The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 6, 2022
Ch. 31Rain

Phedra Elizabeth before, her mouth hard and her heart soft. She also let her mood go with the wind. Hastily agreed with him. The male lead is as happy as opening a festival.
The car was waiting.
"Invite the lady into the car." The male lead reached out his hand to help her.
"I'm not stupid enough that I accidentally fell in the car and fell, lying on the ground screaming and crying waiting for you to comfort me, I don't need your help. Stay far away.” Phedra Elizabeth moves aside, and steps in.
Phedra Elizabeth grimaced at all kinds of things, she was not satisfied with the speed of the car.
“Every day your pace seems slow. Speed ​​up today.”
“If it comes to driving. I can rest assured in you."
     The male lead just got into the car and raised the level to the maximum. Phedra Elizabeth usually does not like to cover the glass over her face, so the car glass is always below.
“I opened all the windows.”
     The male lead pleases her. Phedra Elizabeth put her face on the wall, closed her eyes, and felt the breeze touching her skin. The male lead is getting faster and faster. Suddenly he stopped the car. Phedra Elizabeth also fell forward according to inertia.
“What are you doing? That's hurt." Phedra Elizabeth massaged the forehead.
"Are you okay?" Pulling towards her, using her hand to rub her forehead to help Phedra Elizabeth.
"Why suddenly won the car?"
"Red light."
“You were driving too fast and you were afraid of a red light.”
“My steering is good… It's okay to drive fast, but too many traffic crashes into me, and it's hard to prevent dangerous things from happening. Still should be careful.”
"Then you have to give an hour's notice." Phedra Elizabeth hit the male lead.
“The light suddenly changed color without warning.”
"You still dare to answer."
“I'm sorry. My fault.” Duncan Hiddleston shyly, scratching his head, glanced at her.
Duncan Hiddleston pulled over to the side of the road. Open the car door. Open Phedra Elizabeth's car door, and pick her up.
"You let me go." Bite him on the shoulder.
The male lead hugged Phedra Elizabeth tightly. He sat her down on his feet. His hand was just above the roof of the car, avoiding her collision.
“You should stay by my side. So it will be safer.”
      Phedra Elizabeth is in the heart of the male lead. Duncan Hiddleston has long placed her in a special place.
On the side of the small alley of the flowery city. Theodore Mark took out a cigarette and lit it. He put his soul back in, his eyes never stopping to the burning fire.
"Don't smoke anymore. Very bad for health.” A relatively low-pitched voice came from afar.
“Then I will listen to you. No more smoking.” Stamping.
"I'm so good. Reward me."
"So what do you want?"
“Can you give me a kiss on the cheek?”
"What did you say?"
"If you don't like it, that's fine."
 Lac Hong Hao kissed him lightly on the cheek Theodore Mark's cheeks are red.
“Why are your cheeks so red? Do two boys kiss each other, but it's embarrassing?" Lac Hong Hao pinched Theodore Mark's cheek lightly.
"So cute. Just like a girl.”
"You're smoking again." A bass cut through Theodore Mark's train of thought.
    Theodore Mark unknowingly used his hand to kick the red flame with his hand. Theodore Mark at some point spawned a vision. He couldn't even control himself in the dreamy firelight.
"Hmm?" Theodore Mark rubbed his eyes for a long time. He slapped his hand over his head to calm his thoughts.
"Breaking the law again."
"I don't even know how to respect myself, so I get hurt."
“I see you don't appreciate yourself these days! Is it time to have someone by your side to take care of you?"
"Right. I said at that time that if I still smoke, I will not become a couple of any female friends until he gets married.”
"Even though I know what lies ahead, I still don't stop."
“The voice is so real. It's like he's here.”
“I am behind you. What nonsense are you talking about?"
“Lac Hong Hao” Theodore Mark turned around, rubbing his eyes.
“Crouching in a dark corner, wandering thoughts. Style?"
      Theodore Mark hugged him.
"Who bullied you, right?"
     Theodore Mark shook his head a few times, his chin gently touching Lac Hong Hao's shoulder.
“Can I hug you for a moment?” Theodore Mark's light eyes closed.
      Lac Hong Hao patted him on the back to comfort him.
"How's your hand? Show me. Does it hurt a lot?"
"No problem? With you here, everything is fine."
"I'm useful, aren't I?"
“You are a unique medicine that only you can cure my illness in this lifetime.”
“I am very expensive. Can you buy it?"
“If you agree. I will sell all my possessions to buy you.”
"I felt nausea. Ignore this statement. Then let's go eat! Will stop by the drugstore to buy some things."
"Let's go... First, let me go first. What you're doing now is killing me with love." Rubbing Theodore Mark's back.
“Let's see. I want to eat chicken, fish, eggs, noodles… Prepare some more water.”
"And you. Want something to eat?”
Theodore Mark did not answer his hand holding his stomach. Theodore Mark glanced at him.
“A bad stomach also makes it difficult for it.”
"Don't worry I'm fine."
"You're having a stomach ache, don't worry."
"I'll cook a bowl of porridge for you."
     The two of them walked along the main road, the lights were shimmering and stunning, and everything seemed to be adorning the world to become vivid and colorful.
“I think you should also find someone to take care of you. You're like that, I'm so worried about you."
“I can take care of myself well. Don't disturb."
“Two weeks later… May I introduce her to you?”
“I was so unintentional. You're sick… Saying this seems redundant…” Lac Hong Hao correcting words.
“Don't pay attention. I'm just joking."
"I got it. I'm will come. I also have someone to introduce to you. I was no longer alone.”

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