The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 13, 2022
Ch. 62Action

“Perhaps my change is too late. Looks like you don't need me anymore. So follow what you say. We just stop. But do I want to ask you one thing?"
“You said go. Although we are no longer bound by marriage, after thinking carefully through all that time, we can still be considered friends. If we can't be together, it's fine to be friends."
“I want to be with you for one more month. Is that okay?"
"Applaud." Phedra Elizabeth was overjoyed, her spirit was up.
“Finally, there are no strings attached. I can finally be myself.” Phedra Elizabeth is relieved.
“This is probably the first time I can make you happy.” Duncan Hiddleston whispered.
“What did you say? I didn't hear. Let's go to the Mid-Autumn Festival. The day is almost over. Tomorrow we still have to deal with Lieu Song Lien.” Phedra Elizabeth stretched.
Duncan Hiddleston and Phedra Elizabeth visited everywhere. Horizontal and vertical, both sides can be seen as very happy. Starting from the male lead's statement, Phedra Elizabeth also gradually kept her distance from him. Talking also became flexible but gradually avoided his eyes. They come back together. Phedra Elizabeth holds a lot of toys in her hand, always smiling.
"It's been a long time since I've seen your smile. You smile so beautifully. So smile a lot. I am nothing to you now. Blame me for not appreciating you sooner. Up to this moment, you didn't need me to protect you anymore either." Duncan Hiddleston is immersed in the sad feeling.
“Looks like I forgot something, right? I feel like I forgot someone but I can't remember clearly? Phedra Elizabeth thought vaguely.
“Right. That's the way it is called. Do you want to change it back? 
"Haven't wanted to change for a long time."
“Are you worried about assets when you divorce? Don't worry, I'll share it fairly if you want to be transparent about this. In the end, both sides benefit, with no doubts, no losses. I'll make it all public for you to see. Let's sit down and discuss.”
"I won't take anything from you. I don't mind that."
“Then why are you still sad? Where did I go wrong? I finally accepted to let go of the person I love and I got back together. When he did that, I felt sorry for him. Or do you feel sorry for me for wasting your time? Don't worry I don't mind. Everything is voluntary.”
"I'm not forcing you, I'm just not used to it. Without you by my side, it feels a bit boring.”
“Probably so. My temperament is so gentle. Everyone around me is happy, I can't stand without breathing. The male lead is temporarily lonely until he meets the female lead, his mood will improve." Phedra Elizabeth affirmed firmly.
“Let's go home. I felt so dizzy. Want to leave early. I also don't want you to sleep in the living room, just sleep with me."
"There's a point of suspicion."
     The villa has never been splendid in Phedra Elizabeth's eyes, in addition, it is also adorned with heavenly light, making this place even more sparkling and beautiful.
“Come in. I help you get dressed.”
“No… No need… I feel embarrassed.”
The door slowly opened, and Duncan Hiddleston and Phedra Elizabeth stepped inside. On a quiet night, for the first time, Phedra Elizabeth freely followed her interests, but many times she restrained herself from going beyond the boundary. The light shines through the foliage, hidden through the step of the curtain. The clock strikes 8:00. The street in the early morning is different from other times of the day because it wears a sense of peace. The streets are quite deserted at this time, and there is not much traffic. The sky is not clear yet. The asphalt surface at that time only shone a pale yellow, because the early rays of the sun were still very weak. The trees on the side of the road are cool, swaying, and seem to be in an excited mood to greet the new day. The gentle breezes blow the scent of flowers throughout the space, and the sound of birdsong makes people's hearts more refreshing and pleasant. Phedra Elizabeth woke up, her mind was confused and confused. Hair stands up. After a long sleep, Phedra Elizabeth still can't believe that she has escaped the control and repression of the app. Phedra Elizabeth happily welcomed the new day and got out of bed. Today was very different from usual, Phedra Elizabeth dressed in sharp, bold Chinese style hurriedly ran down to the dining room.
"Good morning Miss Alice, good morning to you." Veronica Sarah.
     As a custom as a law that obliges the servants to follow the rules.
"Hello everyone." Phedra Elizabeth.
“Miss Alice is really happy today. The spirit is also very comfortable.”
“That's right. This never happened.”
“Also, the young master rarely personally goes to the kitchen, but now he wakes up early to prepare breakfast for the lady. Is Miss Alice going to have a eat already?”
“Stop standing there talking nonsense. Go and serve the lady." Veronica Sarah.
"What's wrong with her now? Too aggressive!"
“Don't say it again. You'll get kicked out anyway.”
     People around were talking. Duncan Hiddleston came out from the kitchen with a plate of food in hand.
“Come in for breakfast.”
“Are you cooking again?"
"I don't like it. So let me dump it.”
“Wait. Once you've cooked it, let me enjoy it. It's a waste of effort, and it doesn't show how much you appreciate the recipient's heart. Let me enjoy it.”
     Phedra Elizabeth sat idly on the dining table, staring at the dishes on the table, raising her eyebrows to look at Duncan Hiddleston. Sigh for an hour, raise your hand, and slowly bring the food to your mouth.
“This time the technique was raised to a new level. This is still edible.”
"Really?" Duncan Hiddleston took off his apron, holding a few more plates of food in his hand.
“What do you cook so much? Eat it all?"
“Is that a lot already? In the kitchen, I prepared a few more dishes.”

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