The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 4, 2022
Ch. 29Pause

The male lead hugged Phedra Elizabeth's waist from behind. Phedra Elizabeth tried to remove his hand.
"What's wrong with this name?"
"Did the Demon King want to hug him?"
"Let me go first, okay?"
"No. I want to let him know you're mine."
"Who's his?" Phedra Elizabeth was speechless.
"I have to let the whole world know that I belong to General Director Duncan Hiddleston so that no one dares to seduce you."
"Stop it... It makes me feel nauseous."
Phedra Elizabeth did not resist, let the male lead do whatever he wanted. Theodore Mark opened up and asked a few things.
"Beautiful flowers, can I ask what unusual things happen when everyone is working?" Theodore Mark.
"Is he talking to me?"
"Fainted. My situation right now." The employee turned to hug the employee next to her.
"Come on, answer him."
"Any comments for an answer? I accept." Theodore Mark flashed a holy smile.
"There is. A few days before I was overtime, there was a period when all the company's electricity went out and then I heard a series of strange noises like breaking glass. I was too afraid to hide at my desk and not dare to go out. Moments later there was electricity. I also pack things home. What happens after that, I don't know."
"Okay. You have helped the company a lot. Thanks." The employee sitting behind three desks spoke up.
"This is part of our responsibility as a company."
"What do we do now?" Phedra Elizabeth wondered.
"Go to the camera monitoring room. Let's see who that black shadow like me is."
"No need anymore. I found it unnecessary because, at that time when I looked at the camera, it was still quite bright, and the afternoon sunlight was also partly imprinted on the ground." Phedra Elizabeth.
"Then go and do a preliminary check of the camera and its lines."
"Then please follow me. This way please." Phedra Elizabeth is the leading representative.
"Okay." Theodore Mark nodded.
Sometime later.
"We watched the whole thing. There is also no difference from the original results."
"I've walked to the point where my legs want to break off." Phedra Elizabeth laments the brutality of the script. Her limbs were weak, partly due to her heart pounding when standing near the person she loved, the rest due to her inability to diligently exercise.
"Sit down here... I punch you in the foot." The male lead supported Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
"Stop. No need to be so troublesome."
"Incorrect. The cut is so beautiful. So perfect."
"What does that mean?" Phedra Elizabeth quickly asked.
"You see the cuts if they were bitten by a mouse or due to a problem of irresponsibility would not be definitive and follow such a line? This proves that before smashing the cameras, someone intentionally handled these lines first. You asked someone to take fingerprints to try."
"I have understood." Phedra Elizabeth prepares to leave.
"Ah... I forgot. I argued with a secretary in the past, so she will inevitably get involved." Phedra Elizabeth paused.
"It is impossible not to doubt her. It will probably have something to do with her."
"Let me. I'll go find her."  Phedra Elizabeth quick action. Phedra Elizabeth was so impatient that her face burned hot.
"Wait, if you go now, you won't be able to catch her. If she can do that, there will be people behind her. It's not good to be violent and it will touch you and make you passive."
"So what to do now?"
"Calm down. Wait for the killer to strike. It must have gathered a lot of interesting things."
Paul Companies.
"You go and keep a close eye on president Mark. He's not as easy to deal with as you think."
"Obviously. I think you should pay attention to the other lady. Working with her for many years, I have seen many bad things about her. Her mind is not bad when she can hide all the bad things from the public. She will soon find the culprit behind it."
"She is no longer ominous."
"You are looking down on her."
"Look, all the years she's been acting alone, she's dealt with these things in a hidden way. But this time thanks to the help of president Mark. It seems that her ability has decreased a lot. No more worries."
"You mean..."
"You don't know Theodore Mark how good is it, is one of the ten most respected people? That is only in terms of domestic business."
"He's more than that?"
"Just listen to me. Watch him closely. Maybe he already guessed you."
"I understand, president, but still..."
"Careful maneuvering. She was very young. There is a lot to learn."
"I understand. Allow me." Secretary back out. 
Alice Corporation.
"President Mark. Drink water." Phedra Elizabeth put it in front of Theodore Mark.
"I am not thirsty. Trouble your time."
"Don't mind. I volunteered."
"He didn't drink it so I could drink it." Duncan Hiddleston takes it and runs away.
"Hey. I got it for president Mark. You run, I chase. See if you can escape?"
"Hurry up then."
Phedra Elizabeth quickly walked, her footsteps printed on the floor consecutively. They run around the yard. It was beginning to turn dark at this time, and the sun quickly ran down to the ground, hiding. Theodore Mark is immersed in her world, with endless eyes, dropping her soul into applications on small phones. He clicked it, waiting for the other end to respond.
"Have you eaten yet? Do you need me to buy anything?"
"I can't hear... Hello..." The other end of the line connected.
"How are you? Tired? The voice is too weak." The other end of the line.
"I feel a bit of a headache."
"Who are you calling?" There was a female voice on the other end of the line.
"A best friend since childhood. I wait. I'll go out and talk to him for a while, I'll come back to you later."
"Hurry up. Someone is jealous. I monitor you."
The other end of the line avoids the corner of the street.
"What do you say, I still can't hear it's too loud in here."

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