The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 26, 2022
Ch. 47Surprised

“You want to know where Miss Alice hides secret documents? Kiss me and I'll tell you."
     The male lead lightly kissed the secretary on the cheek. Oriana Alice couldn't look anymore, turned and left. Oriana Alice tightened her grip. The heartbeat and the sound of high heels came out at the same time. All the blue veins on Oriana Alice's forehead appeared. Oriana Alice's eyes showed anger and despair.
"Is it okay then? Can you tell me already?”
[Host, please wait a moment. App please enable split-screen function.]
“Wait… I have a question.”
[Please, Ask the employer questions.]
“Why does the secretary like the male lead so much?”
[According to the app information known. She doesn't have a crush on the male lead, she just wants to climb high.]
"Well, it stands so."
[Host, app please continue.]
 [Order received. In progress.]
      Oriana Alice got into the car and cried. She clutched the steering wheel.
"He betrayed me. He didn't feel the love I had for him from the beginning. He doesn't require me, he ought the foxes outside. Am I too stupid? Even though others stabbed me in the back, I still tried to close my eyes. What did I do to make him hate me so?” Oriana Alice punched the steering wheel hard. Oriana Alice was so angry that she drove her car faster than allowed. In addition, Oriana Alice also bends very skillfully.
      Together at that time.
“That's the secret. The little master who wants to know has to investigate herself. I can't tell... She didn't tell me at all."
“What did you say?” The male lead grabbed her hair.
“Are you kidding me? Are you toying with me?"
“What are you so mean? Don't you love me?"
“Lover? Are you delusional? On what basis should I love you?”
"If not, why are you looking for me? Based on what? It's this beauty and bet on your heart!"
 Duncan Hiddleston laughed. Duncan Hiddleston rubbed his eyes repeatedly, his brows drooping. Duncan Hiddleston slapped the secretary in the face with a slap.
“The beauty is no different from the monkeys. Do you want to seduce me? Misconception.”
“You dare… You are denouncing me.”
"That's right. I used to have a lot of crazy girls follow me, people like you have met many times. Played happily and then quit. Keep you for as long as a week is enough."
"You..." The secretary got angry and stood up.
"Are you angry?" The male lead pulled her hand back.
"So easy to get angry!"
"Right. You coax me away. No, I'm mad at you for the rest of my life."
"Extraordinarily? I'm only joking, but what I say is true."
"You..." The first secretary seemed to explode, she wanted to go crazy and lifted her body from the male lead.
     The male lead calmly walked out.
“Oh my god. Brave. Confronting the heroine atmosphere. Planning to take the female lead? Far less than that.” Phedra Elizabeth is content.
"Sorry honey, but the eighth girl hasn't even entered, let alone a small, odd lady like you. Competing with the heroine. That ending is still light. The app transfers the whole scene to me. I want to see Oriana Alice.”
"Don't split the screen so it's hard to see, just switch from one scene to another for ease."
[Order received. App please execute.]
 "It's frivolity... Let's settle this and it's over."
Oriana Alice took the steering wheel and drove fast on the deserted road. The other hand continuously wipes the tears, followed by the action of honking the horn continuously to attract the attention of people around.
"I just see you as a stranger... No wonder you're being nice to me... It's stupid."
“Behind my back. You don't know your boundaries… No limits to yourself. I don't want to be with you anymore... We broke up, each of us has a separate association from now on."
     Oriana Alice continuously accelerated.
      ... Boom... (The sound of an object hitting the ground.)
     Oriana Alice braked the car, looked around, and hurriedly drove away, her face scarred.
"Freeze time. Enlarge the screen.”
[Order received.]
“Zoom in a little more.”
[Order received.]
“So that's it. She was the victim. She lost her temper but always honked to warn the people around, but it was Duncan Hiddleston who pushed the secretary's sister out. Leads to this incident. But in any way, it's not good for Oriana Alice to vamoose. But at that time she wasn't completely out of breath because the force on him was not strong enough, at that time she braked the car just in time to knock him down but the killer was..."
"It was the person that President Mark caught. He deliberately hit the wound on the head with a stick, making the secretary's brother completely unconscious, losing blood for a long time, leading to the secretary's brother's death.”
"So that's it... It proves that Oriana Alice hasn't done anything... That means I don't have to go to jail."
"So what does she do after she gets home?"
[What is the purpose of the host doing in-depth research?]
“I have my intentions. Just do as I say."
“I just cared about her a little bit. Either way, she's my favorite character. Except for one person.” Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
[Full view please.]
     Phedra Elizabeth sat and watched for a long time. Signal to stop.
“She acted as if everything never happened and just lived the way it was. Her truths are heartbreaking. The most obvious action is that she always leaves the light on when it's late at night, even when she's sleeping, but never tells the male lead."
"It's pitiful, just because of temporary anger, it leads to everything that haunts and torments the heart for so long. The male lead is also so heartless that he doesn't care about her at all, only forever remembering the silhouette of his lover even though he doesn't know how she ends up, but loves her."
"I sometimes don't want the eighties to suffer like that. Perhaps not all girls want them to do something unscrupulous, it's just that she fell in love with him too much but he never looked back."

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