The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 9, 2022
Ch. 34Phedra Elizabeth

"All live for each other. Sooner or later you will be harmed to death by your true feelings."
"I don't manage. The only thing I care about is how he can be bewitched. Having merriment. Doing what I like. The rest I do not commit to supervise about."
"It's so heartbreaking. Can we articulate? If you accept it when it's done, I'll leave him to you to tolerate. How?"
"You're expressing to me." The secretary laughed with disdain in her eyes. Eyes filled with cruelty and despair.
“Do I still believe you?”
“Depends. Now you have nothing left. I accept to exchange with you. I think what I do is the desired good deal for you. You think you have nothing left for us to cheat. Do you think you can afford to talk to us? Think carefully." Theodore Mark calmly continued, his eyes on the hand that was bleeding a lot, he leisurely took a towel from his pocket and placed it on the wound. The white towel was soaked with fresh blood. Theodore Mark took it out and let it fall to the ground.
“There is no need to think anymore. I have nothing left. I accept the risk. Say what do you want my help with?"
“It's simple. Dealing with president Jane.”
"Why? Just for the sake of Miss Alice?"
“That can also be seen as a good reason. It can also be used as an opportunity to explain to you. Maybe... I have many other reasons.” Theodore Mark's eyes are gentle.
"Is the assertion solid enough? Acknowledge it or not?”
"I agree. So what can I do?”
“Follow my instructions. Put the camera in President Paul's room. That's all."
"That satisfied? What do I get when I complete the quest?"
"That's him. I'll keep an eye on him. When you finish the mission. I'll leave him to you to handle."
“What if I don't want to go back? What if I turn around and don't help?"
"It will not transpire."
"Are you certain? President Mark."
"Privilege. At first panorama. This was promising.”
Theodore Mark hit the secretary on the back of the neck. The strong impact on the back of her neck plus her loss of too much strength, two combined made her body unable to resist, following her graceful inertia to the ground, fainting. Theodore Mark tied up the sack and took it away.
[Does the host still want to watch it?]
Phedra Elizabeth just nodded. She saw Theodore Mark just looking at the bleeding wound, the drops of blood fell to the ground, dried up, clinging to the ground. He whispered a word.
“Because of him. Whatever I do is worth it. My lover.” Theodore Mark just laughed.
“President Mark. You are already immersed in that monochromatic thing. Is that satisfactory?"
“Worth it.”
"What has he done that president Mark is so infatuated with? A deadly curse."
The screen suddenly darkened, and Phedra Elizabeth's eyes could no longer see the figure of Theodore Mark. Phedra Elizabeth blinked repeatedly, and sighed, calmly, her breathing was neither fast nor slow, very even. The sentence is uttered without attachment.
"What happens? I'm watching. He's bleeding too much. Is it alright? Negative, I have to go see him.” Phedra Elizabeth at this time raised her eyebrows, her face was in a hurry.
“Why did you get out of bed? It's healed. Do not move. The strong movement will affect the wound." Duncan Hiddleston grimaced, his expression extremely angry. Duncan Hiddleston's whole body was as hot as fire.
"I still have work to do. I'll go first."
"Can not." Duncan Hiddleston holding Phedra Elizabeth's hand, her face darkened.
"You're looking for Theodore Mark?"
"Why is the male lead's judgment so correct these days?" Phedra Elizabeth hesitated.
Phedra Elizabeth stood motionless, staring blankly at Duncan Hiddleston. For now, Phedra Elizabeth still doesn't know how to improvise.
“I don't care about me. I never cared about you. I don't want you to be next to me. I don't pay attention to myself. Right?" Duncan Hiddleston looked at her with desperate eyes as deep as the ocean.
“Oh my god. Correct guess again. Can he read minds? Truth exposed?" Phedra Elizabeth is in a doubtful mood.
“Or because my mind is easy to guess. Deal with him first and then count." Phedra Elizabeth mused with a melancholy face.
“Why do you say that? Will you stay here with me?"
"Be decent. Don't be angry."
“If I go to see Theodore Mark now, I will destroy the original. The app does not accept.” Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Sometimes waiting for him to get tired. It's still time to break out of prison." Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh.
Theodore Mark tilted his face and glanced at the sack containing Tom Jane.
"How do you know?"
"President Mark. Are you kidding? The story about you falling in love with Lac Hong Hao. Everyone in the family knows about it. It's too famous." Tom Jane laughed.
he male lead took off the mask on her face.
“She is an excellent actress who knows how to act and has good looks. She used acting props to bypass our eyes.”
"Don't you feel hot? Help her take off her shirt.”
"You told me how? I didn't want to do anything wrong to you." The male lead counterattacked.
"Don't let the trash touch me." The secretary counterattacked fiercely.
"He knew her tricks and pretended like being deceived." Phedra Elizabeth authenticated a profound smile.
"Self-advocacy?" Phedra Elizabeth put suspicious eyes on him.
"I've existed as inconspicuous as a pearl heretofore, but I won't do it to anyone but you."
"You say it I listen so satisfactorily, so failure always goes the opposite way. Not worth it." 
"I'm not superheated."
“The reason why you wear so many layers is to hide the sharp pieces you put inside, in case the medicine backfires or loses its effectiveness. On the other hand, she hit people's psyche to be afraid of the actions she has done. If she turned in the best direction she would of course be able to escape. Am I right?”

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