The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 17, 2022
Ch. 41Lover

"Next time be careful what you say."
"I have good intentions too. Don't say it if you don't say it."
     Duncan Hiddleston goes straight to the doctor's restroom.
"What happens?"
     They saw Phedra Elizabeth lying motionless in the male lead's arms, immediately changed her clothes, put her on the hospital bed, and transferred her to the clinic. After a few hours, the male lead impatiently stood up and sat down in front of the clinic. Unable to wait any longer, the male lead planned to go inside to observe the situation, but suddenly the doctor came out.
"How? What concern did she have? Does she have anything? Are there any sequelae? Will she make it? No matter how much money I spend, I hope the doctor can save her."
“I hope the patient's family will calm down. Breathe evenly. We will do our best. That is the professional conscience, so the patient's family should not worry."
"Actually. She's fine, but before she passed out, she had a very difficult situation that made her mood impossible to regulate in time, other than that everything was fine. Family members can visit the patient.” The nurse standing next to her saw Duncan Hiddleston in a state of panic. Rapid heartbeat and irregular breathing. The nurse found Duncan Hiddleston in a bad condition, and the nurse quickly informed Duncan Hiddleston.
"Thank you so much, Doctor."
“Nothing. Our responsibility.”
The male lead stepped inside, Phedra Elizabeth was looking out of the window with sad eyes, a pair of sparrows were singing loudly, they were attached, that love made a very good sound, Phedra Elizabeth smiled slightly.
“Are you alright? I… Do you want something to ingest?”
"You buy me porridge. I want to consume." Phedra Elizabeth smiled slightly.
“Have you been tormenting me all this time? Are you too daredevil and superficial to make me want to disentangle more and more?”
"This is God's punishment for me, isn't it?"
"Help me buy porridge. I want to be quiet.”
"Then you just relax, I'll go and come back immediately. Be careful of the wound."
"I can take consideration of myself. President Mark is there, why can't I see them."
"I don't want to talk about this."
"Is president Mark there dealing with them?"
“Why don't you take care of yourself?” Duncan Hiddleston slammed his fist against the wall.
     Phedra Elizabeth pulled herself together. His eyes did not dare to look up at Duncan Hiddleston.
“Did I frighten you? I'm tragic. He is currently dealing with the other two. I'm sure victory is on my side. Nothing will happen to him. I'll go buy you porridge."
     The male lead walked out and immediately went to buy.
“App. I want to know how things are over there?”
[Host. Don't put too much weight on your heart. Take good care of your health.]
“It's not me at all. I have nothing to be sad about.”
[It's good for the host to think like that.]
"I'm not mentally prepared right now to know the truth."
“Can you see how president Mark will handle this? Is it okay for him to be alone? Any problems?"
[Host please take care of yourself. Take good care of yourself.]
“Can the App help me?”
[Please wait for a moment for the host.]
[Showing in progress.]
      The scene before Phedra Elizabeth's eyes was chaotic, the three of them standing close to each other, killing intent, sadness, and joy were all mixed like a battlefield without shelter.
"Don't touch him."
"President Mark... What right do you have to order me? Get out of the way. I have to kill him.” The secretary with the knife in her hand slowly stood up.
“What are you articulating about? The person who was brought by me, if I want to take action, I have to be the one to do it.”
"I won't avoid it, and don't do it in vain."
     The secretary rushed over, the knife darting towards the man lying on the ground. Theodore Mark grabbed the knife. His hand was pierced by a blade. Blood came out a lot, blood went along the knife and fell to the ground. A few drops of blood fell on Tom Jane's face. Phedra Elizabeth witnessed all her thoughts getting more and more chaotic.
“What did I say? Let's bypass. He is my prey.”
"Is it worth it for president Mark to do this?"
“Worth… Because of him… Worth it.”
"All live for each other. Sooner or later you will be harmed to death by your true feelings."
"I don't manage. The only thing I care about is how he can be bewitched. Having merriment. Doing what I like. The rest I do not commit to supervise about."
"It's so heartbreaking. Can we articulate? If you accept it when it's done, I'll leave him to you to tolerate. How?"
"You're expressing to me." The secretary laughed with disdain in her eyes. Eyes filled with cruelty and despair.
“Do I still believe you?”
“Depends. Now you have nothing left. I accept to exchange with you. I think what I do is the desired good deal for you. You think you have nothing left for us to cheat. Do you think you can afford to talk to us? Think carefully." Theodore Mark calmly continued, his eyes on the hand that was bleeding a lot, he leisurely took a towel from his pocket and placed it on the wound. The white towel was soaked with fresh blood. Theodore Mark took it out and let it fall to the ground.
“There is no need to think anymore. I have nothing left. I accept the risk. Say what do you want my help with?"
“It's simple. Dealing with president Jane.”
"Why? Just for the sake of Miss Alice?"
“That can also be seen as a good reason. It can also be used as an opportunity to explain to you. Maybe... I have many other reasons.” Theodore Mark's eyes are gentle.
"Is the assertion solid enough? Acknowledge it or not?”
"I agree. So what can I do?”
“Follow my instructions. Put the camera in President Paul's room. That's all."

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