The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 5Work

Alice’s Corporation. The building in front of Phedra Elizabeth is indeed a bit luxurious, magnificent, extremely sophisticated architecture, built with sustainable technology, using internal filtration and ventilation system to draw natural air into the house. The towers containing office, residential and retail functions are arranged around an outdoor space known as the "Green Heart", which the architects describe as "the largest public landscaped area". in the Central Business District". While the building's exterior elevations have boxy forms topped by overhanging open glazing, the interior surfaces are lined with undulating louvers that extend all the way to the central courtyard.
"Admirable." Phedra Elizabeth admired, looked, and watched without taking her eyes off.
"Just enter." Duncan Hiddleston.
Two people are in a meeting room with partners. The atmosphere inside wasn't too stuffy, which seemed comfortable for both sides, both of them were completely overjoyed when they met face to face. Such a shade perfectly indicates something good is about to happen. There is a miracle that brings these strangers together. The contract will certainly be approved smoothly, hoping for satisfaction, which was clearly shown on the radiant face of the other party. It was just a temporary prediction of bystanders looking forward to a return of a victorious battle.
"What do these documents say? Too confusing."
Phedra Elizabeth glanced at the secretary next to her, then back at the male lead. She pretended to make a satisfied face, showing her agreement.
"Okay. This is under control. We agreed to cooperate. This is an honor for our company." The partner pretends to be polite.
"President Jane. Did you miss or neglect something?" The male lead reminds us well.
"That's great. Hope this cooperation is really convenient, happy cooperation, everything goes smoothly. Everyone can bring the best benefits to the company. I hope for a long term." The male lead plays the role of a partner, supporting Phedra Elizabeth as much as possible.
"We also hope to have smooth and favorable cooperation. The two sides have long-term cooperation, let the future show it." President Jane laughed.
The two sides shook hands, Phedra Elizabeth didn't need to do it, didn't need to answer a word, the male lead paved the way to spread flowers first, her only job was to obey, Phedra Elizabeth was like a puppet, nodding her head to show satisfaction. whether or not such control is beneficial to oneself. The partners left, their faces filled with satisfaction. At this time Phedra Elizabeth also prepared to leave. She realized that up to now her presence was no longer valuable.
"Must have a separate path. The ending will be more interesting. Choose to be harsh with the male lead, sometimes you will see his aura. Romance, this novel still needs to be fueled. Although it is, however, my own identity is also the presence of fire. You should also perform your responsibilities." Phedra Elizabeth thought for a long moment.
"Ah, that's right. Do a good job and go home." She looked embarrassed.
"Until then... Do whatever you want." Walk away, shy.
"Definitely very good. Is this performance making it difficult for me?" Phedra Elizabeth made up her mind with a weak, meek smile.
[Bonus +10, good performance.]
"Too predictable." Proud.
"Wait. Aversion is -100 points, sympathy is only +10 points, such a bad conscience?" She suddenly noticed something unusual.
The system said nothing and quietly disappeared. It seems that the system does not respect the opinions given by the owner. After all, it's just a machine built from scraps. It's natural not to be able to have feelings like humans, except for the robots that get added emotional features, but it certainly can't be the system she's using.
"It's best to just throw the body in the trash. It's unusually visible and doesn't care about the owner's feelings. The system is trash." Angered.
"What's going on?" Look up ahead.
"The heroine? A real heroine? The heroine that everyone in the family loves, the beauty is extreme, and the strength is built quite well. In short, a strong woman." Surprise.
"Did you have to deal with the heroine? Facing one-on-one? The battle is predictable by the looks of it. This is a society that oppresses women!"
"It's blinding! But the color is a bit slanted towards that dark color. What's wrong?" She realized something was wrong.
"But in the end, the aura emitted is really strong. I'll probably die. The light is hot enough to kill a girl in my twenties like me. The female body is slimmer than the female one. Can't honestly say the female lead looks much prettier than the second one." Shocked to the point of not knowing the immediate situation. Vaguely, motionless accepting the presence of the heroine.
"The attitude looks very different, usually sad, miserable, right? It's definitely because of that thug that she didn't get a chance to express herself."
"It's so itchy. Why did he break young lovers? Especially the fateful love between the female lead and the male lead."
"Am I qualified to save the heroine?"
[In the condition not mentioned. The owner has the right to resolve it according to his/her liking. Be careful not to tear the original. If there is a mistake, the owner is fully responsible.]
"Understood. I just want to save the heroine, there won't be anything that deviates from the double standard of the system and the original."
Saying that Phedra Elizabeth threw her bag at Jocelyn's face. Jocelyn Hiddleston clearly felt the pain she gave him, he frowned, gritted his teeth, and expressed anger. His face darkened as if she was facing death.
"You must learn to respect women during the day."
"Where did this madman come from? Many things, daring to interfere in my affairs." Jocelyn Hiddleston turned around, her nose starting to bleed, her face not looking good.
"I am a person who stands for the weak and the beautiful. Always for justice, go forward to serve." Loud cheers welled up in Phedra Elizabeth's chest.
"For someone like you, I have met too many times in the previous novels that I have read. Hardly anyone likes the genre like you. Consider yourself sublime, how talented you are. How can you brainlessly bully a weak girl who lacks resistance?"

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