The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 22, 2022
Ch. 45Transmit

“You eat… Or wait for me to feed.” The male lead pressed his face to Phedra Elizabeth.
“What are you doing?”
     The male lead took out the phone from Phedra Elizabeth's hand and put it in his pocket.
"Porridge. It's getting cold." Duncan Hiddleston was reluctant, eyes full of pain.
"Your recipe for persuasion. Test it yourself. I can't take this hit."
     Phedra Elizabeth holds a bowl of porridge in her hand, stirs it with a spoon, and raises her eyebrows to look at the male lead.
“Are me the one who caused it all? Every time I think about it, I don't eat well."
     The male lead shook his head.
"You're the best, purest person I know."
“You lied… If I were like that, I wouldn't don't feel so deplorable.”
"It's not your fault. It's her secretary who chose the wrong friend, it's her brother's fault."
"It's not." Phedra Elizabeth shook her head.
"It was because I killed him. I will publicly apologize in front of everyone and take responsibility for what I did. I'll probably be jailed."
"Then you can go find someone new. Take care of your love for the rest of your life."
“I don't want. I just want you.” Duncan Hiddleston's serious eyes.
"Suddenly the male lead is so serious, I don't like it at all." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
“Anyway, I'm all prepared... At best after jail... I'll bite my tongue to death... The good direction is to return to reality or else I'll disappear. When I know I'm dead, my parents also take the burden off." Phedra Elizabeth decided.
"But isn't it worth it to die in such a virtual world? Genius composer, richest billion in the world... My dreams also come to nothing. I feel too much regret. I have yet to fully serve as a parent enrichment tool. Why did he hold my hand so tight?"
"I'm just kidding... You don't have to be so serious... But I'll stand in front of everyone and admit the mistake is real... Until then, it's up to fate."
"I'll follow you."
"What? The male lead followed me to prison... That's absurd."
"Perhaps the male lead wants to be beaten so much that he has to go to prison to teach."
“No need… I can take care of myself. I can wait for you outside.”
“Say that, don't listen to me… To find the heroine. I finished the role and then returned to reality.”
"I'll wait. I'll wait for you all my life."
“Does this count as a promise to the sea? You go out first, I want to sleep."
"Then I'll stay by your side, watch you sleep."
“You keep staring at me like that. I feel embarrassed.” Phedra Elizabeth was a little embarrassed.
"Then I'll go out and guard the door. Avoid people bothering you."
     The male lead walked out and closed the door.
“App. I want to know what happened at that time. Why did Oriana Alice hit the secretary's sister to death? I'm ready mentally and have arranged everything well. Previously show me how much money I make now?”
[Please wait.]
[The number of hosts available is 30 000 000 even.]
“It's a little bit of money. But never mind. Anything I die remember to transfer all to my mother's account."
“I was prepared for all the bad things ahead. Time for the truth to come out.”
     Phedra Elizabeth prepares mentally. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Looked at the scene through the window with sad eyes. The scene at this time is a sad afternoon scene. It had been raining for a long time, but she didn't know it.
"Will I end my acting career after hearing this information? My script is over. Am I allowed to return to the real world?"
[According to what the script allows. The owner has not finished the show yet. If the owner chooses a bad path, bad luck will follow him until he ends the scenario. But there's still good news. The role of the owner has gone more than half. Ending soon.]
"Do you have a pen and paper?"
"I want to write a will for the next generation, in addition to writing a heart letter to my parents."
[Okay. Please provide for the host. One sheet is 100 dollars. How many sheets does the host want?]
“So expensive. Paper made of gold?”
[Made of normal material, cardboard.]
“Is there a cheaper one, then?”
"That's it... What's the point of doing it... After I die, it's fine to transfer money to my mother's account."
[Host, please wait a moment.]
"Give me a little more time."
“Let me take a deep breath and calm down again.”
"Okay. Let's start."
     The screen is connected to the situation of the incident.
[Please have a look at the host.]
     Oriana Alice's office.
"What are you doing? You're holding me captive... Give me a position where I won't do anything all day just looking at you. I'm so upset and depressed." The main man shouted loudly.
"I just want the best for you too. Don't be hot."
"That's enough. I've heard enough of this from you."
     The male lead took a few steps back and turned his back.
"Where are you going?"
"I've been looking for a place where I can't see your face. Okay? Or are you planning to block the door and make me stay here?”
"You go. If you don't like it, you can go. I don't force it."
"And you're still going to imprison me?"
Oriana Alice calmed down, her eyes were filled with sadness, the male lead didn't even look at her, just left. Oriana Alice at this time had begun to shed tears but still tried not to make any noise that the male lead room heard.
     Phedra Elizabeth saw the situation and slammed her hand on the bed.
"The male lead is too much... Why treat her like that." Phedra Elizabeth shouted.
"She just wants the best for him, after all. If you don't like to follow people for what? But it hurts… Why does it hurt?” Phedra Elizabeth rubbed his left breast with his hand.

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