The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 9, 2022
Ch. 56Plan

"It's unreasonable. I worked hard to fake my voice with a special outfit, but I still couldn't convince the opponent. Found out too soon." Lac Hong Hao was a little disinterested.
Theodore Mark remained silent, he put his arm around Lac Hong Hao's shoulder, looking at Lac Hong Hao's face passionately.
“No. Let me think for myself, you don't need to comment.” Lac Hong Hao touched his index finger to Theodore Mark's lips.
“Perhaps it's because you haven't raised your voice high enough or my voice isn't thin enough or…”
“But why are you two coming now. Having trouble?”
“No… Because I hesitated… It was difficult to speak, so I was late.” Theodore Mark.
“Before I start working, I usually have to deal with my own business, so there is a slight delay.”
"Really?" Phedra Elizabeth laughed.
"There's a reason why we're all trying to explain each other." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
Lac Hong Hao looked away from Theodore Mark's eyes.
“How are you? Don't you like looking at me?"
     Lac Hong Hao leisurely lowered his steps to the position of the wall. Objects are covered by elaborate paintings. He held the stone covered with glass and studied it intently.
“This stone is so beautiful. 10 points. Do you look beautiful? Glass pellets?”
"You..." Theodore Mark sighed helplessly.
"If you think it's pretty. Can I keep it?” Theodore Mark opened his mouth to help Lac Hong Hao.
"If young Master Lac likes it, he can take it." Phedra Elizabeth.
Lac Hong Hao prepared his posture and threw the stone out the window.
“How did you feel about that throw? Is it pretty?"
"Huh? Don't you like it?" Theodore Mark is confused.
“Can you answer that? Is it pretty? You didn't answer that. You have lost your privileges. How does Miss Alice feel?"
Phedra Elizabeth was silent. For the time being, she did not know how to respond properly. She fell into contemplation.
“Nor replying. So how does General Director Hiddleston feel?”
“From my artistic point of view. It's beautiful, but I think President Mark should comment on the professional side. Right?" Duncan Hiddleston looked towards Theodore Mark.
“How is he? He refuses to speak… No need. I don't want to know either.”
“That shot was beautiful. Good posture.” Theodore Mark.
“So… Should I take some time to learn how to shoot as well?” Lac Hong Hao questioned himself.
“Those three have been circling the Three Kingdoms for a while. Waste of time. We should just cut their acting ground. Get to the main point right away." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Young Master Lac. Welcoming you. But doesn't young Master Lac feel pain in his feet? Underfoot?"
Lac Hong Hao looked at the boat at his feet. Red high heels, with pointed heels, about 2 cm high made Phedra Elizabeth impressed right from the first meeting when Lac Hong Hao returned.
“You remind me… It's a bit of a trick to trick you, so it's a bit of a mind to use high heels. I can probably take it off now."
    Theodore Mark has a shopping bag in his hand. Kneel to help Lac Hong Hao change shoes.
“No need. I can do it. But notice we're all wet. I hate this feeling.”
“Young Master Lac. Master of buying time… Master of gossip… Master of distraction... Any name suits him.” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“I'd like to go to the bathroom for a moment. It was raining outside and my clothes were all wet. It's annoying.”
"Okay. If young Master Lac doesn't know the way, you can ask our company staff."
"I'm unfortunate too." Theodore Mark.
"President Mark also wants to change?"
     Theodore Mark nodded and followed behind Lac Hong Hao.
"These two are next to each other, infected?"
“Normally, both of them like to be clean. Especially when next to young Master Lac, he has to be even cleaner. More attention should be paid to the way he speaks. The way he behaves. The way he dresses."
“Young Master Lac looks young, but he has a nasty temper. Can you see me dressed like this? Is it appropriate for the situation?" Duncan Hiddleston looked at his suit.
     Phedra Elizabeth stood up and turned around in front of the male lead.
“Okay. No need to change… Be a little discreet… Regulator… Button.” The male lead blushed.
"That's right. Young Master Lac probably doesn't like people who are too liberal. But..." Phedra Elizabeth buttoned up her shirt.
“Never mind. Then there's nothing left to do but wait for them.”
     Not long after, the voices of the two talking to each other became increasingly clear.
“Should I hit the taste buds first? Where are you going to take me to eat? Eat what? Or let me lead? Or let me invite I this time! Every time you go out to eat with me. You always pay for it.”
“I want to pay. Can you eat Chinese food?”
“Sounds good. I haven't been there in a while. The taste you chose isn't bad.”
Theodore Mark turned the doorknob.
“As of now, he also focuses on eating. Well. It's not his business. What does he care about?" Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Unfortunately, young Master Lac has a perfect countermeasure."
"Know how to force people."
"So President Mark hasn't told young Master Lac anything yet? Necessary to come here."
“Theodore Mark said… It's very detailed…No matter how much I wondered, he answered there. You see, is he paying attention to you, rarely does he actively approach outsiders."
 Phedra Elizabeth blushed and looked at Theodore Mark. Theodore Mark's color remained unchanged and has never changed her feelings.
"Don't talk nonsense. How did she catch the eye of President Mark? Besides, she's also a person who has settled down. Why should she care about President Mark?" Duncan Hiddleston.
“Is the male lead rambling? Haven't I made it clear enough?" Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“I'm just joking. The atmosphere is so tense. You're already in such a hurry after just opening the show? Are women always in such a hurry? Looks like this joke can't get the most out of it."

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