The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 8, 2022
Ch. 32Witness

"Really?" Lac Hong Hao's voice was no longer as strong as his previous sentence.
    The dark clouds are like a giant hand embracing the whole sky, treacherous looking. Before long, the wind picked up and carried the dry leaves on the way to ubiquitous. The tree swayed with the wind as if it was about to fall. Everyone on the street is in a haste, following the flow of people to yield home in time to flee the coming rain. The rain began to fall, a few drops of rain sprinkled, and the rain became heavier, falling on the roof. Drops fall, drops slant, plunge, slant down, forming a dense, white mist The rain is getting bigger and bigger, pouring like how much water has poured down from the sky. The air is cool… The sound of water running over the eaves, slowly rolling down to the ground. A rainy day-changing season blows away the summer heat. The fragrance of the earth also attacked and took over the air. The inhabited places gradually became wetter.
“Snappy… Convey in… Beware of being late for work.”
"Yes. What day is today? It was raining so early in the morning.”
As soon as they looked up, they saw an ancient tree standing tall in the rain. They were anxious to say salutation to Phedra Elizabeth.
They bowed their heads and rushed inside. Voices rang out one by one. Phedra Elizabeth stood in front of the rush of people, looking at the world around. Phedra Elizabeth reached out her hand to feel the water flowing through the gap in her hand.
      Phedra Elizabeth closed her eyes, her skin felt a little cold and wet. When Phedra Elizabeth was seven years old.
"Daddy... Dad... It's raining... It's raining... This is the first rain of the season, isn't it."
"Right. The first rain of the season. The year will soon be over.”
“Go inside. Otherwise, my daughter will catch a cold.” Pick up Phedra Elizabeth, and embrace her in her arms.
“I like the feeling of rain changing seasons like this. Very pleasant.”
"Okay. I'm here with you."
     Two or three children stood inside and watched the raindrops fall.
“Two or three children come to the house to eat. Otherwise, it will lose its taste when it cools down.” A woman's voice came out.
"Eat rice... Eat rice... Eat rice." Phedra Elizabeth is excited.
     The father calmly entered. The meal is in progress. He quickly put on his coat. Phedra Elizabeth grabbed his sleeve.
“Where are you going? Let me come with you.”
"Don't grab the sleeve of daddy, watch out for tearing."
"Yes." Letting go of her hand, Phedra Elizabeth was a little withdrawn.
"Today's meal is missing something. Let me go out and buy more of that secret magic dish and come back.”
“Also, I went to buy candy for my baby girl. The road is very far, so I can't take you with me. Be good at home with mom, dad will be back soon." Rubbing Phedra Elizabeth's head.
“But… The third meal hasn't been finished yet.”
"Let your father go." Phedra Elizabeth's mother strained her voice.
“Don't yell at me. It is small. Don't scold it. It is afraid.”
“Dad will eat when he gets back. Do you agree?"
"Then come back soon! I wait.”
 One hour... Three hours... Five hours... It's getting dark. The wind from the fields blew into the village coolly. The moon rose a little higher, pouring a clear, golden light on everything. The sky was full of stars, high and clear, without a single cloud. Moonlight curiously crept through the bars of the window, imprinted on the pale green wall. But nothing is as beautiful as the trees and flowers that are bathed in the moonlight. The white roses are happy to give off a sweet fragrance... Today's moonlight looks so beautiful. The crimson robe still glittered with gold. Time goes by so.
"Why hasn't dad come back yet?"
“Mom, where have you gone? You don't need me anymore?"
“Have a quick meal. I've been sitting there since morning."
"But I want to wait for you to come back." Empty stomach rumbling.
 Not long after that, Phedra Elizabeth was sleeping on the table without realizing it. Her mother carried her to bed.
"She's getting more and more tenacious. But also very good.” Touch her forehead.
Phedra Elizabeth's mother smiled slightly and walked down to the kitchen to clean dishes and food.
"You're back."
“You keep your voice low. The baby just slept. It waits for you all the time. I've been working overtime these days, baby hasn't seen your face for a few days, baby's anxious."
“I bought a present to make up for it. Don't worry about it."
"Daddy's back? Why did you come back so long?" Phedra Elizabeth stood at the foot of the stairs, rubbing her eyes.
"My daughter just woke up."
“I told you to keep your voice low.” Phedra Elizabeth's mother frowned.
"You didn't do it on purpose."
“Go to sleep, son. Are you bothering me too much?"
"No. The daughter is waiting for her father."
"Did you promise to buy me a present?"
“Where is it? I want a compensation gift.”
“That's right… There must be a compensatory gift for my daughter! As promised, I bought the best candy there for you, but on one condition that you can only eat it tomorrow. Understand."
     Footsteps came from behind Phedra Elizabeth.
“I put on more clothes. It's turning cold." Duncan Hiddleston appeared with a coat and put it on her.
Phedra Elizabeth was a little startled, shrugged her shoulders, and looked behind.
"Right. It is now wintertime. It will also be a lot colder.”
"And what are you doing here?"
"Take care of me."
"Never mind. I'm not cold, keep it inside." Phedra Elizabeth removes his actions.
“Your shirt is torn in the back.”
"Are you cheating on me?"
"The liver isn't big enough."
"Then thank you." Phedra Elizabeth is shy.
"Nothing. It's good to be naive like this." Duncan Hiddleston was always smiling.
“What do you mean by that? I feel like you're cheating on me."
"How is it possible. Sufficiently to experience true happiness." The male lead smiled.
"It's so nice to watch the rain like this."

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