The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 19, 2022
Ch. 44Error

"Do you understand me that well? Does your judgment surprise me?" Lac Hong Hao merrily replied.
"You use so many honorifics, but your mind is like a poisonous snake."
"Snakes are not poisonous, how can they protect themselves, young Master Lac, do you think I'm right?"
"You said to try it? Do you want to get rid of president Mark? Tell me first."
“Want. I promise. I loathe his affection.”
"Too formal. Your refusal was evident."
“You just need to make this part of your relationship public… This disgusting sentiment is not acceptable to anyone. I get chills when I hear it, but even someone like you. Persistence made me feel so regretful. Talented but jinxed people. Young Master Lac also knows that today's society still can't accept this kind of love. Believe me, it will be very effective. You just need to mount the camera in that auditorium and I can help you with other things. I also have an assistant for you.”
     An unexpected coincidence, Tom Jane appeared.
"It's me. I wholeheartedly serve you."
“So what benefit will I get?” Lac Hong Hao.
"Young master Lac like you have no shortage of money, girls wait in long lines. What else do you want?"
“Money. Who says I'm not short of money.”
“Transfer. I won't let you down.”
     President Paul held the phone in his hand and shot over a nine-figure sum.
“Is that enough? I don't like making myself the one being abused.”
“Okay then. Happy cooperation."
     President Paul raised his hand to wait for a response, Lac Hong Hao turned his back and left.
"Young people now are bossy, unruly." President Paul chuckled.
Tom Jane bowed to the old man. His face showed a necessary caution, standard respect.
"You trust me? So quiet?"
     Theodore Mark stared at Lac Hong Hao. From the beginning of the story, Theodore Mark no longer cared about the outcome. Theodore Mark was immersed in the beauty of Lac Hong Hao. Theodore Mark hastily flicked Lac Hong Hao's hair as he thought it would make him uncomfortable if it got caught in Lac Hong Hao's eyes.
"Am I mortal? Are you touched? That's obvious."
"Be honest with your feelings, the truth. At that very moment, I thought you abandoned me. Although my heart hurts. I am also weak."
"It's okay to cry. Tired of wanting to die. Looks like there's something wrong with your tear glands."
“So what else does he want besides that?”
“All the information about your company, of course. If you don't bribe me, what will I do? Destroy you."
"Don't you suspect I stole it?"
"If you stole. I wouldn't have today..."
"Everything I don't want to investigate anymore... That's enough. You haven’t even heard of the trick on how I fooled him.”
"He's a stupid pig, but he likes to do big things."
“No. I don't want to hear. Again I hope you don't let yourself into the sea of ​​fire.”
"Don't you want to hear it?"
"Because even if you betrayed me. I still won't let go of your hand. I will still decide to protect you from afar." Theodore Mark spoke, but only enough for himself to hear.
“What did you say? I do not hear." Lac Hong Hao.
"Are you not curious about the next episode?" Lac Hong Hao looked at him with satisfied eyes.
     Two people face to face. Theodore Mark turned his face in the other direction, his ears were red.
“Your ears are red again. Interesting. Your blood circulation is good.”
"Someone stimulated its circulation."
     Tom Jane lay on the ground to witness, in his heart he couldn't stand it anymore.
"Will you two stop handing out dog rice? I want to vomit when I look at it.”
     Theodore Mark went to where he was lying and kicked him in the stomach.
"Disrespectful. Don't interrupt other people's conversations. Shut."
"No need to stress. Everything has been explained. I don't feel heavy anymore. Now, I feel very hungry. We go out to eat to change the atmosphere. Suddenly feeling hungry again. I must have eaten very little in the morning.”
 Lac Hong Hao leisurely walked over and grabbed Theodore Mark's hand. Until now, calculating Lac Hong Hao would not be satisfied with those who like to bully his relatives. In addition, use the tongue to stir up the family turbulence. Because of this, Lac Hong Hao kicked Tom Jane in the face several times. He used Tom Jane's right aunt's feet to press against the ground. Theodore Mark noticed the cruelty in his eyes but Theodore Mark liked it. Theodore Mark quickly helped, Theodore Mark learned through boxing when he saw Lac Hong Hao wanting to handle this guy, he immediately launched fatal blows. The beautiful attacks stimulated Lac Hong Hao's joy. As for Tom Jane, blood from her mouth, teeth, or nose poured out like a stream. Lac Hong Hao stopped Theodore Mark's hand. He rubbed his hand on his stomach.
"You're hungry again!"
“That communicates attraction. Talking just now made me crave something a little spicy.”
"It's good to raise me. In the morning, eat three cups of rice, drink three glasses of orange juice, and also eat snacks, ice cream..."
"Don't bother me anymore." Tom Jane used his weak voice to say it like a request but more like a plea.
"Let's go. I'll buy you a bowl of porridge."
"Let me tie him up first." Theodore Mark.
Theodore Mark quickly tied Tom Jane to an iron pillar, and ran towards Lac Hong Hao, the two looked at each other smiling and slowly left.
"These two might be a couple hide. Just give me a free meal like this… I naturally want a lover too.” Tom Jane smiled softly. Blood suddenly gushed out from his mouth. He wiped his mouth with his hand.
“Naturally see life as rosy.” Tom Jane laughed.
XXX Hospital.
"Let's eat porridge! It's going to cool down soon."
     Phedra Elizabeth's fingers glided across the phone screen.
"Currently, the information about her has not been published in the media, which proves that it is still timely." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.

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