The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 13, 2022
Ch. 61Exit

“Did you hate me all that time? Have you known for a long time that I've been sneaking around with other people behind your back?"
      Phedra Elizabeth seemed to frown and sighed.
"What happened in the past, don't bring it up again."
“How long has he been sneaking behind the villain's back. Why didn't I know about this? The developments are so vague… There is no way to predict.”  Phedra Elizabeth was shocked.
“More and more I feel that you are gradually drifting away from me. Did you already like Theodore Mark?”
"..."  Phedra Elizabeth was silent and did not answer.
“I watched you for a long time. The expression You with me and you with him are different. Being with me is forced, but treating him is voluntary.”
"..."  Phedra Elizabeth continued to remain silent and did not answer.
“Our divorce is what you want right? Would that make you happier? I'm asked sincerely."
"..."  Phedra Elizabeth just looked at him.
“He wants a divorce… Shocking… But this is an overnight… But… This trip is a bit sour… If he gets a divorce, what is my mission? It's better to ask him to kill me. The answer must be satisfactory. His every sentence and every word, in the end, is correct."  Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
"But you can't do that."
"Waiting for me to make a tool for you to use at will... You still have the Hiddleston family's fortune, but you can't just trade it for a little personal love."  Phedra Elizabeth judge.
“Every time I think about it, my heart hurts. I don't know how to make both of you comfortable."
“Then you die. Then I will no longer be tied to the character and return to the real world at will."  Phedra Elizabeth Quietly thinking.
“Can I give you a choice? If you didn't want to be with me. I absolutely won't force you. I will let go."
“Talking nonsense now and thinking about it over and over again is forcing me to choose. This is also just right. Why do you keep putting me in a difficult situation?”  Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Is it that hard to answer?”
"If I say I want to leave you to find my true love, will you accept it?"
"Okay. He agreed to let go. I just need to answer one question for you... Can you tell me the reason why you wanted to be with me in the first place?"
"What's the reason?" Phedra Elizabeth thought for a long time.
“What do you want to know the reason for? Isn't it okay for everyone to fall? Why are you still searching for the end?"
“I'm not looking into the past and present, I just want to know the reason. I don't think much."
"Damn it. Sometimes I don't even know how to solve this problem satisfactorily. Want to complete the task in the best way but don't want to lie. What should I do?"  Phedra Elizabeth thought confused.
“I will answer all. The reason I wanted to be with you was that at that time I loved you and whether I liked Theodore Mark or not, you saw it. I have nothing to deny.”
“Fifty real fifty fake like this should be ok. I just couldn't deny this love. The more you hold on to the male lead, the more it will hurt both of you. So definitely break up while there's still time." Phedra Elizabeth weighed herself on thinking.
[The host must not destroy the original. The host must not destroy the original.]
"But the male lead wants to break up. The male lead wants to find a new flower. I can't do anything about it either."
[App is updating the original completely.]
"Quickly go to the app and you'll see that the male lead is bored with me."
[Complete update. Suggest the host follow the original. Request the host to follow the original.]
“I will tell you the truth, the app.”
“This situation is very situational. The male lead wants to restore the Hiddleston family but is too bored with the female eight. Shouldn't we break the original a little bit?"
"Wait, don't be rude, listen to me."
“I will still support the male lead from afar, the work and interests of the male lead will still be fully supported. I do not revoke the position of general director and do not dare to revoke it. In addition, we lived together for five years and are considered husband and wife according to the law, I will divide the property with the male lead. Next, the male lead will find the female lead, and I will find a way to destroy them in silence, rather than make it difficult for the two of them in silence. In addition, the male lead will be able to freely build the Hiddleston family's family, I just need to quietly help. After all, all of this is beneficial for the male lead."
“Before the male lead moves out, I will give up the bed, good food, and luxury amenities to the male lead. All of them give their hands to the male lead, absolutely not letting the male lead suffer. When the male lead wants to leave, there are half of the Alice family's assets. What's more beneficial? Besides, when the male lead wants to find the female lead, I will silently create conditions for the two of them to reunite, which will also be a destructive nail. It's both comfortable for the two main characters to love and be true to the original. How?"
[App will calculate. Wait for the results in a moment.]
"Hurry up, the male lead can't wait anymore."
[App, please... Accept... Approve.]
“Okay. Let's end this mess. I'm tired of this crazy love story too. It's like playing a mare."
     Phedra Elizabeth looked in the main male direction, her eyes were firm.
“We didn't have feelings for each other. Before, although I tried my best, tried to hold on, you still did not open your heart. I think we should end it here. We've hurt each other too much lately. Should it be over? Time is cruel and no love lasts forever. For the past five years, I've followed your back, that's enough. My love is now also for someone new. I think you still haven't forgotten your old figure, right? Let's break up. Breaking up is the best solution for us.”

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