow, leading to fainting." The close maid blames herself.
“No. The old man has a big change, he must report it to me urgently. It’s the right thing to do.”
     Tears of Duncan Hiddleston's mother suddenly flowed, and the slave beside her mournfully hugged her and comforted her.
“It's okay… It's okay… Then there will be a way… Madam doesn't worry… Madam doesn’t worry…”
“Wait. Stop this clip for a moment.” Phedra Elizabeth.
[What's wrong with the host.]
“If according to the description that I read in the original when I was in reality. Then this servant is the male protagonist who met after years of being imprisoned by his mother in the hospital?”
“Even if you say app… App doesn't know. Go on."
[Invite the host to continue.]
“I… I… It's okay… How is the old man now?” Duncan Hiddleston's mother wipes her tears.
“I heard that the police are currently investigating… It will be soon… The results will come… The old man is about to go home now. In addition, someone claiming to be President Jane, a close friend of the old man, was waiting for his wife outside. Do you want to meet? He said he could help the old man clear up."
“Okay. Take me to that person.”
“Duncan Hiddleston's mother is so young right now. She looks pretty too.” Phedra Elizabeth.
"How's her background information?"
[Sarah Frank - 38 years old, the father is a cleaner, the mother is a street vendor. Since childhood, he lived in poverty, so he knew how to hire, sew, cook, and also do small businesses.]
"She's already 38 years old? What's the secret to making her so young and beautiful? Looking back at me... But her family background is like this... Then it's good to have three male leads."
"What's her personality like?"
[Gentle, courageous, a little stubborn after all, is a good person.]
“Why are all the characters so good here… Everyone has their struggles. Now I don't know if I should hate it or like it. But then I also know that at this time, President Jane is 28 to 30. Is my guess right?"
[David Jane – 42 years old.]

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