The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 22, 2022
Ch. 24Accident

"Time for the company to do well. People who love money and want to depend on me always surround me. I've never let anyone in my eyes. But I believe he won't. He will honestly treat me well. If I can open his heart." 
"He's going to take advantage of you too. His family has nothing left. He'll turn you into a pedestal, lift him, and then stab you with a knife from behind."
"I volunteer. Don't talk to me anymore, I want to bring him porridge. He must have been very hungry." Quickly holding a bowl of porridge.
"And what about the lady's hand? It is pouring out. Blood is trying to escape from the lady's body."
Oriana Alice didn't care. She went upstairs one by one.
...Bang... (The sound of breaking glass)
"Miss Alice, what happened again?" Once again, Veronica Sarah hurriedly ran up.
"You guys get the fuck out of here for me. Who needs your pity." Duncan Hiddleston angrily shouted.
Veronica Sarah watched the events unfold in front of her eyes. She hurriedly worried about Oriana Alice's hand. Having just been physically affected by an external event, now being traumatized by the person being cared for.
"What's wrong with you? Dare to do that to our lady." Veronica Sarah expressed discomfort and displeasure.
Oriana Alice was picking up pieces of glass, she was accidentally bleeding from a sharp piece of glass. Oriana Alice also does not complain, focusing on her work. Veronica Sarah saw that and immediately ran to help. At this point, Veronica Sarah couldn't stand it anymore.
"Cold-blooded inadvertently. Do you know the lady..."
Oriana Alice took her hand and shook her head to show that she didn't want to investigate.
"If you don't need the lady, then return her heart to me." Veronica Sarah objected.
"I'm sure I needn't keep that heart of sand, it's hers, feel free to use it."
"You must be tired. Rest first." Oriana Alice stood up, one hand holding a piece of glass, the other hand carrying the wound trying to hide behind her back.
"I took you on vacation. Ignore him." Veronica Sarah helps Oriana Alice go out.
"Next time don't argue with him. Do you hear that?" Oriana  Alice leaned close to Veronica Sarah's ear and ordered.
"But... But... He is too much."
Oriana Alice glanced at Veronica Sarah. The slightly annoying eyes seemed to be dissatisfied with Veronica Sarah's words and actions
"Okay. I understand, Miss Alice."
"Quickly ask someone to clean up the remaining glass fragments. It's not good for him to step on it."
"Yes." Veronica Sarah obediently obeyed.
The music is raised to the climax. There is a pair of strange hands acting on the music keys, pulling the melody up to the sublimation note, making the melody of the song more fun. Intensity feels different, lifts eyelashes. He was somewhat surprised.
"You know how to play too?"
"Are you kidding? In the future, I will be a vocal teacher." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
"You look down on me again. Even though I'm not a professional, I can still play it. This song is so sad. Need to add a little high note to freshen up. I don't like the sorrows people bring to each other. It makes us tired and misses out on even more beautiful things. In music, too, don't impose bad feelings. That will make the music quieter."
Duncan Hiddleston looked at her blankly. The mood is boosted by her actions. Phedra Elizabeth touched a few keys with her fingers. Time passed both smoothly and quickly like a gentle breeze blowing through after sunny summer days. Very pleasant very stimulating. Phedra Elizabeth almost wanted to close her eyelids, her fingers also leaving the keys.
"I am tired. I took you on vacation."
Phedra Elizabeth rested her head on his shoulder. Phedra Elizabeth could not control herself. Phedra Elizabeth has never made anyone sad but also rejects the extreme thoughts others have attached to her. She is intuitive. As long as the other party has the plot to put on her. She will immediately set up an underworld, trying to expose the opponent's mind and body to the light.
"Are you just kidding me? You did it just to make me jealous, right?"
Phedra Elizabeth was silent and did not respond.
"You didn't say anything to agree with me."
"I didn't mean to blame you earlier, I just didn't want to lose you. It's just that I'm afraid that I've accidentally made you tired and gradually let go and don't care about me anymore. I just wanted to tell you, please don't leave me. Is that okay?" The male lead waited for her reply.
"Saying nothing is agreeing. We will be together forever."
He took her in his arms and placed a light kiss on her forehead.
"Official. From now on you are mine. I won't allow you to be with anyone else. Also, rejects you from being with other people. All your pleasure must be with my consent. All your pain will be with me. Your weakness can only be seen by me."
Phedra Elizabeth has since fallen into an unconscious state, falling into a deep sleep. Phedra Elizabeth no longer hears sounds outside the real world. He took her upstairs, laid her on the bed, lay beside her, and interlaced his fingers interspersed with her fingers. He felt reassured, his heart was also much lighter.
"I'm sorry. All this time you have treated me so badly. He won't do that anymore. I won't follow my emotions and act rashly. I promise."
The key time is to fly - In the blink of an eye, it was a long day. Close your eyelids – open your eyelids a day has passed. A new morning begins. On a new day, the sky is bright, the light is the self-expression of joy, and hope is to enjoy more new good things. That's why people always embrace the light that they don't seem to be able to grasp, can't see, but it comes unexpectedly and is easy to feel.
[Report urgent... Urgent news.]
"..." Phedra Elizabeth was startled, all her dreams flew away.

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