The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 14, 2022
Ch. 64Play

“It turns out that Lac Hong Hao and her have so many resentments and hatreds. App give me some information.” Phedra Elizabeth hid and peeked.
[Side character route. App has not been updated. Please forgive the host.]
"Modern technology with a pile of household waste lying on the street." 
Unexpectedly, Phedra Elizabeth felt that her lips were being exerted by a strong force, Phedra Elizabeth tried to resist but failed.
"What's up? Why is this? Has the action been discovered already?”
[Host… Is the host okay?]
“Help… I… Hurry to save… I…” Phedra Elizabeth the voice was not round and clear.
"How do you know I to be noticed by a beauty... It's an honor for me." Lac Hong Hao still calmly chatted with Lieu Song Lien.
“Excellent. That's why you are worthy to be my lover. In return for what you've done so far for me. I'll give you a present."
“Choose a gift that surprises me a little.”
“Glimpse. Fascinating?”
     Phedra Elizabeth, Duncan Hiddleston, and Theodore Mark were in her hands. Their mouths were sealed with duct tape, their hands were wrapped with ropes. Each of them was monitored by two big, muscular guys. No loopholes can't speak. All of them were surrounded by people in black.
"Hmm?" Lac Hong Hao looked up.
“This is the present you want to give me. Not attractive at all. I can't even smile."
"Really? Hang the three of them up high.” Lieu Song Lien looked amused, her serious face visible.
     Immediately the three of them were floating in the sky. All three were within sight of Lac Hong Hao. Phedra Elizabeth felt a little dizzy and closed her eyes. Then look down to determine how far you are from the ground.
"Oh my god, it's so far away." Phedra Elizabeth was a little confused.
“Now thanks to the app? It's useless… It doesn't help… Can't even speak out loud… What can be done?” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
Duncan Hiddleston looked at her. Phedra Elizabeth returned her gaze. Phedra Elizabeth shook her head slightly.
“Honey, don't you like it? Bored. In vain I prepared from yesterday until now. This tactic, you've used it once, how can I make fun of it again."
“I used it with you? Even I don't remember."
"Your memory is so imperfect." Lieu Song Lien surrounded him with a murderous aura.
“You are already guest number two hundred and one. I don't remember the trick to dealing with you anymore." Lac Hong Hao replied calmly.
"But don't you find it strange?"
“What's so strange about it? What's there to worry about if my darling loses in my hand?"
"It's also authentic. Heard you have a friend. Very culmination, aren't they? Committed to suffering, entering birth and death is determined not to be difficult."
“Are you bringing the old story to me? I still have a lot of time. I can still review all the old stories with you. Come on… Where do you want to start?” Lieu Song Lien put his arm around Lac Hong Hao's neck and licked his lips.
“Let's start here. Just afraid you don't have many chances anymore. That person who hides his face is very dear to you, isn't he? You trust that stranger a lot, don't you?"
“It could be considered so.”
“The most painful death is the death related to the love of the world… Betrayal is inevitable. Why is the world still yearning for this painful love? The love between people and people is full of difficulties. no matter how painful. But… Why are they still trying to stab their heads in?”
"Is that all you want to say? Nothing else?"
“You never loved me originally. You just wanted to approach me. Get in my heart to achieve the goal you want. If you know that the person you love betrays you, how painful it is. One-sided is already the most painful?”
"You've been talking nonsense a lot. The story has also become more boring.”
“I just want to ask one question. Does unrequited love hurt? Is it painful to love someone who betrays you?"
     Theodore Mark looked at Lac Hong Hao without blinking. Lieu Song Lien felt bored and answered indifferently, but partly right in Lieu Song Lien's mind.
“Affirmative… Definitely… It spoils.”
“Too much merriment will backfire… Then can I play a game with you… Each person asks each other a question, if anyone can't answer, they will be punished.”
“I am tied up like this, how can I talk to you? Release."
"Do not want. We will have three games. I choose the first game next will be the last brother will be one of the three of them. Accept?"
“My game is very uncomplicated. Answer the question. The rules of the game are very simple. If you answer three questions correctly I will release one of them and if you do not answer one of them. some of them will die. Then it will be more fun.”
"Is that interesting? As far as I remember things like this, you like it."
“…” Lac Hong Hao.
“The first question is, are you a member of the organization who has never withdrawn from the organization and is still silently watching the organization? What position do you hold in the organization, why have I never seen your face? The second question, are you old Jane's inner arm? The last question I have not thought of. Try to respond to it."
“Let me answer the first question, I am an insider. In the next sentence, I hold the position as his trump card when needed, I will come out and finish all the participants in the game. As for the last question, I'm nicknamed Death. My job is to control the organization in which you operate. This is a promotion. Also my judgment about your heart.The end.”
“These questions aren't enough to make it difficult for you… This sentence internally… The taboo of revealing identity will result in death. How reckless?”
“New recreations reach first to me, everything else… Nothing.”
“You let go of Lady Alice. I just came up with a very interesting game. The game is called 1:1. Sound mesmerizing?”

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