The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 26, 2022
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[What does the host have in mind.]
"..." Phedra Elizabeth fell into contemplation.
"It's better to finish early."
“In short, I was wronged. What did I do to deserve such punishment?”
[The host is too hasty.]
"It's not that I was hasty and hasty, but because she didn't investigate carefully, but I was in a hurry to lead to such an unscheduled situation. Now that I'm in the hospital, who's going to pay for me? I can't stand this… Unmistakably, my favorite character has done something to the secretary's brother. And now my whole body aches because of her. She should have compensated me in return.”
[The hospital fee is already taken care of by the male lead.]
"The male lead pays? He's willing to pay for me? There must be some purpose.”
“Now that I am like this, he still wants to use me. Why am I always a victim of nonsense? Why are my numbers so miserable? God, do you still care about me? Talking for long hours feels so thirsty. Stop complaining. I'm playing the elegant villain. Accept it."
“Is there any water here?” Phedra Elizabeth looked around.
[The host does not need to be searched.]
"That's incomprehensible."
[The answer is no.]
"At least you have a conscience."
"Now everything has to come to me... The male and female protagonists can't come together, without me the original is destroyed, without me, there's no female lead fighting for the female lead with the land. The male lead depreciates. There is no halo. See how important I am. Yet no one loves me. I'm bored just assuming about it. I'm so immaculate."
     Phedra Elizabeth sat up, her throat was a little dry, and she walked out. Phedra Elizabeth opened the door but it was stopped by something very heavy, shaped like a large rock. Phedra Elizabeth used all her strength, pressed the door, and freed herself. That back shadow felt something touching him and turned his head.
“Do you want to range avoidance?”
“Did he say he wanted to guard the gate?” Phedra Elizabeth was surprised.
"Why haven't you come back yet?"
"I want to stay and take care of you in case you get into trouble, I can take action in time."
"It's not your fault. Set up to double up to yours. Please respect your health."
"I comprehend. You can rest assured.”
“Oh right… Can I borrow your phone?”
"Take advantage of this time to investigate whether he still misses the female lead or not? No matter how much you like the female lead, no matter how much you like it, even if you keep it in your heart, remember it forever. At least delete her picture! Or leave it in a secret place, that few people know. In short... Can't let Oriana Alice suffer all the time." Phedra Elizabeth transforms into a detective
"What happens? It's already late. Who else do you want to call?"
"Now that I mention it... Heaven has also begun to change into new clothes."
     The wind began to rise, and the leaves followed the wind blowing, running everywhere. As night fell, faint darkness gradually enveloped the village. The stars appear dim and then clear. Soon the moon began to shine brightly, round like a majestic silver tray placed in the clear, deep sky. The moonlit night scene is very quiet. The leaves are like sprinkled on, but gold seeds fall from the sky. The fragrance of rice is created with the mist, creating an indescribable gentle fragrance. Pomegranate, lemon, and orange scents rose from the garden, radiating out like embalming my soul. Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the sky.
“Does the App feel strange?”
“The scenes here are all repetitive.”
“The moon always appears at night. I seem to feel that this place will never cease to be prosperous and splendid, its beauty will forever exist.”
[The host has been carefully reviewed. Don't pay too much attention to the details.]
“Perhaps it is, too.”
The male lead gently shook Phedra Elizabeth's hand. Phedra Elizabeth looked at him startled, eyes wide.
"What's wrong?"
“I feel like a lost soul. While we were talking, it suddenly became strangely quiet. The scene tonight is beautiful. It was as beautiful as every other night.”
"Really. He didn't even notice it." The male lead was a bit dodging, his heart rippled.
"Give me a phone."
"For what?"
"Just lend it to me. Stop asking many questions imposed on my thinking."
     The male lead took the phone from Phedra Elizabeth's pocket just now. Refund her.
"It's not your phone, it's mine."
"My friend's phone has a secure location. Please use my phone. Facility identical."
     The male lead took it and gave it to her.
“Open the password.”
“I don't use a password. I just use nature.”
     Phedra Elizabeth glided lightly and deliberately passed through the male lead's eyes. Phedra Elizabeth turned her back to him.
"I do the procedure, I want to leave the hospital."
“So fast. Are you okay? You haven't recovered yet."
“I am not used to living here. It's better to go home."
"Then wait for me to complete the discharge procedure."
“There is no need for me to do it myself. I can do it.”
"No problem. I'll just wait outside the car for you."
Phedra Elizabeth was too lazy to talk to him, so Phedra Elizabeth left. Phedra Elizabeth looked at the leaves at her feet, Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the night sky. The night was quiet, the clouds drifting indifferently involuntarily obscured the moonlight.
"Fortunately he didn't keep any pictures of the heroine. But it's not true that if the male lead doesn't return to the female lead, then I won't be able to return to the real world. For a moment, disgruntled. I just noticed that it's been a while since the heroine appeared. Did she have someone new already?”
"Who cares." Phedra Elizabeth shrugged, she pouted, considering the role of the heroine.
"If you come, then you will not come."
“Thinking about it, again and again, I still feel sad for the female villain, now that I intentionally help the female villain, what should I do? And if I don't help the female villain, I feel something weird."

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