The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 5, 2022
Ch. 52Revealed

"Really? Very helpful. Very commendable. You deserve to be commended. It's too much of a waste for Miss Alice to not respect you."
“Thank you for your compliment. I have a question. I don't know if you can answer it?"
“I heard someone cut off the camera's electrical connection but didn't leave any fingerprints, can you tell me who that person is?”
President Paul hesitated for a long time. Laugh out loud.
"Okay. Why can't you?"
“You did an excellent job.”
“The person who completes the task is always worthy of reward and the request of the winner will never be excessive.”
"Thank you."
“No thanks needed. You are now officially joining our organization. You are a member of the organization, but once a member of the organization, she must show up to introduce and get acquainted.”
     A man stepped out. Each step carried a heavy, murderous smell wafting around his body. He wears a black vest, wears black glasses, even his whole body is hidden in a dark corner, the accessories worn on his body are all black and mysterious.
"Is he in the organization What's his name?"
"He is the hidden person or other name is a person who specializes in killing people in the dark."
“Is this name a bit like a girl?”
"Right. It's a bit like a killer. But under the guise of a woman. Anything else you want?"
“You were too kind to me. I have nothing more to say. I'm going to step down to complete the quest."
"I like your dynamism. Okay, finish your last stretch. Your desires. I always satisfy the ambitious."
The secretary turned her back, grinning. Lac Hong Hao put his hand on the screen. His hand shaped like a gun, the direction of the gun pointed towards the secretary. Suddenly, Lac Hong Hao let out a voice.
     His hand lifted. He withdrew his hand.
“Did you predict the outcome again?” Phedra Elizabeth was surprised. Phedra Elizabeth opened her eyes wide enjoying the actions of her comrades-in-arms.
“Too predictable.”
"President Paul won't keep a game that knows too much."
"You know him too well."
"Fighting the enemy without understanding the enemy, the loss will be on our side."
“You remain the same, still attach great importance to winning and losing.” Theodore Mark spoke up.
"I've never really changed. That's probably my working style."
“But I still like it anyway.” Theodore Mark whispered.
“What are you saying again? Why didn't I hear it?" Lac Hong Hao was surprised by his actions.
“Have I been having problems with my ears lately? Why are you talking to me and I can only hear no?”
"It's nothing. You're just too focused on what's in front of you."
"Hope so."
     Suddenly the secretary collapsed on the ground, blood flowing crimson a land. Her body was lying on the ground, her eyes were looking behind her to see who did the action as if the secretary's ears could only hear the sound of bullet casings falling to the ground. She closed her eyelids to end a series of tiring days.
"The play is over." Lac Hong Hao.
     Phedra Elizabeth was a little surprised. Looking at Lac Hong Hao, then looking at Theodore Mark. Theodore Mark did not seem to say anything, folded his arms, calmly.
“How did Lac Hong Hao know that President Jane was going to shoot her? Predictable."
"Once you know too much, don't hold back." Lac Hong Hao continued to speak up, correcting his behavior.
     President Paul propped his chin and stared at her.
"You act without mercy."
"Should send her off with one wish. She already knows too much. Her mouth is strange. It's not tight. It's easy to let the cold wind in. Don't keep it for long."
“You should come out, too.”
“Lieu Song Lien.”
"A Chinese female assassin. This person is familiar. She works without any rules. She seems to be the leader of a notorious organizer, specializing in killing people, turning corpses into entertainment." Lac Hong Hao raised his body, trying to squint closely at the woman on the screen.
"This is in my heart."
"Let's dress up as her and finish the unfinished business."
"Me? Is it time for me to give up? Is it that simple?”
“If you don't follow my orders. You will die.”
Lieu Song Lien put her hands on the table. She laughed with a smug, scornful look, her sharp eyes, and deadly gestures.
“You intend to use my men to kill me.”
"Everything is under control if there is money."
"Then try the old man."
"You want to confront me. So remember you are the one I bought. If I don't give you money, you won't have a chance to survive." President Paul got angry.
“Don't be angry. It's just a joke. You are our master. I will proffer it to you for any reason. Dear Sir.” Lieu Song Lien stood up, lowered her head, and looked at President Jane with venomous eyes.
“You know how to joke. Words are meant to stimulate people's moods.”
“You are too commendable. But... Who is my opponent this time?”
“It's also very easy to deal with. Theodore Mark, Miss Alice, and her husband."
"Theodore Mark? Such a strange name. I have never met this person. But did Lac Hong Hao also appear? It's rare to see him participate in detective stories like this. This will be an interesting hunt."
"Don't think too far. That name is in your memory."
“You mean… It is him. From what I see, he hasn't separated from  Theodore Mark yet. It must have been him, but not my mistress. It doesn't deserve to be called a hero."
"It's much more fun to deal with that pair. An imaginative hunt."
“But I like him too. Very gorgeous, smart, and very attractive to me."
"Concentrate on work if you don't want to be eliminated."
"But someone wanted to see me before I even met face to face. Have to secretly prepare a romantic debut. So my face and even my appearance are in secret." Lieu Song Lien gracefully walked to the location of the wall. Her legs crossed, walking slowly, striding evenly on the ground, the sound of high heels hitting the floor made the space even quieter, it seemed that this was the last moment to be together because of the rule of time. 


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