The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 22, 2022
Ch. 46Violence

[Host please suppress his anger.]
     The male lead outside heard the noise and turned the doorknob.
"He entered. Thrilling moments are met with unusual circumstances." Phedra Elizabeth tightened her grip. Crumpled up a blanket in the hospital.
     The screen becomes black. Phedra Elizabeth quickly lay down, covered her face with a blanket, crouched, and turned her back to the door.
“How are you? What happened? Did you fall or hit something?”
The male lead panicked and ran to Phedra Elizabeth. She was still lying motionless. Eyes still closed.
"She didn't answer?"
"Probably fell asleep. Don't bother me to rest anymore."
    Eyes Phedra Elizabeth still closed. The male lead saw her sleeping face and couldn't help it, put a light kiss on her cheek, and the male lead walked out. Phedra Elizabeth opened her eyes and peeked. His figure was gone. Phedra Elizabeth sat up.
“He kissed me again. Is my face a mass market? He can do whatever he wants." Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh. Burning emotions.
"Luckily he didn't realize he was awake. Leave him by his side to babble and die. Just listening to him makes me want to get sick."
[Host, please pay more attention to your actions.]
"It's not that I'm angry or anything but his actions are unacceptable."
[Favorite host character?]
“How does the app know?”
[App has statistics table.]
"Where can I see?"
[Host's favorite level for each character
1. Male lead: Duncan Hiddleston: 10% - currently has a downward trend.
2. Female lead: Maris Jane: 0% - currently the level remains the same.
3. Female eight: Oriana Alice: 95% - currently tends to increase.
4. Male supporting character, odd: Theodore Mark: 150% - currently exceeds the set target.
Please end the statistics table.]
“So gruesome. I seem to like Theodore Mark a bit too much, don't I? How about the level of hate for each character?”
[The host's anger towards each character
1. Male lead: Duncan Hiddleston: 75% - currently has an increasing trend.
2. Female lead: Maris Jane: 45% - currently has an upward trend.
3. Female eight: Oriana Alice: 0% - the current level remains the same.
4. Male minor character, odd: Theodore Mark: 0% - current level remains the same.
Please end the statistics table.]
“App upgrade is getting better and better. What if I intervene to help a character I like?”
[The host only needs to complete the task and not destroy the original, the other things the app does not control.]
"I don't want to break the original either. But just thinking about what he did to my favorite sorcerer is my original beast has risen again.”
     Phedra Elizabeth tightened her grip, aura surrounded her, and her eyes from the sweet candy were about to turn into bullets.
[Hope the host is calm.]
     Phedra Elizabeth let go of her hand and let out a long sigh.
“Go on… I want to know what happens next?”
[Please Continue to show the rest.]
     The screen reappears. The male lead is currently smoking a cigarette.
"She imprisoned me like that. When can I get back the Hiddleston family's inheritance? I have to find another way. Perhaps she doesn't fully believe in her capability to operate. What should I accomplish?”
     The male lead leaned against the wall, took a picture of Maris Jane to look at, and pondered for a long time.
"I miss you. I miss you. Where am I now? Can I come back to you? I feel bored of school, tired of being around her. I miss you."
     The male lead put his phone in his pocket. Eyes to the distant sky.
"Start taking action from her close secretary first. Important information is probably in her memoir."
     The color of the sky begins to turn red and pink, the sunset is both hidden and visible behind the trees, and the wind is not too harsh but gently glides on the skin. Sunset, that's when the sun's rays fade and then disappear. The sun man closed his eyes and went to sleep and hid behind the high mountains. The sky was no longer clear but covered with a dark gray. The afternoon wind blew gently, making the rice flowers sway slightly. In the cloudless sky, the birds also returned to their nests after a hard day of foraging. In the far corner, fishermen are preparing for a night out. The male lead dropped the cigarette on the ground and put out the fire with his feet. Go to the secretary's office.
"General manager. Why are you interested in coming to see me today?"
“You should dress a little more discreetly. Close the door. Watch out for outsiders to hear.”
The male lead grabbed the door handle and closed it.
"Are you the person closest to Miss Alice?"
"It's just the two of us here. Is it necessary to mention the names of unrelated people?" The secretary brushed Duncan Hiddleston's chest with her finger.
     The male lead put himself on the chair, and the secretary just crawled over, lying in his arms. At the same time, Oriana Alice had a wish to go over to the secretary's room to give her work and end the day. Inside, Oriana Alice heard strange sounds. In a love talk, Oriana Alice, who doesn't like to interfere in other people's affairs, plans to avoid the secretary for a while. Convenient for developing her secretary feelings. It is also considered minimum privacy when working in the same company as Oriana Alice.
"Don't proceed in there... That's exemplary... Unhurriedly... That's right... Eyes can't glimpse, ears can't attend... The heart doesn't damage." Phedra Elizabeth observed that her heart was as hot as fire.
“Can the beauty tell me that Miss Alice hid important documents here?” Duncan Hiddleston lifted the secretary's face. Their eyes met lovingly.
 Oriana Alice heard a familiar voice, stopped, and turned her back.
"Don't reach in... Don't..." Phedra Elizabeth kept shouting at the same time but did not dare to say it out loud.
 Oriana Alice gently opened the door and looked inside. In the scene in front of Oriana Alice's eyes is the person she loves passionately, considerately with her secretary, the two people show love for each other. Body to body, skin to skin. Oriana Alice's heart seemed to be broken into pieces.

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