The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 14, 2022
Ch. 63Game

"What? Why can't you eat it all?"
"Everyone, come here and enjoy the talent of General Director Hiddleston."
“Yes. Well, Miss Alice, we don't dare.”
“Nothing dares. I say so, so be it. Even the housekeeper and me, Veronica Sarah."
"Thank you, Miss Alice." Veronica Sarah, the butler replied privately.
     Phedra Elizabeth looked at the clock.
“Is it so late? It's almost 9:00. Let's go quickly." Phedra Elizabeth pulled Duncan Hiddleston's hand.
“Hurry up. We can't keep them waiting long."
“Okay.” Duncan Hiddleston pulled out and took her hand in return.
XXX Park. Theodore Mark and Lac Hong Hao were already waiting. The four people who met eye contact split their actions. Phedra Elizabeth and Duncan Hiddleston have also separated but not too far apart, enough distance to support each other flexibly. Theodore Mark stood alone in a corner of the yard, observing. Lac Hong Hao leisurely walked around to visit a few rounds. Lieu Song Lien appeared at the same time, just walking for a while, Lieu Song Lien was accidentally bumped by an elderly man.
"Do you know how to see the way?" Lieu Song Lien snapped.
“Girl… Sorry… I dropped your bag… I helped you pick it up.” Slowly sit down.
“No starvation. Get out of the way. Don't let your fingerprints get on my stuff. Do you know how expensive they are?” Lieu Song Lien pushed him away.
     The old man got up, and walked away, he looked in the direction of Lac Hong Hao, their eyes met, and he blinked slightly. Lac Hong Hao kissed the wind in response. The old man almost wanted to vomit. Lac Hong Hao was angry and cursed at him but did not speak. The old man just smiled and replied to Lac Hong Hao's mind. Lac Hong Hao clenched his fist and crushed it.
"What's wrong with these two? Is young Master Lac so salty?" Phedra Elizabeth.
“She's a girl. Very young.”
"Why do you know that?"
“I've already said these kinds of concealments, you can tell at a glance. That's your talent. But I didn't expect young Master Lac to have such a fun hobby… Damn the girls that young Master Lac knew. There is no shame in the thousands of miles of flowers, people meet people who like them, beauties meet beauties who are infatuated."
"Who is that?" Theodore Mark couldn't hide the frustration in his heart and let out a loud voice.
"Try's." Lac Hong Hao laughed.
"Looks like she's starting to notice her actions."
    Lieu Song Lien slowed down, and hesitated for a long time, waiting for Lac Hong Hao to chase. Lac Hong Hao followed her to an abandoned house. At this time, Lac Hong Hao walked inside and felt a little dizzy, so he fainted on the spot. She tied his hands and feet. A moment later, Lac Hong Hao slowly raised his eyelids, the image in front of his eyes was blurry and then clear. Lac Hong Hao felt a slight pain in the back of his neck. Lieu Song Lien sat on Lac Hong Hao's lap, her hand lifted his chin.
"Long time no see, my love. Do I miss you? We lost contact so badly.” She lightly kissed Lac Hong Hao's lips.
“Still want to do. Habits are hard to break.”
“Is love no longer interested in you? Unfortunately, I am no longer interested in you. That night we burned so much that I also have a bit of nostalgia but it's just the past, now teasing you is the top criterion."
"Who said that night I made love with you? That person isn't me?"
“Unscrupulous. You dare say it again.” Lieu Song Lien slapped Lac Hong Hao in the face. The scent of the perfume wafts through.
“I must be the originator. The type like my sister used to get tired of it. Long ago quit. Do you still use this perfume? I like this one.”
“It's because I know you like it, that's why I sprayed a little more today. How is it comfortable? If I want to send you off to the west, I have to make you comfortable first."
Lieu Song Lien took out the gun from the prepared bag. Point the gun at Lac Hong Hao's head.
"Don't come over here." Lac Hong Hao shouted.
     Theodore Mark, who was moving behind, heard Lac Hong Hao's command, gritted his teeth, and hid behind the wall.
“You startled me. Are you afraid of death too? Don't worry. I can't let you die like that. Open a path back to the old days, okay? You know how much I used to like you. How dare you deceive my feelings. Do you know how much pain I'm in?" Lieu Song Lien took a small needle and stabbed it in Lac Hong Hao's hand.
She spontaneously drew on Lac Hong Hao's hand a few strokes. The needles slowly touched the skin, causing Lac Hong Hao to clench his fist, gasping for breath.
“Why did you let my first time fall into someone else’s hands?” Lieu Song Lien rewarded him with a punch in the stomach and added a few more slaps to the face. His face was red now.
“Are you brave enough to deceive me? You dare to make fun of my feelings.” She continued to give several more punches to Lac Hong Hao's stomach. Next, her hand was raised, and the force was directly applied to his face. Lieu Song Lien's fist collided with his lips, causing them to bleed.
"You dare to harm me and lose a lot of money to cover up information from those bastards besides that damn old Paul - money - hungry.” Lieu Song Lien raised his leg and used his sharp heel to kick his cheek.
“Honey still doesn't feel the pain? Can't I see what you complaining about? It makes me so sad.” Lieu Song Lien crossed her legs, her current position is sitting on a chair, her hands casually resting on the arm of the chair.
“Today you fall into my hands is the happiest thing for me. All discontent is erased.”

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