The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 12, 2022
Ch. 59Delicious

"Already here? This place looks familiar. I think I've been here before." Phedra Elizabeth looked outside.
“Isn't this the restaurant the other day, President Mark, you went to? And me unduly.”
"Did you two come here?" Duncan Hiddleston.
“Are you two here already? Only two people? Is it a bit shady?" Lac Hong Hao's voice is as sour as lemons, each sentence is emphasized and deeply swirled.
“I have met a charming woman. Good fortune. Great deal.”
“But where do you think you went?"
     Theodore Mark just silently looked at Lac Hong Hao.
"What are you looking at me for?"
“Nothing… Your face was when angry. Appealing. I like it.”
“When did I get angry? I can't get angry over trivial things."
"What's going on in your head?" Phedra Elizabeth.
“Ah… Well… Don't think so silly. You're thinking badly of me." Phedra Elizabeth lightly signed the male lead's head.
"You are wrong. I'm sorry. It's that you think wrong of me."
     Four people stepped inside, the light shining through Phedra Elizabeth's eyelashes made her a bit uncomfortable, and difficult to lift her eyelids.
“President Mark, Young Master Lac. Hello... Aren't you two separated today?"
“What did he say? Separated? Are we usually stuck together?"
“Must be 24/7. When you come, President Mark will also be present."
“That's right. We go together a lot. But how often do we go to this with him?” Lac Hong Hao pondered.
“Today, there is also Miss Alice. It seems that the date before yesterday went very well. The two of you are very well-matched. A long-term relationship can be developed. I am also happy for President Mark… So many years of being alone, how sad.”
Theodore Mark frowned. The old man noticed the killing intent, took a towel from his pocket, and wiped it around his face.
“Do not buy time for customers. Please come in.”
“Did you make a promise with him? This is a date. This is a tangerine relationship.” Duncan Hiddleston stood behind and questioned.
"You've been listening again."
“It's my dream. To be his wife. But there's still a long way… There's a long way to go.” Phedra Elizabeth was a little helpless.
“What position should President Mark choose now? Where do you usually sit or where do you and young Master Lac sit or choose a new table?” The owner of the restaurant was talking in a panic, not understanding what context he was in.
“The more you talk, the more confused you become. The more you talk, the more I don't understand what you're saying. It all sounds messed up.” Lac Hong Hao.
"Young Master Lac now I don't even know what I'm talking about."
“If you don't know then keep your mouth shut. Talk about it. Lose the customer's feelings for the owner. Listen to me. I brought friends today. Pick a table of four.”
“I understood. Young Master Lac was right.” The owner of the restaurant looked at Theodore Mark.
     Theodore Mark did not show any expression, so he temporarily understood that there was no resistance. He looked at Lac Hong Hao and smiled softly.
“Please go this way. Please follow me."
"Let's go." Lac Hong Hao happily, raised his leg to follow.
      The table position is located in the center of the party. Originally, Lac Hong Hao liked to be bustling, often choosing central locations for easy observation.
"Don't Theodore Mark don't like excitement?" Phedra Elizabeth is full of questions.
“I choose the position by emotion.”
"Therefore, I got it."
“I have to remember carefully his hobbies, habits, taboos. Later it's convenient to take care of him. Prepare well, when the confession is successful, next to him will not make him disgusted." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
     Lac Hong Hao chooses a position that few people come into contact with. Theodore Mark also followed and sat next to him. Phedra Elizabeth, the male lead is also at peace.
“Menu. Please choose a dish.”
"There's no need to bring it all up." Lac Hong Hao is generous.
“Did young Master Lac eat it all? Out of the menu, there must be a lot… It's also very expensive.”
"Of course. You can eat as much as you want, and I'll eat the rest. Don't worry about money. I can pay it.”
"Look at the young master Lac, his pockets are full of money." Phedra Elizabeth is a little embarrassed.
“For a moment forgotten. How rich he is. His fortune is up to ten figures. No worries.” Phedra Elizabeth is relieved.
“You enjoy delicious food.”
Each dish was served one by one. From the empty table, only four cups of tea were filled with expensive dishes. Theodore Mark obediently looked at Lac Hong Hao. He felt a little unnatural, his mind was confused, suddenly a bright idea appeared in his head, and his eyes lit up.
“I forgot. You're sick… I'm so careless. Give me more white porridge with minced meat.”
“We understand, ladies and gentlemen. Do you have any further instructions?”
“Add a glass of orange juice and you add a cup of premium tea that can't be left to cool and use a simple patterned cup, what do you two like to drink?”
“Give me a glass of juice and he has a cup of black coffee with 20% sugar, and 50% ice, using a round cup.”
"According to the original, the male lead likes to drink that stuff… But… Looks like… Later on, he changed his taste because the heroine likes to drink peach tea." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"How do you know my taste?"
“There is some research. But later on, you will also change. The problem is not too serious.”
     In less than ten minutes, the hot porridge was served, accompanied by a cup of carefully prepared tea.
"Do you have any other advice?"
“No. You go back first.”
    Theodore Mark still looked at Lac Hong Hao passionately, looking at him for a moment, making him shyly scratch his cheek with his finger.
“Not to your taste? Have you changed your taste?"
“No. I prefer the food you cook.”
“His favorite foods are minced meat porridge and tea. Must remember.” Phedra Elizabeth paid attention to each sentence of Lac Hong Hao.

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