The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: September 3, 2022
Ch. 26Secret

"Let's go."
"Veronica Sarah. The little maid next to her shook her a few times."
"How are you? I stood there dumbfounded for a long time. Have to notice something unusual?" Looking at her.
"No problem? Go to work." Veronica Sarah's voice was soft, her breathing was somewhat weaker.
Alice Corporation.
"What is up?"
"Report young lady currently the cameras at the company are broken by someone using strong impact stones. Can not use it now."
"Lead me to observe the scene."
"This is how the broken camera location includes: Four cameras in front of the gate, nearly twenty cameras arranged according to the position of the staff sitting, four cameras in Miss Alice's office, and several cameras along the aisle. According to statistics, most of the company's cameras are damaged. Report. End."
"The scale is so big." Phedra Elizabeth was extraordinarily impressed.
[Recommend centralized.]
"Take me to the camera room."
Phedra Elizabeth followed behind them and was led to a room with a white door, a gold nameplate, and red letters. Phedra Elizabeth stood in front of the room door, she took a deep breath, gathered her spirit, and entered.
"Welcome back Miss Alice."
"Hurry, show me the final clips before the whole camera fails."
"Currently we only collect a few short clips that mostly collage from all angles. Please take a look, the lady."
The clip is reminded over and over again. The moment of recording is only a few moments, so its influence on vision is also very narrow. Phedra Elizabeth attentively observes the black shadow in the clip.
"Zoom in a bit. Make that face clear."
"Zoom in a little more."
"Zoom in a little more."
"It really can not be anymore. The fact that the camera recorded the image was too blurry, and the extreme zooming broke the image, making it difficult to identify the killer."
"That figure is very familiar to the eye. I think I've seen that hair somewhere before. But it could also be someone else. Based on the figure, there is only one person." Phedra Elizabeth was immersed in thought.
"Theodore Mark. Is it him?"
Phedra Elizabeth hesitated and took a step back. Phedra Elizabeth rubbed her temple. She took a deep breath. Her heart beat very fast. It looks like it wants to get out.
[We recommend that the host handle it transparently, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.]
Her face gradually darkened, and her eyes were not as steady as before. Her mind gradually fell into the void she built herself.
"Okay. If this president has the guts to do it, he must be mentally strong enough to accept all the consequences."
"Just deal with it quickly."
She quickly drove to the Mark corporation. Her heart beat rapidly. Take the high-level camouflage to enter.
"President Mark dares to dare to accept. Show your face and talk."
"We are also considered to have known each other if president Mark comes out and settles it. I do not make it difficult."
"But if President Mark keeps avoiding me... I'll just have to mess with President Mark's workplace until he shows up. Or he will accept the destroyed state."
Phedra Elizabeth took a few items from the staff's desk and threw them on the ground. Appearing in front of her were two large, tall men with dark skin, and unwavering eyebrows, each hand chaining her out. Phedra Elizabeth, determined to win, shouted louder and louder, causing an area to shake.
"President Mark... President Mark..."
"Cowardly... Don't accept evil deeds, fight in the marketplace with such dirty games, only petty people, as a president, ambiguity, avoidance, caught cheating in battle, and holding his face in his face escape. Face off to meet the public, and meet business partners. Bringing secrets hidden in the bottom of your heart, exposing them to the light."
The employee stood in front of the door, smiling softly. This is a commercial smile.
"Customers have something to say slowly. Our president is busy at the moment, hope you come back later."
"Did I talk to you? Are you President Mark?"
"Dear customers. We only do our duty and responsibility of the job. Please understand."
"Take her out, by the way, send a few more people to watch her, and put her a little further away from this place to avoid affecting the company's employees."
Phedra Elizabeth grabbed the employee by the neck, pulling her closer to where she was standing. She raised her fist.
"If you have not cooperated, we must have a strong solution." The employee calmly replied. 
She wrestled Phedra Elizabeth, quickly Phedra Elizabeth flipped over and stood up, her feet still firmly on the floor.
"Obviously. Reactionary. Against. Punishment is required." Two guards heard the order to act.
"Don't hurt her. Let her come to me." Theodore Mark relaxingly drank a cup of tea, looking at Phedra Elizabeth from above.
"Do you know?who she is to be rude?"
"Invite Miss Alice to my private office. We talk." Theodore Mark takes a sip of tea.
"Have you guys heard? Release." Phedra Elizabeth removes your hands from the mobile shackles. Phedra Elizabeth she was aggressive, proudly preparing mentally to face him.
The employee trembled and constantly bowed her head to admit her mistake. With each step, Phedra Elizabeth gradually approached the killer, whom she needed to be careful of. Phedra Elizabeth turned the doorknob.
"Please sit down." President Mark was still elegant, placing a cup of tea on the table.
"I am not as relaxed as the president Mark. If we've faced each other like that, let's go straight to the main point." 
"That is president Mark the culprit who stole all of our company's data."
"Based on what you say. There's no real proof, but saying what I did is cause damage to your company is a bit ridiculous."
"I knew you would say that right away." Phedra Elizabeth knew too well the tricks of the killer.
"The camera has captured the imagination of president Mark here when the incident happened. It was a chain of childish thoughts that led to my actions. Anything else to justify?"
"Then can you show it to me?"
"This thing... This thing..." Phedra Elizabeth stiffened, stammered every word, and blinked repeatedly.

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