The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 27, 2022
Ch. 50New

"Then let's eat quickly. Don't make such a serious face. It looks terrible. You have to smile. Smile big.”
     The male lead looked at Phedra Elizabeth. Phedra Elizabeth smiled brightly, he was unconsciously attracted to him, and the edge of his mouth was also raised.
"That's okay then. When you smile, it will be more beautiful! It also helps relieve stress. You should laugh a lot.”
The male lead smiled and said nothing.
"That's right, don't always haunt me with that underworld face." 
Phedra Elizabeth thought.
      Prepare breakfast for the male lead to drive Phedra Elizabeth to the company. Theodore Mark and Lac Hong Hao waited outside the door. Lac Hong Hao's face was not very good.
"When will she come? I'm waiting to break my leg."
“Do you want me to carry you?”
"Do not need. I can still stand.”
"When I can't stand it anymore, remember to ask to help me."
“That is obvious. Still the best guy for me.”
"Knowing that, why won't you fall for me?"
“How should I say…”
Phedra Elizabeth came behind Duncan Hiddleston.
"President Mark, are you early today?"
"Right." Theodore Mark frowned.
"And this is?"
"Lac Hong Hao - the son of President Lac."
"Welcome." Phedra Elizabeth raised her hand.
"Welcome." Lac Hong Hao replied.
"Okay. Please come in." Phedra Elizabeth withdrew her hand, a little shy and uncomfortable.
     The male lead today is very docile, neither protesting nor arguing, arguing with Theodore Mark. Theodore Mark held Lac Hong Hao's hand and walked behind Phedra Elizabeth very happily.
“Is he happier today than usual? It seems that he also talks more and doesn't keep his image of being as quiet as before... He also smiles a lot more." Phedra Elizabeth felt that the situation was very wrong.
"How are you?" Duncan Hiddleston.
"It's okay... It's alright."
"Let's go to my office and talk." Phedra Elizabeth turned to look at Theodore Mark.
“He was not only happy but also held hands with Lac Hong Hao. Is it too close? Except for the first time when he took the initiative to hold my hand... Well... Not only was it a polite handshake, but he also ran away with a light touch..." Phedra Elizabeth looked at her hand, her eyes filled with sadness. sad.
"What are those two people to each other that they are so close?"
"A best friend since childhood. Can also be considered as the legendary bamboo horse." The male lead replied.
"Really?" Phedra Elizabeth added worry and insecurity.
"They must be very close."
"You know it by looking at it."
"But who asked me, I answered. I respond to the needs of the person asking the question."
"You're a bit too talkative."
"Because I see you have any questions, I should answer them for you to understand." Duncan Hiddleston smiled, eyes shining.
"Not a lot of things, but knowing a lot, so I want to share it with people around. Where is the light coming from? Why is it so dazzling? It's from the male lead."
"He's also different from usual. Why are people so different today? Practicing new image changes? I am old. Not keeping up with youth trends anymore. The light around the male lead makes me uncomfortable. How can you sparkle when you're in such a bad mood!"
“The intention is that the bodhisattva directs himself to the path of truth, goodness, and beauty. Take care of yourself first. Cultivation has not been completed, but don't worry about how much money."
     Phedra Elizabeth strode a little longer, walked closer to the door, and opened it. Approaching Theodore Mark, he quickly grabbed his hand. Theodore Mark dodged and tried to hide from Lac Hong Hao but decided not to let Lac Hong Hao stand next to Phedra Elizabeth.
"President Mark invites you in. Young Master Lac invites you in."
     Lac Hong Hao did not notice this crowding, he focused his attention on the objects in the room, he was quite curious, so he took a few steps forward, Theodore Mark understood that he hurried to follow but even Whatever Phedra Elizabeth said, Theodore Mark couldn't be rude and quickly replied.
"Come in."
Terminate. Theodore Mark hastily followed in the footsteps of Lac Hong Hao. Wherever he goes, Theodore Mark pays attention and takes care of him, even when he falls behind, Theodore Mark will be the first to help.
"What kind of plant is this potted plant?" Lac Hong Hao asked Theodore Mark. His gaze is also directed towards Theodore Mark.
"It looks like a feng shui tree." Phedra Elizabeth replied.
"Are you Theodore Mark?" Lac Hong Hao showed an annoyed expression, ignoring her reception actions.
“She's right… It's a feng shui tree. The effect to ask for wealth.”
"Really? Is so bad.”
"What? Play me?" Phedra Elizabeth.
 Theodore Mark chuckled. Theodore Mark was very satisfied with the act of ignoring all the pretty girls standing in front of Lac Hong Hao.
"Don't run around, hurry up and take a seat. Watch out for falls. Miss Alice. Disrespectful." Theodore Mark bowing in front of Phedra Elizabeth.
"It's okay... It's okay..." Phedra Elizabeth smiled wryly.
“Young Master Lac so big… How can young Master Lac recline? Does he need to care about young Master Lac that much?” A series of questions swirled around in Phedra Elizabeth's head.
"There's no fun here either. No more visiting.”
     Lac Hong Hao sat next to Theodore Mark.
"Why is Young Master Lac so interested in our workplace today?" Phedra Elizabeth is sitting at the desk.
"You should sit properly and talk to me."
"What the hell is it? He is embarrassing me in front of him.” Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
     Phedra Elizabeth took her place. Besides being the male lead, he would normally speak up to protect her, but this time he was very docile and did not move.
"Disrespectful. Young Master Lac look down on me." Phedra Elizabeth pursed her lips, enduring. Phedra Elizabeth tried to look shy.
“No need to apologize. Change is okay.”
"Bastard. What can you do for your life to teach your own life?" Phedra Elizabeth thought, filled with irritation.
“I came here just to see how President Paul is doing these days. Disturbing you. Miss Alice."

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