The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 22, 2022
Ch. 25Variable

"Why does the app keep appearing at these times? Destroy all the beautiful dreams that only dreams can catch."
[The situation arises. Please report back, if the situation arises, I hope the host will soon prepare mentally and have a perfect plan to deal with it.]
Phedra Elizabeth still hasn't recovered, rubbing her eyes continuously.
"Show required information. What calamity has come upon me again."
[All information on cooperation with president Jane suddenly disappeared without a trace.]
"Really? It sounds suspicious. So what will be the worst consequences?"
[Bankruptcy, the collapse of half of the Alice family's fortune means that the host must both satisfy the male lead and rebuild the Alice family's fortune. According to the analysis app, that will be the case worst.]
As soon as Phedra Elizabeth heard it, she felt the whole world collapse, and hurriedly gathered her luggage to prepare for the upcoming event.
[What is the host doing?]
"Escape. About going bankrupt, what are you doing here? By the way, the app helps me find out where she keeps her money. We need to escape quickly."
"..." The male lead let out a sound.
Phedra Elizabeth turned. The male lead remained motionless. She sighed in relief. Continue unfinished work, do relatively light hands, and avoid noise.
"Be gentle or he won't wake up."
[What did the host say. It's the host's job here to sort out this mess.]
"I don't have that ability. What should I do?" Disheveled mood.
"What should I do?" Phedra Elizabeth walks around the house.
Phedra Elizabeth changed into a luxurious and discreet dress.
"Still today. I don't eat breakfast at home." One circuit runs to the Alice corporation.
"The lady missed her meal again today."  Veronica Sarah feels worried.
"Don't worry about it all day. Mind your own business." Manager reminds.
"She's important to me anyway. I can't let her suffer."
"I know, but you also have to take care of yourself. Don't you feel tired? Do you keep chasing after her shadow forever?"
"Not tired... As long as she's happy. I accept it all."
"You're so stupid. You're out of medicine."
The world suddenly rotated through Veronica Sarah's eyes. The sky is tinged with dark, gloomy, cold colors, and the heavy rains pouring down like stones that gently glide over the skin are enough to cause skin damage.
"Little girl. Why are you sitting here?" Oriana Alice lowered her head and looked.
"Stay away from me." Bite on Oriana Alice's hand.
"Miss Alice. Hurry to protect the lady." The bodyguards ran over.
"No need. Let me." Oriana Alice.
"I'm not a bad person. Don't be afraid." Oriana Alice patted her head.
The girl gradually raised her eyelids, and the force of the bite also decreased. The girl let go, crouching in a corner.
"Why are you sitting here?"
"I don't have a home to go back to... I... I'm on my own." Sitting on a rock, the little girl looked at her.
That girl has lifeless eyes, a little soft and weak, her hands have many scratches, she wears an old shirt, and she uses the thin skin of her feet to touch the ground.
"So what's your name? Where are my relatives?"
"I have no name, no relatives. But why should I talk to you?" The little girl answered decisively.
"Independent? Very young indeed. Follow me. From now on your master is me."
The girl shook her head, pointing her finger to the left, her fingertip pointed directly at the big, tall man holding an iron whip.
"That's my boss. I can't just leave at will."
Oriana Alice looked at her arm. Pay attention to him. Oriana Alice waved. A handshake signaled. He ferociously approached.
"I want to buy this girl. This is a big deal for you, boss."
"It's expensive, girl."
"It's best to stay out of her way." Loud voice, The guards were always around her. They put their hands in their pockets. You can always act and kill people.
The six-foot-tall bodyguard stood in front of the rude man, who squeezed his throat.
"Sold or not?"
"Sell... S... Sell..." His voice trembled.
"Let her go." Oriana Alice ordered.
"The price for this girl is very expensive, we feed her every day... Dress her up... even serve the living expenses and bathing..." His forehead started to drop water drops below his chin.
"Needless to say, how much? I bought it."
"Five... Five thousand dollars." He spread out five fingers.
Oriana Alice did not talk around and did not want to waste time arguing with him. She quickly gave a signal.
"Give him the money. Ready to buy me a pair of shoes."
The bodyguard took out a black suitcase and threw it in front of him. The other guy ran to buy things and quickly offered them in front of Oriana Alice. Oriana Alice leaned over, lightly grabbed her leg, and put the shoe on her foot.
"From now on you are Veronica Sarah, you will be mine. You won't have to be restrained by anyone, and no one will dare to command you but me."
"Will you adopt me?"
"It is not adoption, but you'll have to work for me."
"Work? What can I do?"
"I already have an arrangement, just follow."
"So who are you?"
"I am Oriana Alice."
The bodyguard was quick to speak, about to say something but was hit in the face by her. She used force to hit her face and punch her stomach several times. His mouth was bleeding profusely, but he still didn't dare to resist. He corrected himself. Try to regain your respect.
"This is Miss Alice, you should call her Miss Alice later, you hear that." The bodyguard continued.
"Okay. Let's go." Oriana Alice stood up and looked at the shoe she was wearing on Veronica Sarah's feet.
"Very good, is not it?" Oriana Alice smiled softly.
"Starting from today, no matter what, I have to laugh. Always smile even if someone bullies, or humiliates you. But you have to watch and counterattack. That's the only thing I can honestly advise you on." Oriana Alice used two thumbs to lift the edges of Veronica Sarah's mouth.

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