The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 27, 2022
Ch. 49Open

“Never mind. Take care of yourself first.” Phedra Elizabeth denies responsibility for the character.
     The male lead holds her in his arms.
"Let's go back."
     Phedra Elizabeth no longer has the strength to resist, he does whatever he wants. Phedra Elizabeth did not want to protest. The male lead put her in the seat next to her, fastening her seat belt. Her eyes did not pay attention to him, her eyes focused on the sky.
“You have confided. Tell me about it. You look so miserable. From the time I dealt with the secretary until now, I see you like that. I was very worried.”
“Naught. Only suddenly feeling black has its charm.” Phedra Elizabeth laughs commercial.
“Feeling that the night has become strangely attractive, I want to see it longer.”
"It's a long time to tell him. This is my private matter." Phedra Elizabeth Quietly thinking.
"But how did you deal with it yourself? Must investigate. Why did he make president Mark do it alone?"
“Everything is fine. Behind the cleaning, there is a professional to take care of everything. I don't mind going home."
Phedra Elizabeth was speechless, no longer wanting to talk to Duncan Hiddleston.
“You also know what president Mark is capable of. No need to worry.”
Phedra Elizabeth just watched the flow of people pass quickly, the scenes also became blurred, trees, houses, and people were just blurred like invisible ghosts. In an instant, Phedra Elizabeth's eyes were able to capture the full picture, the gate of Miss Alice's house was the first thing she believed her eyes could capture completely. The male lead opened the door and took her hand in. He walked ahead, instructing her carefully on everything.
“First of all, I go to the bathroom first to relax my mind, then go to bed so I can see if the wound is completely healed. Besides, You don't voluntarily take the medicine so wait for me to sit still so I can take it myself... I help me apply for the medicine."
Phedra Elizabeth didn't say anything, just like a child following him, wherever he led, if he did something wrong, she would also be punished, the heaviest punishment was a spanking. Phedra Elizabeth was like a puppet doing what he said. Not long after, she was lying on the bed looking up at the ceiling.
"From time to time take advantage of him to serve for pleasure. After the times he bullied Oriana Alice to the point of crying, he had to keep quiet. It's time for me to take revenge for her."
“When he wasn't with her. She was alone in her room, cowering. Very lonely, very sad.”
"Now he wants to seduce her to take advantage of her, if I were a man like this, I wouldn't even need it. There's no shortage of good people in the world, so why run into him?"
"Fortunately, I'm not Oriana Alice, how can he cheat so easily. I don't know where his good points are to make her so crazy."
Phedra Elizabeth asked herself over and over again, repeating in her head.
"Don't think anymore... After all, he's the male lead." Phedra Elizabeth held her head, her hair was a mess.
"What are you doing?" The male lead put his eyes above and looked down.
"Who let you dress so exposed?" Phedra Elizabeth covered her eyes with her hand.
"Don't you like it?"
"Put your clothes on... Put your clothes on..." Phedra Elizabeth's cheeks turned red.
"I will listen to you." The male lead smiled.
"If you don't like it, that's fine. What's the point of being lazy? You go out first and get dressed and then talk to me."
     Phedra Elizabeth quickly left.
“God… No rules at all… Look… But his body looks good. Not ashamed to be the male lead."
"What am I thinking?" Phedra Elizabeth put her hand on her forehead.
     The morning began with the sound of birds chirping on the branches, this time it was a frugal day without rain unlike simply clouds drifting lightly against the blue sky. Phedra Elizabeth is not in a hurry as before, the spirit is also much more relaxed.
"Good morning, Miss Alice."
      Everyone in the villa started the day in harmony.
"Invite the lady to the breakfast table." Veronica Sarah pulled a chair.
“Do you need to wait for the master?”
"No need, I'll eat first."
"Yes. Set up the dishes.”
     The male lead suddenly appeared.
"Hello, the master." Veronica Sarah.
"Doesn't every meal wait for me?"
“If you are hungry, you can voluntarily come down to eat. What do I need to wait for?”
"You're cold to me again. Can't we just eat together?"
"It's not impossible but I'm afraid there's no chance."
"You and I shouldn't be too close at all." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
“We weren't originally on the same page and you tortured the female villain for too long. He is the real male tracer. You're not allowed to get too close to me." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
“Starting today, I will not wake up with you and haven't breakfast with you. No need to bother. We split the action is still faster.”
“I want to be with you more. I want to compensate for the loss, the damage I have caused to your body and mind. Don't you want to spend more time with me?"
“What? What nonsense is he talking about?" Phedra Elizabeth finds it difficult to understand.
“How is your wound? Do you need me to take you to the doctor for a check-up?”
“It's alright. No requirement. Eat fast, we go to work. There are still a lot of things I haven't solved yet. I need it urgently.”
"The only thing that needs to be done is to take good care of your health. Besides, the next thing will be to serve your needs. Other jobs, please rest assured to leave it to me."
“I want to do it myself. I want to come to see it. Just leave me alone."
"Whereas..." The male lead sighed, rubbing his temples.
"Okay. You come with me."

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