The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 11, 2022
Ch. 36Equitment

"Have a heart."
“Give it back here. This is the money my mother gave me. Answer here." She bites his hand.
“You damn child dare to bite me. Hit it."
     They rushed in and kicked her repeatedly with their feet. The bruises behind the arms, and legs. Appear more and more. She returned home in pain.
“You just came back from somewhere. The money I told you to buy eggs for your brother. Why not see."
“Mom… Mom… I was robbed by the top boys in the village.”
    Her eyes were wet, and her hands and feet were shaking as she spoke.
“That's not enough to keep it. Today, kneeling to remember. You can't stand up or eat all night."
“Mom… Mom… I hurt…”
"You dodge." Push her to the ground.
     She knelt all night long. Her brother walked over to order the half-eaten bowl of rice.
"You should eat until you have strength."
“You come back. Come here.”
"Why are you like your mother? How can my father replace my mother so quickly? How dare she treat me like that. I am the eldest son in the family. Only I can take full control of the family's property." She chokes your brother's neck.
“Sister… It hurts… It sucks.” Tears ran down her chin, touching her skin lightly.
      She woke up, letting go of her hand. The younger brother fell to the ground, his hands constantly rubbing his neck.
“What am I becoming? What did I do?" She holds your head and crouches into the dark corner.
      Without fear, he stepped forward. Her brother moved his holy eyes and breathed softly through his skin.
“You eat… You eat…”
"Aren't you afraid of me? I will kill you.”
“No… You won't kill me… You are the only brother I love.” Smiling innocently.
"So stupid."
“Really… Really… Thank you.” Choking in the throat.
“Son… Where are you? Time to sleep.” His mother searched.
"Shh." The boy put his hand to his lips.
“Sit down here. I'll go first. My mother is looking for me."
      Finished, the boy ran out, hugging his mother's leg.
"I'm here... I'm here."
"Good. It's bedtime." His mother picked him up, the boy's face rested on his mother's back, arms around his neck.
"Bye." Whispering, the boy waved his hand.
“…” She unconsciously acted accordingly.
     The screen is completely black.
“Is that the whole reason? Is the because of lack of food?"
[Host don't misunderstand that it's only a part. The reason why he was like that. The app doesn't have specific information, only knows that she hates rich people, and hates men.]
[She thinks they are all treacherous, contemptuous, and stupid.]
"It's a little scary to see him like that." Phedra Elizabeth suddenly said out loud.
"She did it on her own." Theodore Mark replied.
“I heard that he was so lonely that he was lured by the bastards.”
     Phedra Elizabeth listened attentively to every word.
"Awkward talk."
"Shut up now." The male lead covered her mouth with his hand.
“You know what to say. You bastards only use the money to look at other people." Try to bring the sentence to Phedra Elizabeth's ears.
"Let her speak."
"It's you bastards who want money without tricking my brother into addiction."
"It wasn't originally like that."
"You take advantage of its loneliness, its inferiority in appearance, to lure it in."
"Is it?"
[More real and fake.]
"What does that mean? Even the app is so mysterious.”
[He is indeed self-deprecating and lonely. If he's the one who deliberately followed them because he thought they were like him, didn't discriminate, always cared about him.]
"So she's pitiful too!"
"So she and Oriana Alice have met before? Seeing that she didn't like her very much."
[Never... Oriana Alice felt sorry for her, so she recruited her and gave her a job, but she didn't know that the high earth was always causing trouble for Oriana Alice.]
"It seems that the trio in the story is not as bad as rumored, just not exploited by the author."
“Stop talking nonsense. Isn't this your treasury of gold?" Theodore Mark objected.
“What happened again!” Phedra Elizabeth is feeling surprised.
"What else is that?"
“You can stop acting. Drop your shoulders... Aren't you tired?"
"President Mark, what are you saying, I don't understand?" The secretary was bewildered.
"That's right. I've lost my way with this development as well."
“Bewildered. My mind is in a mess.”
“Oh my god, can someone explain to me what the hell is going on?”
     The more Phedra Elizabeth listened, the more she questioned herself. Questions kept running through her head non-stop.
“Isn't the key to your vault of gold lying in his stomach? Is your mentality too easy to understand?”
"Isn't president Mark more confused the more he talks? Isn't it a bit overconfident that president Mark said that?"
“Can this also count as confidence?”
“Let's just say it.”
“I will make it more clear to you. Until then, it's up to you whether you can act or not."
“Right… Explain… Let me understand.” Phedra Elizabeth's mind was agitated, attentively waiting for instruction.
"You plan to take advantage of Miss Alice's love, I think it's going to fail... Trying to make lady Alice fall in love..."
"She thinks that no matter how important she is to Miss Alice, she is confident that Miss Alice will let her go, so..."
“She calmly waited.”
"As for him. You will take a fairy tale in a sympathetic direction, as long as there is a move by Miss Alice's heart, consider that you have succeeded in everything. The only problem is time. As for her In the meantime, you will find a way to approach Miss Alice. Prerequisites. Must fight solo one against one... Last step Miss Alice will release you. Did I say something was wrong?"
“President Mark. Why do you say that… I never had that thought.”
“Don't interrupt. Knowledgeable people will never interrupt others when others are expressing an opinion. Let me finish it. Don't interrupt."
“Once you're done, you'll run away with this useless guy. The next thing you need to do is cut open his stomach to get the key and enjoy the rest of your life in peace. It's right?"

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