The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 6The original character making

"I know the female lead is not weak, but in acting, the hero must save the beauty and the beauty must be the weaker sex." A line of thoughts ran through Phedra Elizabeth's mind.
Maris Jane suddenly changed color, took a few steps back, tried to hide, and turned to see Duncan Hiddleston walking this way, Maris Jane ran over and stopped Jocelyn Hiddleston's hand.
"You just let her go. Even bullying her won't do you any good. It's just a skin wound, can't take your life." Maris Jane said to justify and support her image in front of the male lead.
"You get out of the way. Don't think that sweet word has any effect on me." Push Maris Jane somewhere else.
Jocelyn Hiddleston was about to slap Phedra Elizabeth in the face, Jocelyn Hiddleston had prepared enough force to do what he was thinking, but reality completely went against his original plan, before Hiddleston could hit him, Jocelyn Hiddleston was stopped.
"Dear brother, are you going to protect your fiancé?"
"What's going on? Miracle?" Phedra Elizabeth looked up, surprised.
"Is that a deviation from the original? This scene must be the heroine fighting. Logically, the scene where the hero saves the beauty should have the heroine in place. Am I creating more myself? complicated relationships that are not beneficial to oneself." Phedra Elizabeth changed her face.
"Let go of him, I'll deal with it myself. Indecent, you're interrupting our conversation. Do you think you're qualified to handle this?"
"Let go... Let go... Look at the heroine. The female lead's eyes seem to want to cry. Really too pitiful. Can't I be sisters with the heroine?" Phedra Elizabeth fully embodies a soft heart with a sad face.
He deliberately ignored it, pretending not to hear the sound around him, tightening more and more. Phedra Elizabeth used her nails, scratched the male lead's hand, fled the scene, and went to Maris Jane to help her up.
"The jade in my heart is not worried. What benefit does it bring you to care about things on the fringes." Phedra Elizabeth saw the scene unfolding before her eyes and immediately criticized the male lead.
"Just stand here and watch them fight. Life and death battle, brothers kill each other. It's worth watching."
Maris Jane said nothing, perhaps in agreement. His eyes were always looking in the direction of the male lead, a little impatient and scared in his heart.
"Don't worry, he won't die. Eating in moderation also knows how to take care of beauty, especially knows how to use money so as not to lose himself. He has had too many incentives from the creator." Phedra Elizabeth reassured her.
"Miss Alice, can I ask you something?"
"Speak. I know I will answer you honestly."
"Don't worry, I promise I won't lie." Phedra Elizabeth expressed her attitude, building a serious youth image.
"I know I said the wrong lines. During rehearsal, the app will forgive me. Right?"
The system quietly disappeared. The danger sign has passed.
"..." Phedra Elizabeth sighed.
"Has he lived well the whole time?"
"You can't die. The other party's debt has not been paid, and it won't be finished if you don't die." Phedra Elizabeth intends to pay back as much as she wants, but is prevented by reason.
"He's also very good, very happy."
"Then I can rest assured." Maris Jane felt relief in her heart but her actions did the opposite, her hands tightened, and her eyebrows also furrowed.
The two cousins did not show any signs of wanting to fight or fight, only four eyes looking at each other and then spreading to each other. Suddenly Jocelyn Hiddleston threw a punch, directly exerting force on Duncan Hiddleston's cheek, he still did not resist, he continued to kick Duncan Hiddleston's back, and hips, grabbing his shirt collar, repeatedly choking, he gripped Duncan Hiddleston's neck and pressed hard down Duncan Hiddleston's throat.
Duncan Hiddleston now felt short of breath, breathing irregularly, his heart pounding, his fingerprints clearly red. Duncan Hiddleston's mouth began to bleed, blood from his lips and teeth kept pouring out, and it mixed with saliva that dripped to the ground. He still couldn't stop because of his own bloodlust, Jocelyn Hiddleston continued to kick Duncan Hiddleston in the face, Duncan Hiddleston this time couldn't stand anymore and fell to the ground. His whole body lay on the white ground, his breathing weak and quick. Jocelyn Hiddleston almost wanted to marry him. His eyes were about to close when Phedra Elizabeth appeared in front of him, she calmly watched him lying on the floor, she reached behind her back, biting her own flesh so hard, it hurt so much that tears came out, Duncan Hiddleston was surprised, he gathered all his strength, tried to lift himself up. Phedra Elizabeth felt frustrated, she took a stance, kicking Jocelyn Hiddleston in the face even though he was now snickering at her. His face adapted to the pain very quickly, he winced, and this time he was very angry. He approached her, still trying to smile, Phedra Elizabeth steadfast, not backing down. Suddenly the branches suddenly fell, Phedra Elizabeth looked up, reflexively put her hand on the top of her head, closed her eyes, and lowered her head. Fortunately, the spot where the branch fell was not aimed at her. It's ground to the left a little bit. Duncan Hiddleston just stood up, dodging the blows of nature, Jocelyn Hiddleston felt as if someone was putting force on his arm, trying to pull him out, away from the battlefield, from the danger of nature. naturally created. Jocelyn Hiddleston rolled his eyes again, this time he was not annoyed but very happy, the person he saw was Kelsey Susan. Jocelyn Hiddleston also didn't decide to fight or buy more time. He looked at Maris Jane. Jocelyn Hiddleston approached her, with a gentle gaze, leading her closer to him. Maris Jane seemed to avoid his gaze, saying nothing. Duncan Hiddleston took Phedra Elizabeth's hand and stepped aside, although his body was covered with severe injuries, he was still able to control Phedra Elizabeth's steps to his liking.

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