The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: October 5, 2022
Ch. 51Killer

"Lac Hong Hao pays too much attention to details. Need to be careful. Just reveal the defect. The person I love will despise me." Phedra Elizabeth clasped her hands together, trying to put on a commercial smile.
“Damned brat, he dared to embarrass me and pretended to be hypocritical. But why is Theodore Mark still unresponsive? Aren't they just childhood friends? Why are you so happy?" Phedra Elizabeth is both angry and sad.
“App Lac Hong Hao. Find information about him.”
[Lac Hong Hao, the only son of President Lac, is a celebrity, but he is extremely intelligent on the inside, and his beauty is not average, attracting many women.]
"If he's smart but follows Theodore Mark all day, what can he do?"
[He's a famous actor, but because of some incident, he didn't like the talk around him, so he withdrew.]
[Involved with Theodore Mark.]
“No wonder he was so good to him. It looks so creepy.”
"So he didn't do anything but just let Theodore Mark take care of him?"
[According to the latest update, this is temporary.]
“Just a useless guy who relies on Theodore Mark for a living.”
[The total amount of assets he currently owns is fifteen figures.]
“I withdraw my words. He has more money than I thought. Then why is he still with Theodore Mark?"
[App thinks two people cooperate.]
"Verified information?"
[Currently undetermined.]
     Lac Hong Hao could not sit still and kept falling from side to side, sometimes leaning towards Theodore Mark, sometimes falling towards the arm of the chair, Theodore Mark was very attentive to Lac Hong Hao's every move. Lac Hong Hao always helped him get there whenever he fell, to avoid getting hurt or injured. Seeing that, Phedra Elizabeth couldn't stand it anymore and spoke up.
“Sit like a man without a spine, doing so makes the person I love exhausted and discomfiting. Then why judge me?"
“What the hell. Even if it's Theodore Mark's fault, does Theodore Mark needs to serve him so badly?" Phedra Elizabeth raged to the extreme.
“Can we just get started!”
"Can't young Master Lac choose a position to sit in?"
"Hmm?" Lac Hong Hao glanced over.
"He's never liked to sit around and wait, so when he's in the mood to come here, it's like making it difficult for yourself. Don't worry, I'll take good care of him. Will not affect the progress of the event." Theodore Mark explained.
"I hope Miss Alice comprehends."
“She is really interesting. Do you know how to bite back?" Lac Hong Hao looked at her.
"What does young Master Lac mean by that?"
     Theodore Mark covered his eyes with his hand and brought his lips close to Lac Hong Hao's ear.
"Don't use those eyes to look at others."
"Nothing. I felt the attraction clinging to her body. Is a lonely ghost." Lac Hong Hao replied to Phedra Elizabeth.
"You think that's interesting? Do you have to make the people around you laugh too?" Phedra Elizabeth pouted, contemptuously, she used her half-lidded eyes to look at Lac Hong Hao.
     Lac Hong Hao withdrew his gaze. He took's hand Theodore Mark. Gently remove it from your own eyes. He placed Theodore Mark's hand on his lap. Use your fingers to gently touch the veins on Theodore Mark's hand.
"You can take your hands off now."
Lac Hong Hao rested his head on Theodore Mark's arm and placed it on the arm of the chair. Theodore Mark neither moved nor lifted his eyelids.
"I cooperated with the secretary. She must have taken action now. Let's turn on the television and watch."
"Then wait a moment." Phedra Elizabeth.
"You just sit there and let me do it." 
“What is this taste?” Lac Hong Hao turned around.
“General Director of the company - Duncan Hiddleston. It's been a long time since I heard your name. It's eye-opening. General manager Hiddleston. With great pleasure."
"Listening to the name of young master Lac, who is talented, smarter than people. This time meeting in real life, heaven has given me more beauty."
“Without any questions, I would like to continue my work.” Phedra Elizabeth brusquely interrupted their conversation.
     Lac Hong Hao put his arm around Theodore Mark's neck.
"So you're going to see him soon?" Lac Hong Hao smiled slightly.
"Right. Do you like that?"
“It would be fun to sneak peeks at other people.”
"Doesn't your back hurt when you sit like that?"
“You said I just noticed. It's a little sore now.”
     Lac Hong Hao let go of his hand and stood up. Theodore Mark ran his hand behind Lac Hong Hao's back and rubbed it a few times. The sound of high heels became louder and louder. Lac Hong Hao focused on the big screen.
“The show has already begun.”
“Just watch it. I help you ease the pain.”
"Can't president Mark see it?" Phedra Elizabeth.
     Theodore Mark did pay much attention to Lac Hong Hao and did not leave. Phedra Elizabeth sees more and more unusual situations and the eyes of Theodore Mark always pointing in one direction, constant.
“President Paul. Good morning to you.”
"She's back?"
     The man who had his back turned inside had revealed his face. Phedra Elizabeth was surprised and uttered a sentence.
"Isn't that President Paul? The person I met last time was so old."
"He's President Paul. Maybe the person you see is his replacement." Lac Hong Hao replied.
"He's had trouble walking for a long time, so he doesn't usually come out in person."
"So that's how it is."
"Whist! Concentration. Every opening is the beginning of an exciting climax.” Lac Hong Hao focused his attention.
Phedra Elizabeth also followed his eyes to the screen.
"You look so miserable. Does it hurt a lot? Why did I end up like this?”
"If you don't know how to sacrifice, how can it be a big deal."
"The answer is gratifying."
“You made a lot of sense. So what have you done?"
“I have successfully tricked both President Mark and Miss Alice into a trap. They showed flaws for me to see. Now that I have been allowed to return to the company by Miss Alice, I will rely on that to help you."

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