The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 13, 2022
Ch. 38Truth

"I can't be a murderer, can I?" Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the male lead.
"Right. She is very honest... There will be no such behavior. I swear."
“The general manager said it very easily… When she went, where did she go, and when did she commit the crime. The general manager wasn't even around… What can I say to confirm.”
Phedra Elizabeth stiffened, her eyes darting around the room, she dared not look at things in front of her. Her hands tightened and her forehead was also sweating profusely. Even Phedra Elizabeth's heartbeat was faster than usual. Phedra Elizabeth tried to swallow her saliva, her throat parched with fear.
"Hold up, don't you?"
"Although president Mark here is a bit wrong, in the end, he already knows too much... If I don't die today, you will die."
“Three against one is unfair.” Theodore Mark.
"President Mark is looking down on my relatives?"
“App. Yes or No?” Phedra Elizabeth's voice weakens.
[According to app information known on xx months xx year XXXX. Oriana Alice accidentally drove her car to kill her brother. Hope the host does not misunderstand that it is the character Oriana Alice and not the host.]
"Yes... That's... It's Oriana Alice's character, not me. I deny… I… Throw away… This item has a lot of potential. Extreme endurance. I was so drunk with my eyes, that my lips curled. Love personality. There are so many things that drag me into this pit of sadness."
     Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh. Her hands are more and more exposed, dancing automatically. Her forehead began to water.
“Do you remember? Look how scared she is."
“Is it because Miss Alice only considers it as trash on the roadside, so she can do whatever she wants… Is it true that even though Miss Alice saw it crossing the street, Miss Alice still did the right thing… Miss Alice is the devil. A monster that kills people without fear.”
"Look at the three words 'Miss Alice', don't they sound disgusting? Lady Alice doesn't deserve anyone's respect!"
"It wasn't her fault, but even if it turns out as you say, she didn't mean it." The male lead is very protective.
“I mean it was unintentional, it was accidental, but Miss Alice has never stood publicly in front of the people, revealed herself to the law, and openly admitted her fault. How can Miss Alice shut down all the press reporting about it?"
Phedra Elizabeth felt like there were thousands of stones in her head. It poured down like rain and damaged her brain.
“Ridiculous… Dare to make excuses… After all, the lady is nothing more than a beast, hungry for human blood. It is an animal that will never change.”
“Do you know how much I suffer? Do you know how much I tortured myself? I was drunk, I was completely down. I will completely be collapsed. At first, I was naive to torture myself and then gradually fell into a pathology - depression. Later I found out that she was the killer, how could I forgive her... I had to destroy everything she had. Maybe I'm incompetent. I didn't do well… You're still alive and well… It's funny.”
Phedra Elizabeth was speechless, a few words caught in her throat.
Phedra Elizabeth stood in front of the secretary. The secretary's water fell profusely, from cheek to chin, onto her thigh. The rope wrapped around the secretary was getting tighter and tighter, her thin skin slowly bleeding. Phedra Elizabeth hesitated for a long time.
“Perhaps I do this to our detriment. But I'm sorry. This affair should be over.”
“What are you planning to do?”
"No matter what you do today, I can't interfere."
"What did you say. I do not understand."
"You don't need to understand me. All you need to do is listen to me. Okay?"
"You also don't want me to live in torment and despair for the rest of my life, right?"
The male lead stared blankly at Phedra Elizabeth. She turns your face and turns a blind eye.
"Thank you for understanding."
"President Mark. I have to destroy all the results that president Mark has worked so hard to find and build. Please forgive me.”
"No problem. I can think the other.”
     Phedra Elizabeth untied the rope wrapped around the secretary's body. Step back a few steps.
“I stand in front of everyone to apologize to you.”
"Is that all? Only then do you think I will forgive you?"
     Phedra Elizabeth shook her head. The secretary stood up, rubbing her wrist.
"It's been a while since I've worked my muscles."
      The secretary slapped Phedra Elizabeth in the face with a slap.
“She made concessions to you. So I don't have to give in to her.” The male lead's voice has a threatening connotation.
“You… How dare you hit her?” The male lead tightened the hand of the secretary.
“Let go of her hand. It was my fault.”
     Duncan Hiddleston decided not to let go, tightening more and more tightly. The blue veins on the male lead's hand appear more and more.
“Can you hear me… Let go…”
"Okay." Duncan Hiddleston's lead relaxes his hand.
     The secretary was contemptuous of her face, the secretary was happy as if it was a good season. Continue rubbing your wrists.
“Do you know what I want most right now, miss? Do you know the reason why I'm learning martial arts?"
     The secretary kicked Phedra Elizabeth in the face, she took a few steps to punch Phedra Elizabeth in the stomach continuously, the corner of Phedra Elizabeth's mouth was bleeding. The male lead couldn't stand it anymore and planned to step in.
"I told you not to help me."
“This is what I want. You forgot my health is also very good. If you help me, I will regret it for the rest of my life.”
     The protagonist closed his eyes. Tighten the hand of patience.
"It also makes a lot of sense."
"Let's just say that I can pay off my debt for the sake of my favorite female eight." Phedra Elizabeth's legs are not stable.

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