The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 3Enter the virtual world

Phedra Elizabeth strolled by the trees, singing a few lines, her eyes glued to the phone screen, her hands gliding continuously, the light spots constantly moving. A gentle breeze stirred the branches and leaves, revealing sparkling morning dew. The sky is high and wide, with a few white clouds drifting by. From the kitchen roofs, the smoke rises and mixes with the morning dew to form soft silk ribbons winding in the sky.
"Get out of the way. Find your way to death? The girl holding the phone in front of her. Quick." The driver's voice was both urgent and panicky.
She looked up, her face pale. In the middle of the air, a large hole with a multi-colored vortex opened, the sky began to darken, the eyes of everyone around seemed to be glued to her, and every movement froze like a statue.
"Miss Alice... Wake up... Hurry up... Go to sleep or you'll catch a cold, but on the condition that you get inside and out, it makes the young lady's health worse."
The sky is now bluer and brighter, the white clouds are gentle and the birds are flying beautifully. On the branches, birds chirping to greet the new day. All those colors, sights, and sounds seem to blend to create a rich and joyful picture. She opened her eyes. She felt her body lying on the long grass, the girl's eyes looking down from above. Worried face, frantic hands, and feet. Phedra Elizabeth's eyes vaguely looked at her portrait that was not sharp, which, with the light shining on it, added to the blur. After a long while, before she could see clearly, Phedra Elizabeth jumped up.
"What's wrong? Headache. Where is this place? Doesn't look familiar."
Phedra Elizabeth closed her eyes, trying to remember everything. Her brain signaled with indescribable pain. She suddenly remembered a few small fragments of a wish.
"I just had an accident, have I gone to heaven? Is this heaven?"
"Miss Alice put on her coat, come in." The maid standing beside her put on her coat.
"Miss Alice? Where is this? Who are you?"
"Miss Alice, how are you? I'm Veronica Sarah."
"My head hurts. My phone? Isn't it around here?" Phedra Elizabeth was shocked and frowned, searching around the grass.
"It's broken. The housekeeper gave me all broken, afraid that the lady will not be happy, the official quickly sent someone to buy a new one. Lady, don't be hasty, it will harm your health. " The maid beside Veronica Sarah replied awkwardly.
"It's my fault, I hope you will punish me." Veronica Sarah bowed seriously and admitted her mistake.
"Is it necessary to overdo it? Stop it. Not that I just entered the world of virtual love, how did this happen? Stupid childish thinking. A silly girl's joke when she's too passionate about love romance." Phedra Elizabeth tried to calm down.
"It's ridiculous. This society is gradually being replaced by human imagination. But there is no denying that nothing in this world is impossible. What is it? Is worthwhile behavior disgusting? Is public behavior good? Sometimes it's a deadlock." Thought Phedra Elizabeth to herself.
"Or maybe I read so many stories that I'm paranoid." Phedra Elizabeth gently touched her cheek with a strong slap.
It's true to accept the shameless arrangement of the superiors."
"Normally fantasy games come across powerful, dynamic systems? No response. This is fine. Jailbreak." Is the concept of those who are passionate about love stories.
[Requires the owner to complete the character.]
"Nothing has appeared yet, if not every day I see it as if having intercourse with the gods. Talking through brain waves." Quietly thinking, ignoring the words that were going around in his head.
The alarm bell rang, the sound spinning in her head. Phedra Elizabeth held her head and pounded her head repeatedly with her hand, the sound not only decreased but also increased according to Phedra Elizabeth's force on the body.
"Stop. You're threatening me. I'll still refuse. Only I can arrange my own life."
[The host gives a choice of punishment
Penalty 1: Penalty 100 times.
Penalty 2: Electric shock for 10 minutes.
Penalty 3: Sound waves transmitted to the cerebrum cause auditory sound disturbances.
Please choose.]
"Murder? This is an app that takes people's lives. Nothing terrible? Human life is so fragile, the pressure from physical punishment is in direct contact with the skin."
"Make the things in front of my eyes disappear. I will serve."
The penalty board is gone.
[It is recommended that players do not extend the time.]
"Profit? Usually, in novels, there are also valuable rewards."
[Will update later.]
"What?" Phedra Elizabeth was not pleased.
"I've got the situation. I know I won't stand a chance to turn down objections or offers from high-ranking people. What I choose now is just that. Maybe obedience. I have to learn to accept the truth."
"Everything will be enlightened and blessed by the gods. Give me some information. Introduce the character I have to do."
[Situation: - The original female - Maris Jane was imprisoned by Jocelyn Hiddleston with bad intentions. She was humiliated and faced the risk of becoming a sex puppet for the rich. Find the heroine, and find out the reason why the heroine fell into the hands of Jocelyn Hiddleston.
- According to the original plot. The deaths of the male lead's father in question are related to Kelsey Susan - the arch-enemy of the male lead. Let's investigate the cause of death of the three male leads. Help the male lead to find out the reason why the male lead's family goes bankrupt and the family is separated.
Character: Oriana Alice.]
"God. Crazy, isn't this fighting the heroine directly? Moreover, I've only read more than 100 chapters and still don't know exactly what this character needs to do, or how to behave, this is so virtual… I know I have to accept reality but this is impossible.” Hastily refused.
[The officers under her are not qualified to make the conditions.]

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