The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 4, 2022
Ch. 28Start

Phedra Elizabeth felt frustrated in her heart, her ears got angry at the words. Pointing in the direction of the staff.
"Is this business hour or the time when you guys talk about other people?"
"Similar. But ambiguity is not the same. I thought I would find a replacement. But then let go. Do you think I'm too indecisive?" Theodore Mark seemed to see the shadow of an acquaintance.
Time does continue to turn upside down. Twenty years ago.
"I heard you like boys, right?"
"I heard that too. Why shame on the president?  He is very talented. Doing things that offend the heavens will be punished by heaven."
"Right. You look good. In terms of length or length, it doesn't matter. But it is the waste of the physiological tract. If you're a boy, why do you fall in love with someone who is gay to you?"
"I don't have... I like girls..." Tears filled his eyes.
"I've never seen a boy so weak. To touch is to cry."
The harsh words became denser and denser. They imposed more and more fear on Theodore Mark. A mouth is difficult to say a hundred words, let alone the people who are mocking him are all adults, and there are many.
"Can you guys stop going? You're over thirty yet bullying a boy who's barely half his age. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Don't you think you are so cowardly that you bullied a boy less than half his age and dragged three or four people in? Hit the council. You should be fired soon for daring to bully president Mark's son."
"Is he the son of president Mark?"
"Why are you scared? Don't worry that your words have been fully recorded by me without missing a word. Then you don't have to work here, you are free to tattoo other's poems implying east and west, using their own words to cause damage to others."
After listening to the sentence, they immediately created a sentimental and weak appearance, begging for mercy and saving hands from Theodore Mark.
"I'm sorry young master Lac we didn't mean that. It's just... Just kidding."
"I'm sorry..."
They saw that young master Lac did not change his expression and turned to Theodore Mark.
"I'm sorry master Mark... I'm just..."
"If for the sake of entertainment you hurt others, that's too cruel." Young Master Lac continued.
"This consequence is caused by you. I feel it's worth it."
"Please forgive us."
"Is it your turn to touch me?" Remove the staff's hands, and lead Theodore Mark to leave.
Not far from the company, Theodore Mark stands next to a flower pot that is blooming brightly.
"Hold on. Stop crying. I wipe your tears." Use your hands to brush a few lines on the face.
"In the future, if they bully you, tell me and I will help you get justice."
"Who are you? Why are you helping me?" Innocent, round eyes looked at him.
"My name is Lac Hong Hao. My father is your father's partner. Seeing you being bullied by those old sisters all the time, I felt angry for you, so I came out. Your father and my father are very close. If you were a girl, you and I would get married. Anyway, can't. You and I are both boys. We simply cannot live under the same roof."
"Incorrect. You and I were born the same age, but I was born in January, and you were born in June, so you can see me as a brother in the future. That's right, no matter what, camaraderie plus suffering. To live and die together. Forever a good man. Not afraid of bullies, just afraid of each person in one place."
"Can I stay with you for the rest of my life?" Theodore Mark looked at him with clear, innocent eyes.
"Of course. Until one of them gets married."
"If I don't get married, will you always be with me?"
"Well, unless I get married, but rest assured, your brother is not so ungrateful. After I get married, I will bring her back to visit you. Is that okay?"
"If you say it like that, it's a lie."
"What? Don't trust people like that?" Lac Hong Hao was surprised.
"Why aren't you smart when your sisters press you?"
"What they say is accusations, coercion. I can't resist even if I prove it."
"Okay... All right... I - Lac Hong Hao make an absolute oath not to give up in the future... You are?"
"Theodore Mark."
"Yeah... If Theodore Mark abandoned, or if I cheated with him I'll be..."
"That's all he said. I believe."
"Is it that easy?"
"Then laugh."
Theodore Mark smiled brightly. His eyes were filled with hope.
"That's it, I'll take you out for ice cream. Do you like it?"
"I like... Like..."
"President Mark... President Mark..." Phedra Elizabeth shook his hand.
"How are you?" Phedra Elizabeth touched his forehead lightly.
"Do not touch. Ignore him. Leave him here." Duncan Hiddleston suppressed Phedra Elizabeth behind his back.
"Don't be like that...  President Mark is my friend... It's natural for me to care about him."
"Then I'm tired too... You take care of me." The male lead rests his head on Phedra Elizabeth's shoulder.
"You must not be a fool. Go play somewhere else."
"I don't supervise you. I'm your fiancé."
"Stop it...That's alright..." Phedra Elizabeth positioned her hand on Duncan Hiddleston's forehead.
"Don't want... I want you to care about me more."
"Oh my God. Being tough on you probably won't make you soft." Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"How many people look at me... We'll talk later when we get home." Phedra Elizabeth's sparkling eyes, containing a bit of love, moved the male lead.
"Okay." The male lead's ears are red.
"President Mark, are you okay?"
"No problem." Return of spirit.
"For now, just let him go. You still care about him, just using him. No need to worry. I was too dominant myself. No need to compare with him."
"Can I borrow your staff for a bit?" Theodore Mark suddenly spoke up.
"Okay. Arbitrary. Details will not be approved."
"Thank you very much."

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