The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 15, 2022
Ch. 39Overturned

The secretary kept slapping Phedra Elizabeth in the face, making Phedra Elizabeth no longer have strength, her eyelids lowered, and she fainted. When the male lead saw this, he took Phedra Elizabeth and stopped the secretary's hand.
“She told the general manager here not to interfere. Didn't you hear that?"
"See as say I'm begging you. Forgive her? I will take the punishment on her behalf. Okay?"
“Where does the general manager think his worth?” The secretary touched his face lightly.
     She continued to kick Phedra Elizabeth in the face. The male lead couldn't stand it any longer and punched the secretary in the face. Run to help Phedra Elizabeth.
“She is exhausted. Don't be so cruel. If you want to hit, smashed me. I take the punishment on her behalf. I already said it.”
     She touched her left cheek lightly, wiping the bleeding trail.
“General manager. I remember you didn't care about her like that before. When she cries, when she is sad, when she is sick... Where is the general manager? Making this hypocritical appearance is a bit contrived.”
“She's so strong. How can it? She endured it all alone.”
"It's heartless. Oriana Alice loves general manager so much."
"How many times has she been injured by the general manager? Why didn't the general manager know?"
Duncan Hiddleston was flustered, rolling his eyes, again and again, his arms wrapped around her. The male lead looked at Phedra Elizabeth lying in his arms, his regretful eyes were more pitiful.
"Hold up... You're all the same... Just hiding... Once everything is revealed, you can only watch and answer a few words."
“Hahaha…” The man lying on the ground laughed.
“Adults… Many secrets… Treating each other cruelly.”
“Sister. The play was very special. You hit well. Nice pose.”
“Shut up now. Is it your turn to speak up?"
"You're so cold to me... I'm so sad."
“But I also have a secret I want to tell you, do you want to know?”
"No matter what. Just a little bit of time... After that, Miss Alice will be your turn to say goodbye."
 “This has to do with your real brother. Want to hear it? Interested in hearing it?"
“What do you say? What else do you want to say? How many years I've heard enough of that."
“You are a cow.”
“What are you talking about? Say it again."
"I almost killed you, why can't I tell you the truth!"
“Isn't that too obvious?”
“Miss Alice was never the killer. It wasn't even the turn of the sandcastle lady to take action… Miss Alice was not the killer. Don't you wonder why the key is in my stomach? Did you hear me say it without checking? Just sounding like a machine... Working like an idiot. Only listening to my words. Did you believe like an idiot?”
“Children are easy to teach. Hahaha…” He continued to laugh.
“I thought I was exposed a long time ago. How could he give me the key so easily? You know how much he loves you. How much he needs you, you understand. How much he appreciates the things I give you, don't you know?"
"How could he have given it to me. A stranger. Just played with it a few times. But trusting. Leave it to me. Doesn't that sound ridiculous?"
“You mean…” The secretary's lips trembled, each word was difficult to say, her thoughts were confused, and her hands and feet were frantic.
"It's me. The killer is him... While he has everything, is rich, has a lot of money, and is loved and protected by my sister to the fullest extent. I want it too. I like it too.”
“From the moment I saw you hug him. To be taken him by my sister to eat. To buy new things from my sister. To be taken care of by my sister. I had the idea of ​​robbing everything in his hands. I'm not a drug addict... I don't have enough money to be able to play as much as he likes. But I am wise enough, sober, and intelligent enough to steer this fun to a good end. I've been watching him for a long time. Approach and Eliminate.”
"It's this hand... These hands... I pushed him into the carriage so that Lady Alice couldn't react... Killed him."
“I've heard him talk so much about you. I've also seen so much happiness "I should have... It's time I used you... It's time you have to serve me as you serve him. I took the key from his coat and swallowed it. It's just a pity… You didn't treat me as conscientiously as he did. No problem."
"Having a house to live in. Having rice to eat. Having clothes to wear is more than enough. That's more than enough. According to my plan, I'll come to you a few days later to tell you the news. Besides, why should I tell you when you already know that. Things turned out better than I expected. You believe that word… The response was very warm. I'm so happy. Really happy...” He calmly narrated it all. The corners of his eyes showed cold-blooded, self-expensive. But a habit, he put his hand to his lips to form a V shape. The image looks like he is smoking a cigarette. Smoke billowed in the wind.
      The secretary covered her ears to prevent those words from entering.
"Lies... All lies... All lies..." She was constantly screaming frantically, dancing all over the place, running everywhere. She covered her ears, and closed her eyes tightly, trying not to let the stream of thoughts interrupt or enter her brain.
"It's all lies... It's all not true."
“Finally for the past four years… What have I finally done… What is the point of me doing these things… What am I doing this for in the end? I feed the man who killed my brother… In the end, where did I go wrong… At what point…”
     She sat down on the ground, constantly touching her face with her hands, eyes wide, tears flowing down like a stream falling to the ground before drying until another drop wets it.

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