The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 13, 2022
Ch. 37Confession

"So what evidence does president Mark have to say that was my plan?"
“Isn't it? So this name doesn't work either... This name has nothing to do with you."
Theodore Mark kicked him in the stomach a few more times.
“But even if he dies, you don't care. The important thing is that whether he dies or not, your end goal is just an object in his stomach. No need to care... But I..."
"President Mark is threatening me."
“This is not a threat… This is a demonstration of ability… Do you know what I am best at?”
"It's president Mark's talent, I know what to do."
“It's about playing with others… Especially playing on other people's emotions. The more I want to have, the more I can't have, the more I want to find I don't show, the more I want to hold, the further away."
“I…” The secretary began to lose her temper, her eyes widening, gritting her teeth.
“Is he that scary? He looks gentle on the outside, but he's so cold-blooded on the inside." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"But... I like it very much. This is the kind of person I like. Too stimulating." Phedra Elizabeth rejoiced.
"I didn't expect president Mark to see it."
“That old man was right. This president is really useful.”
“I should have kept an eye on President Mark from the start.”
“The truth has been revealed. This is called death by drowning.” Phedra Elizabeth pondered.
“Even so, her acting is also very good, very unique, even better than famous actors I've seen on TV... For a bit, I believed it was true but... Please correct that I'm not a minor. Miss Alice was not stupid enough to let her go. Getting caught is too much, but arbitrarily letting the app kill me."
"What's out of my eyes now is why she is so confident that Miss Alice will let her go."
"Is it according to feelings or according to the degree of sympathy of people with people?"
“App I have a problem I want to ask.”
[The host doesn't know that Oriana Alice is an honest person, only hot-tempered, strict, and quite arrogant, so many people think that Oriana Alice works hard, in fact, the host looks at the people who do the work. In the company, I don't hate Oriana Alice, on the contrary, I respect and obey.]
“But the ending was tragic. If you don't die, you will die because of love."
“No matter how the end of the story ends, I still really love this character. Why did the author create such a character?”
"Isn't it unfair for the author to create a supporting actress character but only deepen the heroine's pain?"
"For many misunderstandings of people reading stories to overflow with emotions, always feel sorry for the heroine, leading to the ending that no one understands."
[Host, please don't get too attached to the character.]
"I don't want to, but I'm already in love with her. What's the calculation now?"
"But is it too cruel to say that the episode of dissecting your own loved one's belly is too cruel?"
"A small cut in my hand hurts me for days, let alone a big knife."
"So will he survive?"
[This is the situation that arose. The current information is a blank sheet of paper.]
“Can President Mark survive? When being executed like that.”
     Theodore Mark sighed and shook his head.
"At this point, I can't act anymore. Stop acting… I just want to ask you one question… Am I your sister?” He glanced at the secretary and smiled.
“Isn't it I… Isn't I…”
“Of course… Not… Of course, you are not…”
“You are not worthy and will never be replaced. You are just a tool for me to use… Your only value until now is the key in your belly!”
The secretary laughed very loudly, she had a good laugh, and the corner of her eyes glittered with a tear like dew.
"Oh my God. Now turn around and don't recognize each other. What else is going on?" Phedra Elizabeth once again opened her eyes.
"Nowadays, there's a lot of drama in everyday life." Phedra Elizabeth glanced at what was happening in the room.
"My brother died four years ago... It's been four years... It's been four years…” She laughed.
“Do you want to know who killed it? Do you guys want to know? Do you want to know?”
"Do you want to know, Miss Alice?"
 The secretary laughed repeatedly.
“Why are you smiling all of a sudden… You look so chill.”
“I… I… Why should I want to know this?” Phedra Elizabeth was scared to death.
     The male lead hugged her in his arms, his fierce eyes looked at the secretary.
“She speaks carefully. Don't frighten her."
“Are you scared, miss Alice? Miss Alice is also afraid?"
"What do I have to do? What to do? To be afraid of..." Phedra Elizabeth the mind was unsteady.
“I have an uneasy feeling… I don't know where it comes from.” Phedra Elizabeth grabbed the male lead's hand tightly.
"Don't worry, I'll protect you." The male lead hugged her tightly.
Phedra Elizabeth involuntarily shrank inside, she suddenly closed her eyes, regained her spirit, and calmly continued to talk with the secretary. The words of laughter seem to be forgotten in the unconscious.
"It's you... It's you..." The secretary repeated over and over.
"Miss Alice... It's you... Hahaha…” She laughed again.
“Don't you remember? People who do evil also forget quickly.”
"You use the money to cover the sky. How do you know the grievances of lowly people like us."
“President Mark is wrong. I'm not taking advantage of Miss Alice's feelings to fly away, but to do the opposite. I have to stay here and kill her myself. Then take her blood as a sacrifice for my brother."
"And it's only natural to take the key to fly far away."
"Everything calms down. I'll come and take my brother with me."
"Is it me?" Phedra Elizabeth's body began to tremble.
“Irrational… How could it be me… You're lying…”

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