The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 2, 2022
Ch. 27Memory

"How can I show it to the president Mark? What if president Mark here destroys the evidence?"
"You let me down a bit."
"What? Up to this moment, you still evaluate me." Phedra Elizabeth was bewildered.
"The president Mark here is deliberately distracting attention to buy time."
"So do you think about me sitting here facing you, hands-free to see how to escape? Besides, if I'm the culprit, it's caught on camera. For someone like me, It's very easy to change from white to black. It's the magic of money."
"This is what president Mark said. The reasonable agreement, no way to deny it. Don't fool me... If it's not..." Phedra Elizabeth lost her judgment.
"Usually Miss Alice's manner is not so hasty. You've dealt with things like this a hundred times, so why let your emotions take over this time?"
"He evaluates me again?" Phedra Elizabeth thought to herself.
"Has this lady ever seen anything suspicious of anyone? Have you considered it carefully? Be careful of enemies inside and outside, you should understand this very well. It is you who is correct."
"If you don't believe we are ready to let the police in to check, I'm afraid you will have to publicly apologize to us an hour later. Give us back our purity."
Theodore Mark looked at the watch he was wearing in his hand.
"It's probably about time."
He took the remote control and pressed the button.
"Hello everyone and everyone who followed the message board this morning. Hot news. Currently, president Paul  - the big boss who holds all the media suddenly spoke out about the case that the Alice group of companies lost all important information. Accordingly, the two sides signed a favorable contract, but when an incident occurred, no one in the Alice group took responsibility for the incident. Besides..." Continuing the long storm.
"Looks like he's already started advertising them."
Phedra Elizabeth was silent for a long time and finally spoke.
"President Mark sincerely admitted his mistake. My haste made him awkward and embarrassed in front of the staff below. I'm here to apologize to you." Phedra Elizabeth keeps her head down.
"There is no need for Miss Alice to overdo it. If you don't come, I will pass." Theodore Mark lifted her body from the chair and helped her sit down at the next table.
"We'll treat you as friends anyway, no need to be too formal. So do you agree to let me accompany you to solve the problem?"
"I'm sorry." Phedra Elizabeth's face flushed red.
"I won't work for free, I'll ask for your help sometime."
"Okay then. Invite  President Mark to follow me." The mood of Phedra Elizabeth exists much better.
Phedra Elizabeth sat next to her. Theodore Mark is a man, after all, competing to be a driver.
"I don't know how capable he is?"
[Full name is Theodore Mark, this year is thirty-five years old, occupation is the president of a large company. If we talk about capacity, we can only say that he is a genius in the business industry, someone that everyone new to the business world must respect and who many big men in the business world respect. Considered as a talented young man, well-educated, with a gentle demeanor.]
"Why does the app know so much but don't speak to me? I slandered people and people turned their cards over and were embarrassed to die."
[App only trusts the ability to act, the judgment of the host is the first reason and the second reason is that the host implementation of the app cannot interfere too deeply.]
"Then let me venture to ask if he has any talent?"
[Sports, cooking... Also, he knows some political-military.]
"He is a hundred times more powerful than the male lead."
The wheel has just rolled to the front gate of the Alice corporation. As soon as Theodore Mark stepped down, the surrounding voices could not stop flowing into a stream.
"Is that President Mark?"
"That's right."
"So cool! It's even more beautiful in real life than it is on TV."
"They're not meant for you anyway."
"You don't have to say that. I am also self-aware."
"It's not that. I heard that President Mark doesn't like girls."
"You did not hear wrong. I once saw him on TV confessing his love to some marshal and being rejected mercilessly. I did a little research and knew that he had liked him since he was a child, five times seven times he tried to find his way, but he is a straight guy and is known for being a peach blossom everywhere. How can you agree?"
"Love the same sex? I'm a little chilled."
"That's plentiful, anyway, love is based on feelings, can't just say that letting go is letting go because of a little gender. I also admire him a bit. Very courageous."
"Perhaps it's because I'm not as open-minded as you."
"Who let you bring him to the company?" A sharp voice came out.
"You again." Phedra Elizabeth was speechless and did not want to talk to him.
"No one allowed him to follow me behind my back." Duncan Hiddleston revealed his face.
"Be careful, I invited him here to help our company." Correction of Phedra Elizabeth's statement.
"Why? You brought this trash back?"
"What did the male lead say? Do you know what other people's abilities are that you dare to compare and criticize?" Phedra Elizabeth thought.
"Not to mention he might as well be the killer." The male lead continued.
"Don't suck blood and spray people, President Mark is completely pure. I promise. Now, mind you, get out of the way."
"Every time. You are all on his side, protecting him."
"Because president Mark is really clean."
"Over. No further explanation needed." Phedra Elizabeth affirmed firmly.
The buzz is growing louder.
"Does husband and wife quarrel because of a third person?"
"In the past, the general manager also treated the lady badly. It's worth it."
"I also agree. She is right to do so. Fully support her."
"You must also remember that at that time he often spoke harshly to the lady when he was at the company. She endured it all. It's correct that the young lady is looking for someone new now."

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