The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 6, 2022
Ch. 30Love

Theodore Mark muses. He only seemed to hear the steady breathing of the other end of the line. In addition, there was a disturbance of the group of people on the road.
“I entered the alley to talk a little. It's so noisy in here that I can't hear anything. You'll wait for me here."
"Be careful."
"Okay." Rubbing the girl's head next to her, she turned her face to the street corner, the light of the electric light could not reach.
"What did you say I couldn't hear. Can you say it again?”
"Are you getting married soon?" Theodore Mark.
“You caught the news so quickly. I was going to invite you to dinner and then introduce her to you.”
“So this information is not wrong.” The voice of Theodore Mark trembled.
"Right. I turned on public mode." Lac Hong Hao sighed.
“How are you? Are you sick?"
“Wish… You…Happy.” Theodore Mark swallows saliva.
"I hope you can be happy with the person you love for the rest of your life." The hand holding the phone on the side of Theodore Mark could not be grasped.
"Thank you. I will pass the word on to her.” Lac Hong Hao rejoices.
“She resembles you so much sometimes her behavior reminds me of you.”
“May I know something about her?”
“She is very wet and erratic, sometimes whining, sometimes very thoughtful and considerate. It's like you."
“I don't have that! I can protect you forever. Take good care of yourself for the rest of your life.”
“I don't have that kind of luck.” Theodore Mark said in a low voice.
"What did you say again?"
“May I call your name? I want to hear your voice longer.”
“What are you saying… We're still together for a long time. Well… It's up to you if you want.”
“You have to remember to reply.”
“Lac… Hong… Hao…”
"I'm here."
“Lac… Hong… Hao…”
"I hope you're happy." Theodore Mark whispered.
"What did you say?"
“I want to ask you… Have you eaten yet? I will buy something for you."
"No need. I'm eating with her. Taking her home... It seems to be late now... I'll take her home first, I'll talk about it later!"
“Is there something else?"
“Nothing. You take her home. Glimpse you subsequently."
"That is okay. Love you so much."
      The other end of the line is completely disconnected. Made proactively.
“He was always making fun of me like that. I don't know when that love can come from the love you have for me."
 Theodore Mark brought the screen to the eye level that could be reached, and turned on the photo folder, the number that appeared was thousands but only one person. He used his finger to click on the words all.
     The screen shows ‘Are you sure to delete all?’
Theodore Mark hesitated and struggled mentally during all this time between forgetting and not forgetting, letting go and not letting go, holding on or losing everything. His finger pressed down towards the word "Cancel". He seemed to be tired, he got up, followed the red carpet path to the door, and put his phone in his pocket. Phedra Elizabeth and Duncan Hiddleston are not too forced, both of them are very happy. Phedra Elizabeth's eyes accidentally touched the footsteps of Theodore Mark.
“What is president Mark thinking about? I go with you.”
     The male lead saw that she wasn't following, and after searching for a while, he realized that she was having a good time with someone else.
"He's so big that he's still waiting for an escort."
"..." Theodore Mark did not reply.
“Hey… Don't see people as elegant and then deliberately push in.” Phedra Elizabeth continued after that.
“Why do you keep defending him? Did he notice me?"
“Yes or no… Is that your business?”
“I feel a bit tired. Miss Alice. I want my own space. You don't have to observe me. I don't like fancy formalities."
"There are fingerprint test results. You do not dare to compare, continue to solve the case. Afraid of someone proving their strength above you?" Duncan Hiddleston cocked his head, smugly, defiantly.
"Don't put too much pressure on him." Phedra Elizabeth picked up the male lead's ear, and waited for the male lead's color to change continuously, then she treasured it all the way.
"You always protect him." The male lead's ears are red and hot. He rubs the earlobe. Then he buried his head in Phedra Elizabeth.
"What was the result?" Theodore Mark cut through the conflict.
      Two opposing opinions rushed toward Theodore Mark. Duncan Hiddleston looked at him with a malicious look. Duncan Hiddleston likes to eat fresh, raw buttons and chew his head. Theodore Mark calmly responded with a gentle, gentle demeanor with a bit of meekness.
"There aren't any traces on the lines." The male lead spoke up.
"You go first. Let me take care of him." Phedra Elizabeth circled behind Theodore Mark and pushed him away.
"Disrespectful." Theodore Mark didn't have time to argue.
"We'll be back too, dear." Duncan Hiddleston happily led her home.
"You speak properly." Phedra Elizabeth hit the male lead on the head.
“Why did you hit me? It hurts."
"Do you know pain too?"
"I'm in pain here." Duncan Hiddleston place your hand near the left ribcage.
"Seeing you intimate with him makes my heart ache again. It hurts a thousand times more that you protect me in front of him because of him."
"It's a love storyline again." Phedra Elizabeth is too familiar with this.
“Get out now.” Phedra Elizabeth uses light push.
"Let's go home together."
“Why should I come with you? You didn't listen to me."
“I was wrong. I know my mistake. At night, there are often bad guys... Rape... Robbery... Various types. You are the prestigious lady of the Alice family. How can you let me go alone?"
“Are you thinking I'm a kid? It's scary to say a few words."
“It's just that now I see the general situation like that. Very worrisome. With a heart rich in courage as deep as the ocean. I undertake.”
"I want to take you home. This is an invitation. Respect your face." Duncan Hiddleston with sincere eyes.

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