The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 17, 2022
Ch. 65Tear

"I haven't asked the last question yet."
“The first question you asked two questions, I answered them both. Law is law, fair contract. To say is to do.”
"Okay. Put her down.”
Towards Phedra Elizabeth, the rope suddenly loosened. She followed the gravity of the earth, and dropped the slope without braking, Phedra Elizabeth closed her eyes, in extreme fear, suddenly something squeezed her hand. Phedra Elizabeth's feet touched the ground safely. Phedra Elizabeth opened her eyes, the rope did not wrap Phedra Elizabeth's hand, leaving only traces. Phedra Elizabeth rubbed her wrist.
“The rule of the game is very straightforward. Two people fight a battle and only one person survives. Those are my rules of the game. The rules of the game of death. Very superficial and easy to comprehend.”
“Only one person can live. Proves that Young Master Lac forced me to kill people. How could I do such a pathetic thing like that?"
"If you weren't the hunter, you'd be the hunted."
     Duncan Hiddleston above the row struggled continuously, his mouth trying to tear the piece of tape wrapped around his mouth. Theodore Mark silently looked at Lac Hong Hao. Phedra Elizabeth pretended to buy time.
“Time is mature. Just function." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“It's time for me to step out. Lac Hong Hao understands her." Phedra Elizabeth looked at Lac Hong Hao.
“Miss Alice, look here. Focus here. Your opponent is me.”
     Lieu Song Lien kicked Phedra Elizabeth in the face. Phedra Elizabeth was carelessly hit and took a few steps back. Left leg back, support. Phedra Elizabeth's whole body took a stance, using momentum to prepare to attack.
“Do you also know martial arts? Honey chooses acceptable people. I find it interesting.”
“There is a loophole.” Phedra Elizabeth counterattacked, kicking back.
     Lieu Song Lien's face tilted to the side, and she quickly turned around. Phedra Elizabeth threw her fists. One shot immediately, a direct punch to her face made Lieu Song Lien somewhat stunned.
“Isn’t it true that my whole body is so stiff?” Lieu Song Lien realized something was not right.
     Phedra Elizabeth was not negligent even for a second, Phedra Elizabeth continuously attacked the abdomen, back, and face, and kicked in the legs. Next, Phedra Elizabeth used her feet to clamp Lieu Song Lien's neck with her hands on the ground, her feet clamped on Lieu Song Lien's neck with force, acting quickly, without any loopholes. Making Lieu Song Lien not have time to turn, her body seemed to turn upside down by natural reflex, in an instant, Lieu Song Lien felt pain in her whole body, when she opened her eyelids, her whole body was lying completely on the ground and motionless.
"Miss Alice won? So fast. It's not interesting at all.”
     Lieu Song Lien vaguely replied.
“You play me. Your lips are poisonous. You took advantage of my habits.” Lac Hong Hao quickly lost interest in the immediate pleasure.
"How does it count as taking advantage. This is called retaliation. Not even in the gift, you stabbed me there is a poison with a strong concentration."
“But will you also be poisoned? It's the same thing when using poison on yourself."
“My lips are camouflaged by a layer of fake lips. How can I be like you?"
"But you can't do it, it's beyond your ability."
“I asked you before. Does betrayal hurt? How do you feel?”
"It's anonymous. She knows I'm up against you. She helps me right away."
“My love for her is like a formality, you also know that if I open my mouth to ask her to help. She won't directly refuse your offer."
“How can I be so negligent. For the past five years, she's always been by his side without leaving. It's natural for her to help you. I just didn't expect that even though she knew I would confront you, she still wouldn't feel any pain and hold back." Lieu Song Lien's eyes welled with tears, the stream passed through the corner of her eye and fell to the ground.
“Miss Alice, you go upstairs and benefit everyone. Don't kill her. I'm a little moved.”
"I got it. I don't want to commit a crime either."
As soon as Phedra Elizabeth finished speaking, she ran to find the switch to release Theodore Mark and Duncan Hiddleston.
"Of course, he's always been loving her." Theodore Mark smiled sadly.
The door slowly opened with a flash of light.
“Very good play.”
 The man lead in the wheelchair was slowly pushed by the man in black to where Lac Hong Hao was sitting.
“Honorable - my trump card. Finished the job very well. The children outside were sentenced to death. Young Master Lac rest assured. This person will quickly untie Young Master Lac."
"No need. I cut the cord myself a long time ago. But… You've been here too long. I'm about to die of boredom, it's all about love, heartless, sad and tearful, very leisurely. This is not the pathway I performed heretofore. The top has also been released. Did you let them go?"
"What about them? Let me handle it. Do you have any insight?"
“Then let them go. If you're strong enough to catch it, go for it. You also know that it's my nature to like to play with other people, right? Now I have a new idea.” Lac Hong Hao raised his body and stood up.
“What are you thinking of doing? Don't tell me you're going to betray me. It's funny not knowing how high the sky is and how thick the earth is." The old man laughed loudly and stopped.
“Naught. That is meaningless. How could I betray you? I can only take your life. An anonymous person would be more interested in talking to you than I am. General manager Hiddleston. Please come out and meet someone you know.”
     Lac Hong Hao felt his body dizzy, his mind a little floating. He fell sideways, wobbling almost unsteadily. Theodore Mark reached out to support him from behind. He put Lac Hong Hao on the ground.
"Are you okay? Can you still stand it?"

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