The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 11, 2022
Ch. 35Family

"There's no denying it."
“Of course, I have read a lot of detective-horror stories. If given the chance I will tell you that I am a fan of such books. Kind of crazy.” Phedra Elizabeth is proud.
"Shouldn't you say something too?"
“I have nothing to say. What does she want to do? Depends.”
"Eww. The same message of pride is always there.” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
“Don't waste words with her. I have brought back something very interesting.” Theodore Mark appeared.
     The male lead and the secretary turned their eyes towards the door.
"Have you come yet? What is in your hand? It looks so heavy!”
“This is the key to getting her to do what she wants.”
"How beneficial is that?"
"Fewer words." The male lead doesn't like Theodore Mark.
"..." Theodore Mark smiled brightly, his hand relaxed, and the object was pulled down by the gravity of the earth.
“Pain. Gentle with the key to successful decryption.”
“What is that? It makes a sound.” Phedra Elizabeth panicked, thoughts running in her head continuously.
     Theodore Mark opened the bag, the light came from the outside, looking in was a moving clump of black hair, he raised his head.
"Dry skeleton."
"Sister, converse hospitably." He rolled his eyes, always smiling.
"A living thing."
     His body was only skin and bones, his eyes almost fell out, and dark circles covered his eyes. His face was gray and weak.
“What is he doing? Why bring the trash out here?" Duncan Hiddleston.
“Do you know him? The girl is sitting on the chair.”
"I do not know you." She turns your face the other way.
“Sure. I'll give you one more chance. I don't have the patience to talk to you through the whole process." While saying that, Theodore Mark kicked the man lying on the ground in the stomach.
“Ah…” His saliva dropped to the floor.
“You…” She turned to look.
"Did you know me?" Theodore Mark kick one more time.
"Did you know him?" Strength was put on the stomach of the man lying on the ground for the third time.
"Did you know him?" Theodore Mark's voice is always calm and unchanged.
“Is this the working style of talented people?” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Don't touch him. Please, guys." Tears secretary started to fall.
"Okay. Is president Jane the one behind it all?”
“I… I…” She faltered.
"Right. It was him.”
“Too profitable. Even so, She still to report." Phedra Elizabeth admires Theodore Mark.
The male lead stood in the dark corner, his mouth constantly babbling. Phedra Elizabeth saw that and went forward.
"How are you?"
"I didn't pay attention to you. From the moment he came, I just looked at him. I've fallen out of love with you."
“Have I loved you before? Give him some comfort." 
Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
"If you just look at president Mark, how do I know that you standing here alone and coming over to see you?"
"You lied. He groaned with a headache. Everyone is paying attention to him. The male lead is in a mood to tease the moon like this. Exactly. The main male is the abused male." Phedra Elizabeth was distracted by the male lead's train of thought.
"You're so good to me."
“Are there flowers here? Why does it feel like flowers are blooming all over the room.”
"I don't feel anything."
     While Phedra Elizabeth focused on the male lead.
"What's his purpose in doing this?" Theodore Mark.
“Aren't you guys very smart? If you know that, why ask?"
“Many answers are yes or no.”
"Why don't you try asking Miss Alice?"
     Phedra Elizabeth turned around startled. The secretary pointed at Phedra Elizabeth.
“Why are you asking me? It's your story." Phedra Elizabeth.
“Who are you pointing at?” The male lead showed up and stood up in front of Phedra Elizabeth.
"Take back your childish thinking right away."
Theodore Mark used his foot to kick the arrow in the stomach that was lying on the ground. He let out a scream of pain.
“He wants the Alice family to fall. After the collapse of the Alice family, he will buy all the shares in Miss Alice's hands at a soft price. Aimed at the business world. So is it okay?"
"Right from the start. He came to cooperate with me just a trap. I believe that this deal will cooperate smoothly and bring good profit.”
“His trick? Looks pretty simple, doesn't it?"
“Enough to drive you crazy.”
“You… You…” Phedra Elizabeth pointing at the secretary.
"Isn't he the thing you're most worried about right now?"
"Please, president Mark, kindly forgive my brother... I can do whatever you want."
"I?" Phedra Elizabeth was more surprised.
"She's been following you for so long and you don't know?"
[The host has something to answer.]
"Are those two sisters?"
[Right. From what I know, this has to do with a part of her past. Ask permission to show the whole town where the secretary lived when she was a child.]
The screen pops up... A small town. Both sides of the road are straight dykes with fields, smooth green lawns, and beautiful vast fields. The banyan tree is hundreds of years old, standing solemnly like a soldier guarding the village. The road in my village is poured with clean concrete. On both sides of the road are rows of trees rustling in the wind. The houses with bright red-tiled roofs are interspersed among the luxuriant fruit trees. This river brought water to irrigate the rice fields of the homeland.
“This little bookworm. So ugly. Who dares to like her. No one dares to come near her and play with her, let alone like her."
"Who are you calling ugly?"
“You know what to say? Why speak out now? Making me think he was dumb."
"Who do you despise?"
"It's you, bastards."
     They grabbed her hair, tugging.
"Say who?"
"Tell you."
“Stubborn… Needs to be retrained… Didn't your parents teach you to be polite to adults?”
"Let's see?"
“Look what the little girl is holding in her hand. Money huh.” Took it out of her hand. They tried to steal it all. One of them saw her face and slapped her with a nosebleed. Next, he snapped at her cheek. Finally, he repeatedly punched her chest and stomach until her mouth vomited blood.A

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