The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 20, 2022
Ch. 23The past

"I just want to ask you a question... Only one question."
"Arbitrary. What to do mystery."
"Whose shirt are you wearing?" He bowed slightly.
"Just answer this sentence?"
"It's the president Mark. We went to eat together, he saw me cold, so wearing me. Now it's pleasant. No more questions, right?"
"Death away."
"Can't stand it right? Your path to fame is gradually falling into the hands of others. Don't worry, no one will be able to steal your glory." Phedra Elizabeth made a scornful smile. She thinks the male lead's subordination to her makes her despise and want to stay away from him even more.
The male lead is confused, his hands constantly make confusing actions. Next, he put his hand on her shoulder. Phedra Elizabeth startled, looked in his direction. He looked at her with steady eyes. The male lead seems to be trying to say something.
"Don't get me wrong. This submissive look is only shown in front of the person I love. I don't want you to put your mind to someone else. Rest on me. Put your eyes on me okay?"
He released his hand. Her hand was already red because the force he exerted on her was quite large.
What kind of person is that? Using men's power to bully women?" Phedra Elizabeth wrist rub.
"Today, I'm very happy. Don't want to be narrow-minded. Compare with you. Rest early. Tomorrow, the company has another job waiting for you to solve." Phedra Elizabeth forgets everything and goes up to the room.
Phedra Elizabeth entered the room and chose a flared dress, her feet danced on the floor. The sound of the piano is not clear where it comes from, gently resounding, surrounding the space.
"The sound of the piano? It sounds so sad." The mood of Phedra Elizabeth is infected by the melancholy of the player.
"Who hit that?" Phedra Elizabeth steps down, and looks back and forth, back and forth.
"Is it him? He also knows how to play. I can not believe my eyes."
"The sound is so sad! Like a person who is lost in love, no matter how hard he tries, nothing will change. The player who is speaking his heart is a useless and weak person, but please turn around and look at me once, I will change everything I did before." Phedra Elizabeth preliminary analysis.
"Professionals are like that. Right or wrong depends on the mind of the player. I can only feel part of it."
Phedra Elizabeth stands behind the wall. Duncan Hiddleston closed his eyes and danced on the keys.
It's like the flow of memories back in time. Five years ago. A period of time is not too long, enough for the two sides' feelings to fade.
"She stayed away from me. Do not touch me with that dirty hand." The male lead shake hands Oriana Alice's hand, and threw it out, he tried to wipe away the traces of his hands when he touched her, shrunk back, and sat in a dark corner.
"Okay... Okay... I'll go out. Do not be angry, don't move, be careful to touch the wound."
"Do you want to eat something that I can cook for you?" Oriana Alice was gentle, she lowered her voice, leaned over, and asked carefully about his real situation.
He still didn't care. Look at the closed window. Not even light can enter. It is covered with a veil.
"Eat porridge. Minced meat porridge will make you feel better."
"What can a rich lady like you do? It's best not to bother me."
Duncan Hiddleston was badly dressed, his face was dark, his clothes were torn, his whole body was dirty, his whole body had no strength, and his breathing was very weak. Red eyes a little wet. Oriana Alice noticed that he kept staring at the window. She rushed to the side and opened it to let the air in. Convenient to serve your mood. Veronica Sarah at the same time stopped but she blocked her throat. She frowned, indicating that she didn't like it, looking at Oriana Alice's face, which was extremely bad, sweating as she immersed herself in the scene below. Oriana Alice was unsteady but still strong.
Oriana Alice went down to the kitchen. Oriana fidgeted in a pile of kitchen tools.
"Miss Alice let Veronica Sarah do it." Veronica Sarah hurries, worrying.
"It is okay, just let me do it myself. I go to another job." Hands Oriana Alice never rest.
Veronica Sarah just took her eyes off her hand and went to water the newly bloomed petals. Because I know the owner loves brightly colored flowers. This makes the owner's soul relax, emotions are partially restored.
... Bang ... (The sound of broken glass.)
"What is going on?" Veronica Sarah was frightened, and she ran in.
Veronica Sarah saw the broken glass on the floor and ran to Oriana Alice's side.
"Miss Alice, are you okay? Show me your hand." Veronica Sarah quickly took Oriana Alice's hand and blew lightly with her mouth.
"Miss Alice, your hand is bleeding. Let me get the medicine."
"Just keep your voice down. He's resting upstairs. Don't use him to boost his mood. The noise will frighten him." Her voice went quiet.
"Even now, people are worried about you. What can he do for people? Their master is you. He could face the death penalty if you have a problem. I do not understand how important he is to you. Nothing is more important than yourself."
"Then you will understand that there are things you want to protect that person more than protect yourself, want that person to live a good, happy life." Oriana Alice caressed Veronica Sarah enough.
"I'm not a kid anymore. I'm sure what I'm saying is true. I think enough, judgment enough to think that he is not worthy enough for you."
"Remembering at that time, my family was only worried about making money, with no one around, I was very afraid that even the slightest noise could make me cry. At that time, I was scared to death by a large dog, and my eyes filled with tears. He appeared out of nowhere and chased after me, he helped me a lot. He directly confronts it. The dog was very aggressive and bit his hand but he still did not abandon me. Thanks to him, I want to change myself, become stronger so that I can be worthy to stand next to him."

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