The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 8, 2022
Ch. 33A part

“Do you also like to watch the rain?”
“I like to see all the creations that nature has to offer, each with its own very interesting identity. If we have the opportunity, we will go on a trip.”
“Is it her?” Phedra Elizabeth looked thoughtfully at the girl standing behind the gate.
Phedra Elizabeth quickly hugged Duncan Hiddleston and leaned close to his ear. The male lead's face was as red as fire.
“You… Are you trying to thank me?”
"Quickly look in the direction of the main gate on the right to identify her, is it her?"
"Hurry up. What are you doing standing there?"
"Right. It is her.” Close to Phedra Elizabeth's cheek.
“We split the fight. Catch her."
“But you… But you…”
     Phedra Elizabeth let go, walked a bit, and then turned right.
“She arrived just in time! There is nothing to do yet.”
     The male lead didn't wait long, he moved to the left. Two people split in two directions. She couldn't distinguish between heavy and light for a while and stood thinking for a long time, looking around, she had lost track of Phedra Elizabeth. She quickly followed the male lead to a narrow path, through both ends, the male lead went all the way and stopped, she had no place to hide and had to go backward, at this time Phedra Elizabeth also appeared to block the other side. 
"Run away, my sister."
"I just wanted to apologize for what happened first, it seems that you confessed that you have a habit of being startled if you are hiding some secret."
"I don't understand what you're saying. Stay away."
     She tried to push Phedra Elizabeth away but her strength was not enough, she had to turn back, the male lead now walked calmly."
"Homeless. I'm so sorry."
“I miss you so much. The guilt just wrapped around me.” The male lead spoke up.
“Didn't you say you liked me before? Want to be a couple with me? Nothing has gone, it makes me so sad.”
“What else is this? The male lead's charm?"
“App for answers, shock!”
[According to available information, when she saw that Oriana Alice respected the male lead, she had a bit of be,auty intended to seduce him, but she didn't expect that he not only didn't care but also blame her, causing her to hate, tried to harm him but failed.]
“Is there such a thing? Why didn't I see it when I read it?"
"You wouldn't know even if you asked the app."
[Host doesn't look down on our system.]
“Then. Give me the answer.”
[Scene is not part of the system processing.]
"So what?"
"Answer, please! Run already?"
     Phedra Elizabeth let out a long sigh.
"There's nothing to expect."
"It seems that the situation has a lot of problems."
"Stop talking nonsense. Just follow us back." Linh Lam spoke up.
"Are you jealous?" Duncan Hiddleston replied.
"You don't say a few damn sentences, you will die?"
“Don't worry. I rejected her. The one I love is only you."
“Focus on solving the main problem.” Phedra Elizabeth looked annoyed, looking at the male lead with murderous eyes.
"I know." The male lead immediately remained motionless, did not say a word, and obediently obeyed.
“You are here to arrest me. I'm not committing a crime, it's illegal for you to do that, you know?"
      Phedra Elizabeth did not care and continued to step forward, she stuck her head in the wall and committed suicide.
"What? Nothing has found death.” Phedra Elizabeth panicked, swinging her arms wildly.
"I want to stop her." Phedra Elizabeth raised her voice.
 Duncan Hiddleston caught up with her and ran quickly towards her. Blood flowed out like a stream, flowing long and flowing.
"Not in time." Phedra Elizabeth.
“In the wrong place?” The male lead spoke up.
"She's confused, thinking she can't communicate normally."
"Did you listen to her heartbeat?"
"I don't want to. I'll be mad at you."
"If you do it, tell me or wait for me to use force to do it."
“Okay. I'll do it right away.”
     The male lead pressed his ear, vaguely a little worried.
 The main man shook his head.
"So it's not over. I want to wipe the blood off her head."
“Do what? Just scared to escape. If you are discovered by the police, remember to absolutely not show your face so I can take care of it for you."
“Crazy. Who needs your help?"
“Can you stop babbling like that?”
"We destroy all traces so that the police can't track them down."
“I want to carry her on my body. Avoid letting people around you notice.”
 The male lead tore his shirt and wiped the bleeding blood. Carrying her on his back followed Phedra Elizabeth's back. Phedra Elizabeth went ahead to distract attention. Unknowingly Phedra Elizabeth's foot stepped on a bag of red liquid, which looked quite strange. Phedra Elizabeth bent down, and touched her hand, the red stain stuck to her hand.
“What are you doing? Let's go."
Phedra Elizabeth raised her nose to smell. She laughed, lifted herself, and kicked the liquid against the wall with her foot.
"We're back to the company."
      The male lead did not ask questions, just followed Phedra Elizabeth's words.
“Pull in hard. Stronger again. Squeeze until she opens her eyes.”
She suddenly opened her eyes, vaguely finding herself in a dark room, her limbs numb, wrapped by ropes again. Every time her ears heard a sound, her body hurt even more.
"Are you awake? Using drugs on yourself like that is not good for your health.”
The male lead took a large pot of water and threw it in her face. Her eyes rolled back, Phedra Elizabeth was sitting on a chair, holding an iron whip.
“You have a bit of a loophole in this move. The male lead took off the liquid on her face with his hand." Phedra Elizabeth implicitly beckoned with a wink in the direction of Duncan Hiddleston.
"Secretary. My relatives." Duncan Hiddleston hastily responded to her desire to show some love through emotion. 

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