The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 15, 2022
Ch. 40Assassin

“Memories… Must remember…”
“Aaaaaa…” The secretary raised her face to the sky, shouting loudly.
     After the evening when Oriana Alice committed the murder. A young man in his twenties came to the front of the house, which was not too luxurious, the gate painted white, and the weeds growing around outside proved that no one had cleaned it for a long time.
"You're his sister, aren't you?"
"Who is he?"
 "It's the guy in the picture." He held in his hand an old photograph.
“That's right… I am his sister.” The secretary immediately noticed.
“Hello, sister… I am his friend… The day he had the accident, I was also at the crime scene. I couldn't accept that he died unjustly, so I came to see you."
"Really? I know. That's great. Hurry in.”
     The secretary used her remaining strength to talk to him.
“I know you are also looking for a lawyer to solve this situation.”
“I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tom Jane. I am a friend who often plays with him. I… Being the person… That night with him… Honestly confess to witnessing it all. I was so scared at that time... I didn't dare to do anything... I could only run away from the crime scene."
"You sit here... Let me go make coffee."
"Just keep calm and tell me."
The secretary is making coffee right now. Her face was pale, her limbs trembled, her breathing was also lovely, and her eyes seemed to want to close because of many sleepless nights.
“Have a coffee… Can you tell me what happened at that time?”
"Calm down... Slow down... Tell the whole thing... No one here will dare threaten your life. Don't worry."
"Okay." Tom Jane takes a sip of coffee.
"We were going out at that time, he took me across the street, I hesitated again, I was a bit scared..."
“Oh yes.”
“Since I was a child, I was very shy and afraid of anything, so he led the way. Make me feel safe. Then suddenly I saw a girl driving a car very fast rushing towards him… Then she pushed me away. Then he fell to the ground. Blood came out a lot. Very much... She got out of the car, touched him... At that moment, I immediately rushed to bite her hand. She's also very good at defending herself, she pushed me out with force once... She touched the center of his chest… Then… She's groping him... She took out a small key from him... Then she laughed... I didn't care and took it back suddenly... Then, I swallowed it." Tom Jane's eyes were vague, scared, hands holding her head, Tom Jane looked everywhere, everything around was blurry and dizzy.
"Really?" The secretary clasped her hand.
"Do you blame me? I was too scared at the time so I took the risk… I didn't mean it… I could throw up and give you back the key.”
"What's to blame?"
"Because I couldn't protect him. Because I swallowed his things..."
“It's okay. Not the fault you.”
     The secretary, with tears in her eyes, hugged him. Her hand gently squeezed the back of his neck. His other hand was wrapped around his waist.
“Sister… Sister… I feel suffocated… Can you let go of me?”
“My brother. What should I do?”
"Sister, I'm so stuffy... Sister..."
“Ah… I'm sorry…” She let go of your hand.
“Do you want to move in with me? I will take care of you…”
“Very well then. Thank you."
"That's how it was... I was careful... I was thinking hard..."
"She didn't think at all... She was just deceived by his own dead beliefs. She was blinded by hatred... Because of her compassion for you, she did things that made no sense." Theodore Mark.
"There's nothing to deny..."
"It's not right. I'm not wrong. It's him that's wrong. It's that he cheated on me."
"He was indeed at fault, but your assaulting people on purpose and causing injuries over 11% is no longer a matter of mere settlement."
     The male lead took Phedra Elizabeth's hand and looked at it for a long time.
"She didn't have a bite mark, which means that even if she hit her, she would leave without stopping."
“Where… Where… Show me…” The secretary crawled slowly.
"You don't deserve it." The male lead kicked the secretary aside.
"I'll leave it to president Mark here. I'll take her to the hospital to recuperate."
Theodore Mark stood next to Tom Jane lying on the ground leisurely, nodding. The secretary slowly crawled towards Theodore Mark. The male lead ran away very quickly. The mouth always says something that doesn't sound clear at first.
"I don't have a problem... Please..."
     The male lead looked at the unconscious Linh Lam in his hand.
"I beg you... Don't leave me... Please... I was wrong... I didn't take good care of you... I was wrong."
     The main male lead's throat trembled, and his eyes also started to get wet.
“I was wrong… I was wrong… Please don't leave me... I beg you."
     XXX Hospital.
"Doctor... Where's the doctor? Hurry to save people. The patient is in critical condition."
The nurses around watched in horror as the male lead ran around in the hospital, the other patients also focused on the male lead, they took turns helping the male lead to find a doctor. Maybe only people who are in the same situation can understand each other. They enthusiastically help the male lead.
"Doctors want to save lives. This is when you need to be active. Doctors hurry to save lives. One people are about to die."
The male lead stopped and grabbed the collar of one of the patients standing around.
"She won't die... She can still... Still warm... She won't die. Is it clear?"
“Okay. I know.” The patient panicked and corrected. He coughed in waves, his hand smacking his chest a few times.
 The male lead let go. You don't agree with him. He glanced at the people around him. They seem to disagree with his actions but have no intention of stopping or defending the patient's name.

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