The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 10, 2022
Ch. 58Go

“What is this… I just can't take it anymore. Is the male lead blood lustful? Maybe the male lead… Not at all… I'm not that good. I don't look good at all. I won't be killed, right. I don't want to replace the female lead and play with the male lead. Two cute words that don't dare to accept, don't dare to accept.” Phedra Elizabeth shivered.
"If I hadn't been restrained by that app, you wouldn't have any teeth by now." Phedra Elizabeth was angry.
Phedra Elizabeth kept her spirits up, she kept feeling a light breeze blowing through, accompanied by a flower that was slightly playful, full of amazing and beautiful colors.
"When will we proceed?" Phedra Elizabeth.
“9:00 tomorrow morning. I forgot. Do you know martial arts?" Lac Hong Hao.
“I am very worried about you. Don't reply quickly. Give me a few minutes.” Lac Hong Hao joked, palm open. The glass stone was still intact in Lac Hong Hao's hand.
“Clinging to glittering items that are too big for the time being, don't want to throw them away. This is no longer where it should stay. Farewell.” Lac Hong Hao dropped to the ground.
"Help me who holds a weapon that can destroy it."
"Young Master Lac wants to break it?" Duncan Hiddleston.
"Right. I'm not interested in talking anymore."
“It has lost its value in the eyes of young Master Lac. If it's a waste product, it must be thrown away." Duncan Hiddleston slot shook Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
"I'm convenient. Help young Master Lac."
“Yeah… I know.” Phedra Elizabeth used the heel of the hammer to hit the surface of the glass, causing it to crack, a slight electric current ran through and then disappeared.
"If it's convenient then you can bring a few more people." Lac Hong Hao continued.
“I would like to answer the question before young Master Lac asked me. No need to worry, I'm very good at defending myself. And you?"
"Worthwhile, I am not as good as Miss Alice. I don't know martial arts, my physical strength is very poor. Only my head."
“I will bring a few people as desired by young Master Lac.”
“That's fine. Let's see what clothes should I wear when I see her tomorrow?" Lac Hong Hao.
“But how do you know she'll be there. I still haven't answered or sent her an invitation."
“I don't have to be acquaintances. Meet every night, no need for introductions.”
“Didn't President Mark already say everything?" The more Phedra Elizabeth continued to talk, the more confused she became.
“Except for her. I haven't revealed anything yet."
“So do you need more information about her?”
“Being acquaintances. We know each other so well. Introduction… It sounds complicated. Unnecessary. I'm hungry. Go eat. I'm happy today, so would you like to invite everyone?"
 "The owner sends out an invitation? Then go."
"Why every time..." Theodore Mark.
“We have to celebrate. The more we meet a disaster, the more we have to eat to have strength!”
“If I had known, you would have come up with this plan. I didn't tell you in the first place."
"Whist! This is interesting.”
“It's too late for me to stop you now. There's no time. If I still purposely make you miss your appointment, will you blame me?"
“You won't. You know I won't be fooled by little tricks. You will also never do what I don't like, nor will you disobey me, make me unhappy. You know my personality too well. Having been together for over twenty years. I have no shortage of such adventures. You know well. You still say I'm good life.”
“Always afraid of not being able to protect you well. Every time something happens to you… I'm afraid of not being able to protect you.”
“No. You will do very well. You are always careful in every decision. You will still be you. You will still work without risk even if I am in danger. This is absolute faith. Stop talking. I'm hungry. Let's eat."
"Are you two going?" Lac Hong Hao raised his voice.
“Sure. Are you going?”
"You go, I'll go too."
“We are on our way. Today, Theodore Mark will take us to a familiar restaurant, cooking very well. Now let's go." Lac Hong Hao.
Theodore Mark focuses on driving. The beauty of moonlight can make people flutter. The bright moonlight spread down the branches of the trees and grass a magical silver color. All the surrounding scenery, although not visible, the faint light of the moon is enough to make the usual dark space of the night end. Yellow lights and red envelopes fluttered in the air. The stars filled the air, the stars took turns moving. The sound of children laughing and joyfully echoing everywhere, family members lifting songs together, sitting together gracefully, leisurely enjoying food together. The tray for a lot of fruit and sweets. Ripe yellow grapefruit, glossy skin placed in the middle. Surrounded by red persimmons like tomatoes. The apples and dragon fruit lined up next to the bunch of bananas and peppers create a harmonious and beautiful color. Cakes and cakes displayed around the tray look very attractive and coveted. Simple yet very emotional, leisurely yet very pleasurable.
“Only now did I notice that today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. See how everyone's family is happy to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival."
"Right. Today is the mid-autumn festival. Seeing the kids having fun makes me happy too.”
“I also want to play Mid-Autumn Festival. Then let me buy a lamp and we can go home and play." Duncan Hiddleston.
“Will you invite us to join?”
“You two also want to participate. Welcome." Phedra Elizabeth pulled people forward.
"Of course. Merriment. I'm still young enough to play. Must play." Lac Hong Hao fell backward.
“Your distance from young Master Lac is quite close. Separate from each other.” Duncan Hiddleston hugged Phedra Elizabeth's waist and pulled her back.
"You sit properly and watch out for falling." Theodore Mark glanced over.
 The speed of the car gradually decreases to zero. The moving object was at rest, the wheel friction with the road surface finally yielded and remained motionless.

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