The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 12, 2022
Ch. 60Give up

“I cook? I can't even swallow and you love it… I admire your taste. I'm not serving your food today, so eat this for now. Enjoy the skills of 5-star chefs at the restaurant. Don't you get bored eating what I cook every day?"
“No. On the contrary… I don't know why I like it. Now I want to eat right away.”
“No more telling you. The food is about to get cold too. Say goodbye.”
Lac Hong Hao did not hide anything, ate a meal, and did not raise his face to talk. Phedra Elizabeth calmly and elegantly ate each bite. Theodore Mark also couldn't enjoy a few pieces, mainly watching Lac Hong Hao enjoy. He turned, then picked up the fish with his chopsticks.
"Open your mouth and I'll feed you."
     Theodore Mark was stunned. Mouth open wide. Lac Hong Hao gently brought it inside.
"How? Is it delicious?" Looking forward.
“Then I have to eat too. If you say it's delicious, how picky you are every day, you won't be satisfied with any shop you buy it from."
“He wants to be like that, too. They look like lovers.” Duncan Hiddleston.
“Okay, how is that?” Phedra Elizabeth did not pay attention to everything around, mainly focused on looking at the dishes on the table and hesitantly picked up each dish to enjoy.
“I also want someone to feed me. Ask if it's delicious… I want it too… You feed me.”
"Don't be childish anymore." Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the male lead.
"Here." Phedra Elizabeth was completely captivated by the male lead's gaze, she picked up the piece of meat and put it in the male lead's mouth, decisively pulling it out.
“Why is there no love at all? It's not right. It's not like. I don't accept it.”
“Then ask someone to come and feed you. I'm emotionally dry."
"Someone won't let it." Duncan Hiddleston looked at Theodore Mark.
"But I don't want to either."
“Then eat yourself. Why bother me?"
"Why is she so emotionally dry?"
"What are you babbling about? I'll tell you."
“It's nothing. You eat. I won't bother you anymore."
Phedra Elizabeth raised her eyelids, her chopsticks stopped moving, Phedra Elizabeth used a towel to gently wipe the corners of her mouth and lips. The meal is over. There are only cups and plates left on the table with a space. Bill charged that it was so long that it could be wrapped around the body to form a body-hugging dress. Phedra Elizabeth was a little apprehensive.
“Can young Master Lac pay for it? If you can't, don't be afraid to speak up, we'll split, I also carry some money with me."
“Pay by swiping my card.” Lac Hong Hao showed a black card.
“Understood. How rich are people?” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Thank you, guest. Have a good day."
"Bye." Lac Hong Hao waved his hand.
“So full. I can't go all the way.” Lac Hong Hao rubbed his stomach.
“Young Master Lac eats quite well. The food is also very strong. I was a little surprised.” Phedra Elizabeth.
      Lac Hong Hao quickly ran to a stall.
“Did he ignore me? Why are you ignoring me? There is no courtesy at all.”
     Lac Hong Hao holds two lanterns in his hand.
“Should I choose the star or the fish or should I choose this?
“Which do you think is more beautiful?”
"I think you should take a picture of a fish; the color and shape are good."
     Lac Hong Hao looked at it for a long time. Phedra Elizabeth was also a little interested, she went to a stall and picked up a lantern with delicate floral motifs and lines. On the lantern is also painted a couple of female oxen next to each other, holding hands tightly, attached, all eyes, minds, thoughts, and feelings are for each other, only thinking about each other. Give your heart to your partner.
“Is it too romantic? A love that overcomes all barriers to be together even if it's only for one night."
“Miss Alice, are you interested? The lady has eyes. The lanterns at our counter are unique, each lantern is the maker's heart.”
“My boss wants to buy it.” Duncan Hiddleston took out a few bills.
"Hmm?" Phedra Elizabeth raises her eyes.
“No need. I brought money. I can pay for it myself.”
“I can buy it for you, too. How many years have you been with me? I haven't bought you anything yet. Just take it. Can we go to celebrate the mid-autumn festival together?"
     Phedra Elizabeth is not convenient to refuse. The two walked along the trees, Phedra Elizabeth's hair fluttered in the wind, the scent passed, and Duncan Hiddleston's red cheeks looked at Phedra Elizabeth. The space was quiet, Duncan Hiddleston looked at her for a moment and then turned his face away to look at the lane.
“In the five years of living with you, have you suffered a lot of frustrations?”
"Why did you ask that?" Phedra Elizabeth was a little surprised.
“I suddenly realized that I had overlooked a lot of things.”
“Now what do you realize? Now that you act like this, you know how to apologize?" Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Life is good. Nothing can beat me. Do not worry." Phedra Elizabeth smiled wryly.
"You say that makes me feel more secure."
“This is the superficial attitude of the male lead when the female lead is not the female lead.” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
Duncan Hiddleston just peeking at Phedra Elizabeth. He still didn't know how to please Phedra Elizabeth. Although Duncan Hiddleston noticed something unusual in Phedra Elizabeth's treatment, he still had a way to change the situation.
The space became quiet again. Even a little wind could not get in, the leaves lay motionless on the branches.
“This love is so weak. Not even a word can be said to each other. This marriage would probably fall apart if the heroine came in, it would break down.” Phedra Elizabeth raised her eyebrows to look at the male lead.

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