The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 9, 2022
Ch. 55Invite

“What are you calling me? That sounds awful. From now on, don't call me that again."
"Don't you like it?"
“Yes. I don't like it.”
"But your ears are not mistaken... It's..."
"Is it young Master Lac?" Phedra Elizabeth was surprised.
“Then you will see the true talent of Lac Hong Hao. Lac Hong Hao would be named a master of analysis. Admired by so many people. Isn't that right, President Mark?"
 Theodore Mark was still nestled among the peaceful chrysanthemum petals, lying on the surface of the teacup that Theodore Mark was holding in his hand. Theodore Mark slowly raised his eyelids and looked at Duncan Hiddleston with a face of rare respect.
“Even President Mark here admires it very much.”
"Why do I feel that the more I go into depth, the more I see that everyone is better than the male lead, from personality, beauty to popularity and even success, there are many other letters... The male lead is not equal to? It's just that the male lead's strength is too much to make the beautiful girls fall in love, but I'm not in it." Phedra Elizabeth affirmed.
"Star? Can President Mark do this task? Isn't it for the benefit of President Mark?"
     Theodore Mark sighed and replied.
"Okay. I try to ask him if he is interested in this incident or not? But the probability of success is very low. If not, don't blame me."
"No. Successful. With a smart person like Lac Hong Hao, he will know what he wants to do and what he doesn't want to do. He won't hesitate to agree."
"Does General Director Hiddleston have such great confidence?"
"Exactly. I have great confidence in my judgment.”
     Phedra Elizabeth looked at the male lead and Theodore Mark while the two kept staring at each other.
“Today ends here.” Theodore Mark.
"Is it done? How about fighting? I was confused, lost." Phedra Elizabeth.
“We are still waiting for a new member. Finishing early is also good.” Duncan Hiddleston.
“I would like to go first. The company also has issues to deal with.”
"Then don't bother President Mark. Not seeing off.”
     Theodore Mark left.
"Go do your own thing, too."
The room is filled with darkness. The colors only have a chance to squeeze a little between the small courtyard. Lieu Song Lien removed the mask. Sitting in a chair, looking up at the screen.
“This should only be you guys who know how to spy on others.”
     Lieu Song Lien laughed, took out a cigarette, and lit it.
“Will my love be invited to join as well? Not unexpected. Then I had a chance to see him for a long time. Such little tricks. He'll soon realize it too."
     Lieu Song Lien pulled out a small knife and put her hand on the handle. Use gentle force to launch into the wall. On the wall, there is a very still painting. The tip of the knife is inserted into the beginning of the painting step. 
“Lac Hong Hao. Welcome to my game. So that's interesting!"
     On the wall was a picture of Lac Hong Hao, his face was not intact, ten thousand arrows pierced his heart. It seems that the knife wounds have pierced his face and body.
“We should end it all this time too, right? This fall of love, this piece of memory. Let's end it together. Don't let it be an obsession in my head anymore. Sweetheart. Let's play together."
     Lieu Song Lien crossed her legs, resting her chin on her hands and looking at Lac Hong Hao's photo. A puff of smoke drifted out of her mouth, dimming the room. The light on the cigarette is brightly colored, and some dust also plays with the wind.
     Along the trees, Lac Hong Hao strolled, looking around, enjoying the breeze.
“Eh… Sigh…” Lac Hong Hao sneezed.
“You have a cold. I told you to take care of your health." The girl walks beside him.
"I do not know. I just feel a little chilly.”
"So someone mentioned you then?"
"Do you have anyone? Who knows. You are famous for thousands of miles. Maybe in the night, I sneaked you to eat someone."
“You am overdoing it. How is it possible? In my heart is only one person's shadow. There will be no ideological love affairs."
"Only one person's shadow is hidden in the heart?"
"Isn't that right?"
"I doubt you."
“Then be suspicious. I have nothing to explain.”
“Honestly. I wonder if you can be trusted?”
About three days later. When things slowly come to a standstill. Phedra Elizabeth still did not see Theodore Mark appear. Phedra Elizabeth was worried and anxious as if she was standing on fire. It was pouring rain outside, pouring rain, pouring rain. Suddenly Phedra Elizabeth's fear was revealed to the light.
"Why haven't young Master Lac and President Mark come yet? How long is this going to last? Why do you feel so unsettled in your heart?"
“I don't worry. Just take it slow, patiently wait.” Duncan Hiddleston spoke, calmly comforting her.
“But.. It's already the third day… Can President Mark be convinced? It's been a long time. If we don't deal with this anymore. The company might go bankrupt."
“He is good at taking care. You don't believe in President Mark's ability? We can handle her now.”
“I completely believe in the ability of President Mark… But…” Phedra Elizabeth sat on the table, rubbing her temples.
     ...Cock ...Cock ...Coke ... (Knock sound the door.)
"Come in." Phedra Elizabeth sat on the chair, her face darkened, her hands on her chin, her eyes closed.
"Miss Alice here is today's schedule."
“I have urgent business to attend to. She put it there first. Let me see you later.” Phedra Elizabeth didn't even look up.
"It seems that this voice is a bit wrong. It sounds very strange." Phedra Elizabeth raised her eyelids.
"Young Master Lac." Phedra Elizabeth was overjoyed.
“Finally meeting you. The two of you agreed to come too. God. I'm about to have a complete breakdown. Good thing you two came.”

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