The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 6, 2022
Ch. 54Mention the name

"President Mark... President Mark." Phedra Elizabeth waved her hand back and forth in front of Theodore Mark's eyes.
"I'm a little bit into my inner state. It's laughable."
"Are you alright? I feel like there's something wrong with you."
"No problem. We continue to." Theodore Mark's eyes kept looking at the door.
“As my analysis shows. President Paul will send her here.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Even if we know she will show up or know that the person behind it is President Paul, we still don't have a shred of concrete evidence to accuse President Paul. Not to mention Lieu Song Lien may have special skills that we did not expect. President Paul won't simply let her pretend to be the secretary."
"Does President Mark have any basis for saying that?"
"Because of..."
     ...Cock...Cock...Cock... (Knock sound.)
“Miss Alice, I am an administrative officer. I'm here to report on the company's financials this month."
"Okay. You just go out first... I'll see later." Phedra Elizabeth.
"Let her in." Theodore Mark whispered.
“Just go in. There are no outsiders here.” Phedra Elizabeth cooperates with Theodore Mark to fight.
     She opened the door to come in, Her mouth was always smiling, her eyes were bright, the light shining in made her stand out in the crowd, in addition, three pairs of eyes were always in the direction she went, but she was not afraid to confidently step on the floor to act.
“Madam, here is all the information from last month and this month. Please take a look."
     She rolls her eyes around but is also very discreet. Theodore Mark just sat drinking a cup of tea while Duncan Hiddleston kept looking in her direction.
“Let me see. You'll just rest." Duncan Hiddleston stopped her hand. Duncan Hiddleston holds a statistical file in his hand.
Duncan Hiddleston gently touched her skin. Phedra Elizabeth didn't pull her hand back, staring blankly at him. Duncan Hiddleston withdrew his hand and held the stack of documents in his hand. Roll your eyes briefly.
“Can you explain this data? Why spend so much?”
"Where is it?"
     Duncan Hiddleston points his finger at the third line from the bottom to count up. Phedra Elizabeth leaned closer to her face. After a while, she looked up and explained very clearly and clearly. Listening to the overview is very smooth, and the focus is thoroughly analyzed, without any errors or loopholes. Duncan Hiddleston is quite satisfied.
"Okay. You did very well. Get back to work."
     She smiled brightly. Take a few steps back, and bow your head.
“Thank you for the commendation, General Manager Hiddleston. There is nothing else I would like to return to work.”
     Phedra Elizabeth nodded. She turned her back, briefly glanced at Theodore Mark, then bowed her head and hurried away. She stepped outside. When the sound of her high heels stopped, Phedra Elizabeth let go of her's lips.
“Just now, she purposely eavesdropped.”
"How do you know?"
“My ears hear her footsteps. She went out for a while, then the sound of her high heels disappeared again, indicating that she took them off for some purpose. Though I'm careful, it's never too much. Besides, a moment later, I heard high heels. I guess she didn't hear anything so she withdrew from the scene temporarily."
"I also have something to tell you."
"I know."
"We should sit close together, avoid too loud sound transmitted to other people's ears."
     Theodore Mark approached Phedra Elizabeth's desk.
"She is Lieu Song Lien." Duncan Hiddleston rubbed his temples, judging slowly.
“How do you know?” Phedra Elizabeth was surprised and asked.
“When I was a young master of the Hiddleston family, I did not have a job, so I studied this. It's called a translation technique that uses items like cosmetic surgery to hide skin imperfections, it's used to hide one's true face. But she's very skilled and doesn't show any flaws and seems to be adept at her craft."
"Then why did you notice?"
“In the end, I am better than her.”
“Why do you say that? Your husband has a lot of talent."
“Shut your mouth.”
"Does President Mark have any comments?"
“I have no ideas. It just feels like this match is going to last a long time.”
"But it's privileged to see this ability in the General Director Hiddleston here. Incorruptible reputation."
"Don't dare. Don't dare to accept."
“But… This match is not…" Phedra Elizabeth stammered to explain for fear of losing the presence of her beloved.
"It's not very long. Not what you think.” Duncan Hiddleston contributed to making her statement clearer.
“Because I know you have a master's at analyzing complicated matters like this. Not just a master but a genius at solving crimes.”
"Who is that? Why didn't I know?"
"Tell me, President Mark. Am I right? That's what attracts you, right? When you choose to participate in this complex crime-solving process."
Theodore Mark looked up at Duncan Hiddleston with calm eyes, lifting his eyelids. The face has never changed, still gentle with an unchanging face.
“What general manager Hiddleston is talking about?”
"President Mark, don't be so stammering. Doesn't president Mark understand what I mean?"
"But he's very busy, he's getting married soon, I'm afraid it's a bit difficult to ask for help."
"President Mark don't put humiliation on your own body. President Mark is too modest. It's precious. I have faith in President Mark. I believe that President Mark will speak immediately. I bet big on President Mark. The performance will be enhanced."
"The fact that you choose the words of encouragement does not mean that my capacity can be maximized, in addition, calling for investors to solve this is not necessarily necessary. What do you think is the reason why I accept the investment? invest in your company."
"Is the person you're suggesting is..." Phedra Elizabeth opens the mystery lid, but Phedra Elizabeth is still unsure of her deduction.
"That's Lac Hong Hao, my dear. Circumstances only brought President Mark to us. Also, ask yourself, instinctively and in the mind of President Mark, are you looking forward to a chain collaboration like this?"

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