The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 19, 2022
Ch. 43Strike

“That depends on your ability and my mood." 
"This is just a greeting without any intention. This is an offer that I don't even want to make in my heart." Tom Jane laughed loudly as if his life never knew how to cry.
"If I were Lac Hong Hao, it would be different. A soul swap would be appropriate."
"That's not possible. At first, the outer layer did not attract talented people." Theodore Mark is gentle.
Theodore Mark dragged Tom Jane to the ground, his body sliding on the ground. Tom Jane did not show any movement. Theodore Mark put him in the car, Theodore Mark sat inside and left the place.
     Theodore Mark's house.
"Did you bring the trash back there again?" Lac Hong Hao.
“Master Lac. Salutation. The most reverent comes from an anonymous people.”
"What's the sound coming from here? Or someplace in the house." Lac Hong Hao looked around.
"I'm in here."
“The sound comes from the bag? Trash can also talk." Lac Hong Hao opened the package, his eyes were wide and round.
“Young Master Lac? Remember me?"
"After all these years, your words are still sharp. Undoubtedly the person president Mark admires the most. Hahaha..." Tom Jane laughed.
"Oh my god. What's the point of bringing this stinking, trashy thing here? You love collecting garbage. When I saw him, I was disgusted."
"Have you met him?"
“This miserable face. Met many times. He even dared to threaten me.”
"Young Master Lac makes me sad to say that. I used to work for you anyway. Aren't we on the same page? The drawings are similar."
“What are you talking about? I can kill the noise." Lac Hong Hao strangled him.
“You have such a hot temper. You haven't changed at all. I'm also surprised that you are still living with president Mark. You are the one who likes to torment other people's hearts the most. Bring it up to cloud nine, then crush it and drop it." Tom Jane whispered into Lac Hong Hao's ear.
"What are you two talking about?" Theodore Mark witnessed it all.
"Frivolity." Lac Hong Hao let go of his hand and pushed him to the ground.
"Dead trouble."
“Do you need to help me say a few words to president Mark? The person who asked me to help president Paul install the camera in the auditorium was him?"
"Is it you? “It can't be… Ambiguity." Theodore Mark.
"Right?" Theodore Mark looked at Lac Hong Hao.
"Doesn't young Master Lac want to leave president Mark? And now, the thick face is with president Mark. The stories in the world are getting more and more interesting from time to time."
“Sounds troublesome.” Lac Hong Hao.
"Theodore Mark, If you knew I wouldn't mind telling you the truth. Actually, at that time I couldn't accept your feelings... I did it just for you. let go. Nevermind." Lac Hong Hao took a deep breath, sighed, and raised his eyes to look towards Theodore Mark.
     Lac Hong Hao let out a long sigh agian. Theodore Mark's face also darkened accordingly.
"Do you know how long I've liked you? Do you know that all the things you do basically can't change me? It's been twenty years... It's been twenty years... In your heart. I'm nothing." Theodore Mark's voice trembled. His throat was dry.
"I correct that no matter what you do, it won't change my feelings for you. Did you hear that? Are you memorizing it?”
     Lac Hong Hao didn't care, his eyes couldn't take his eyes off Theodore Mark's unhealed wound, he walked into the room. When Theodore Mark saw it, his heart tightened even more.
"Young Master Lac will never like President Mark. Young Master Lac is a straight man. How can you like someone of the same sex?"
Theodore Mark didn't say a word, his heart was exhausted. His heart has withered like a tree's leaves trying to stay in this world in winter. Lac Hong Hao stepped out with the first aid box in his hand, went to the seat, and opened the first aid box.
"What are you doing standing there? Come over and bandage your wounds. You don't appreciate yourself more and more."
     Theodore Mark was stunned and laughed loudly.
"So that's it." Theodore Mark put his hand on his forehead.
"What the laugh? Come over here."
     Theodore Mark was sitting next to Lac Hong Hao, and Tom Jane was confused, unable to distinguish between real dreams.
“What is this? Why do I see you two more and more... He had a crush on him, it meant”
     Theodore Mark looked at Lac Hong Hao. He did not raise his eyelids, only focused on dressing Theodore Mark's wound.
“Do you need an explanation?” Lac Hong Hao spoke up.
“You want to explain it to me.” Theodore Mark.
"Don't want to."
“If you say, I will listen. Your heart is not comfortable with any explanation you give me. Unnecessary. My trust is always in you.”
"It's nothing, I simply found President Paul too stupid, merely wanting to make fun of his efforts."
"What did you discuss with him?"
“How should I put it… When your company was having financial difficulties.”
"Financial problems?" Theodore Mark thought for a long time.
“I remember. I seem to be very busy at that time. Not paying attention to other things. But suddenly money ran into my machine gracefully like a lover I knew. It's been a long time, but I can't remember each other's names. That guy. My lover never remembers your name."
     Lac Hong Hao just bandaged Theodore Mark's wound while feeling emotional. The intertwined situation between reality and the past is fully expressed in Lac Hong Hao's eyes.
"Young Master Lac... I know that young Master Lac and Theodore Mark have known each other for a long time, surely young Master Lac also knows that president Mark has feelings for young Master Lac. I also know that young Master Lac is a young man. straight men will not like president Mark, on the contrary, feel uncomfortable. I can help young Master Lac get rid of president Mark." President Paul.

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