The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 4Learn the operating rules

“I have lost my voice, I have no other value but obedience. What is the human house? Do you have the right to force me? Do you have the right to kill people in your hands? Do you think I will accept your control? No way. Don't dream, this is confusing. Short-sighted, dark-minded thinking. I wonder if the system uses high-level wifi?"
[Invitation to role play
"The third person interferes in the love of others, the beginning of the story is the beginning. The ending must be said to be terrible."
Phedra Elizabeth clicked in agreement. Fireworks flying in the sky appeared before her eyes. Colors are beautiful and dynamic, mostly bright colors like yellow - pink - blue.
[Happy role-playing master. According to the original work, the master has roles from chapters 178 to 350.]
"A big knife on the head."
"Do you need to find lost items, the lady?" The little handmaiden standing in the distance spoke.
"No more searching."
[Construction of the wrong personality, character image -50 points.]
"Damned." Phedra Elizabeth made an angry expression, making the surrounding maids not dare to move, making a noise.
"Repair?" Phedra Elizabeth is waiting for a response.
...Minutes later...
"The order hasn't been given yet. Is this character that bad? Is he ferocious and he likes to oppress others?"
The butler stepped closer to Phedra Elizabeth's location.
"Madame, Mr. Duncan Hiddleston is waiting."

Why are you here? May I ask if he is related to me? "
[- 50 points, penalty.]
The light electric shock on the back of the neck spread to the whole body, making Phedra Elizabeth's eyes a little wet, her body uncomfortable, her face pale. Legs are not stable.
[The penalty ends. Note the character image.]
"Are you okay, Miss Alice?" The butler saw something out of the ordinary and immediately spoke up.
"Disappeared from my eyes." Phedra Elizabeth threw her hand, her head sweating a little.
"Duncan Hiddleston is now her mistress's fiancé. Isn't that what she always wanted?" Veronica Sarah.
"Mom! It's funny, with a work where the heroine is always beautiful and intelligent. A time of jealousy enters the heart. The book proves it. A direct confrontation with the heroine can only be. third lover or foxglove. " Her face is as green as a banana leaf.
"Why are I and the male lead together? Please answer the system?"
[The male protagonist had an accident, all of his assets were flying, so he wanted to use the property of the Alice family to build a career.]
"Can you provide more specific information?"
"Can't rely on the system."
[The question is in the process of recording and processing.]
"Veronica Sarah followed me out to see him. Leave the best judgment." Phedra Elizabeth sighed, turning her bored gaze on the male lead.
"The system doesn't come up with a plan, arbitrarily act, the character I play is bound to like him, fall in love with him." Phedra Elizabeth corrected with certainty.
The male lead is sitting at the table, enjoying hot tea. His image is really charismatic and calm but still exudes a charismatic aura. Phedra Elizabeth approached.
"Wait a long time." Phedra Elizabeth smiled commercially.
"I have a favor to ask. Sit down."
"You are giving orders to me? What attitude is this?" Phedra Elizabeth was angry but could not protest.
Her mind suddenly jumped, the joy was surprising. Phedra Elizabeth deliberately slipped and touched her teacup, spilling the tea all over her body.
"What are you doing? You dirty all the clothes I just bought."
"I am someone who can give you a few silver coins and decorate yourself. Notice, now he is so fierce? Everything has changed, let alone the human heart. I feel you do not care about the accident that the perpetrator causes. No blame. He only cares about money, the rest of the mind is only for the person you love."
Duncan Hiddleston stood stunned, dazedly at Phedra Elizabeth. His hands loosened. Duncan Hiddleston, with his deep eyes, seemed to be mistaking or missing someone.
"Think of me as a surrogate now? Does he have a paranoid height?"
"What are you talking about? Help me."
Duncan Hiddleston gently and gently lifted Phedra Elizabeth. Suddenly, Duncan Hiddleston changed his expression and pushed her hand away.
"The personality changes quickly. The little mistress can't compare to the original female lead." Phedra Elizabeth sighed, swallowing the disappointment that appeared on her face.
"Say what you want to say quickly, if we can help, we will help you. Kindness is calculated by true love."
“Currently our partner company requires a large investment project, currently I do not hold shares, my voice is very little, all you need to do is visit the company, review, and contract.
"I see. Let me handle it."
"If I were your fiancé, would I have just called him by a name that was as ugly, as stupid as he was?" She thought and laughed again.
Duncan Hiddleston quietly followed Phedra Elizabeth. Duncan Hiddleston just stared at her. Duncan Hiddleston seemed to extend his hand a bit from her back. Duncan Hiddleston wanted to help Phedra Elizabeth, in case she was unsteady and could improvise.
"Looking closely, he is very sharp. His nose is high, his skin is relatively white, and his eyes are big." She glanced over.
"Wait, this appraisal is my business. Never mind... Anyway, let's deal with him to the end, good or bad, regardless of the comment, they don't belong to me." She turned away.
Duncan Hiddleston still stared at Phedra Elizabeth and smiled.
The friendly housekeeper sent the two of them back to the villa. Phedra Elizabeth got into the car, according to the original, the two would sit next to each other, exchanging affectionate glances. Strangely, today was a bit unusual, Phedra Elizabeth did not want to have intimate contact, made him drive to take her there, she sat in the back, leaning on the side of the car watching the world of transport move outside.

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