The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 6, 2022
Ch. 53New character

"Looks like we won't be able to see plays anymore." Lac Hong Hao.
     Lieu Song Lien removed the spy camera and dropped it on the ground.
“Next time master, remember to be more careful.”
     She used the heel of her shoe to crush the device.
"That's all." Lac Hong Hao stood up, stretching out, arms raised to the sky, he tried to stretch his body after an extremely long eye test.
"I have a very bright idea. Each of us is capable of doing it. Can everyone take a moment to listen to me?"
      Theodore Mark smiled slightly.
"What are you laughing at."
"You know what to laugh at." Lac Hong Hao turned to Theodore Mark, his eyes turned to Theodore Mark, and pinched Theodore Mark's cheek.
"Is this something important? I'm not smiling."
"You just say it." Phedra Elizabeth voiced to receive opinions, and Phedra Elizabeth played the role of opinion collector, liaison, and implementation planner. Phedra Elizabeth defaults to having so many responsibilities.
“What do you guys want to eat? I will buy it for you guys.”
“I knew right away that you were hungry again.” Theodore Mark smiled softly, shaking his head.
"You shut up so I can attract guests."
"I know how to choose dishes, people believe me."
"Okay. Then young Master Lac chooses something delicious for me." Phedra Elizabeth.
"If he's gone, I'll have some alone time with Theodore Mark." Phedra Elizabeth acted and calculated carefully.
"Just give it to me." Lac Hong Hao patted his chest, self-expensive.
“I go with you. I think you will also have difficulty in transportation." Theodore Mark grabbed Lac Hong Hao's hand.
“Okay. Let's go. I'm so hungry."
"What? Why did he take the initiative to leave? The plan planned in my heart will go up in smoke." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"I'll go too." Phedra Elizabeth took the initiative to advance.
"Then I'll go too." Duncan Hiddleston suddenly spoke up.
"No need to bother you two. We'll be fine." Theodore Mark.
"Prepare well mentally. We need to have a complete physicality to destroy the bad guys." Duncan Hiddleston holds Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
     Lac Hong Hao pushed Theodore Mark's back.
“If you want to go, then go if you don't go. Say no more. I'm starving.”
     Theodore Mark just smiled and followed his push. Theodore Mark turned to look at Lac Hong Hao.
"You're also very flamboyant."
“What did you say? I don't understand. There is only one person in my heart and the others I don't care about."
    Theodore Mark changed his mood, his eyes hidden with sadness.
"Very wet with tears."
     Phedra Elizabeth was stopped by Duncan Hiddleston, unable to follow.
“I… Why are you stopping me? I'm famished. I also want to eat with them.”
"I see you're tired too and following them will only add to the trouble." Duncan Hiddleston politely responded to Phedra Elizabeth's haste.
"So what are we doing here? Following in their footsteps would be convenient for making friends."
"Staying in one place gives us some alone time to think carefully about the current situation, in addition, it also helps us to spend less energy on unnecessary things. Just stay here and wait for them to come back.”
     Phedra Elizabeth sat in the waiting room... Wait... Wait... A long time. Suddenly, her ears caught the laughter, each sentence stacked very densely. The sound is getting closer and closer. So close that each word was visible on Phedra Elizabeth's brain when her ears accidentally made contact, the words focused on one point and then moved to a closed position.
"You two eat, I bought a lot with him."
     Lac Hong Hao said while arranging the dishes on the table.
“Perhaps I have to say goodbye to the two of you here today. It's late, but I still have work to do."
“Do you have to go already? Won't you stay a little longer?" Theodore Mark.
"I'm afraid I can't stay another moment. I still have to go pick her up. I can't keep her waiting any longer."
"So he has a girlfriend. So you two are just normal brothers. Maybe I'm thinking too much." Phedra Elizabeth is happy.
"She?" Theodore Mark.
"Right. She is trying on a wedding dress. I abandoned her for a long time because of my interests. I can't upset her. Please allow me to go ahead.”
“Not a girlfriend… But a fiancé… God… What am I so sad about all this time? He's already a flower with an owner." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Please be natural. The appearance of Young Master Lac was a great honor for us. I can't help but know things. Use greed to hold you back more." Phedra Elizabeth is in high spirits.
"Miss Alice. Disrespectful."
“Now I understand why he kept his distance from me. He is a flower that has an owner, a vase has flowers, and should not be exposed to suspicious suspects like me. That turned his current relationship into a bad situation. No accountability… No blame.” Phedra Elizabeth is in high spirits.
Lac Hong Hao pressed close to Theodore Mark's face, so close that his lips were almost close to his lips. Phedra Elizabeth suddenly found her eyes darkened, everything around was only a black patch. The curtain of her eyes felt like there was a skin inadvertently blocking her vision.
"I'm waiting for you at home." Lac Hong Hao stepped back and patted Theodore Mark's head.
"What are you doing?" Phedra Elizabeth still wants to get rid of Duncan Hiddleston's control.
"Can you guess it's me?"
“Like to do childish things like this has only one name. Unfortunately, that person is present here."
"I want to play hide and seek with you?"
"I don't want to play. You let go of your hand.”
     Duncan Hiddleston covered Phedra Elizabeth's eyes with his hand as if he didn't want her to see this scene.
"Can you let go now?"
     Phedra Elizabeth pushed his hand away. Theodore Mark watched as Lac Hong Hao left, his eyes also seemed to be in complete despair, his eyes also returned to the starting point, becoming sad with a little regret.
"President Mark, let's continue." Phedra Elizabeth.

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