The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 19, 2022
Ch. 22Music

"From here the city looks so beautiful. Besides, I also like the quiet."
"We have the same interests." Phedra Elizabeth swayed happily. In her head like thousands of colorful flowers blooming.
"You order food." Give the menu to Phedra Elizabeth to choose first.
Phedra Elizabeth took it and took a look.
"There is something delicious to bring out here. I want to enjoy the whole thing." Phedra Elizabeth's face hidden behind the paper, raised her eyelids to look at Theodore Mark was a little stunned, his eyes trembled, and his expression stiffened.
Four eyes looking at each other.
"Has a confident, innocent look. Like him, but not qualified enough to get to his position." A stream of purposeful thoughts ran through Theodore Mark's head.
"What problem do you have? Your soul is like in the clouds." Phedra Elizabeth smiled slightly.
Theodore Mark stared blankly at Phedra Elizabeth for a long time. He shifted his eyes in another direction. Theodore Mark propped his chin, he seemed a little embarrassed.
"Are you tired? We leave here. I take you home."
"Don't act on your own. We just met. I can't be rude. You choose your food."
The waiter was already waiting at the head of the table. Theodore Mark rudely ordered first. Phedra Elizabeth approached, ordering some of her favorite dishes.
"I eat very frugally, just a salad and a glass of juice are fine."
"Yes. Please wait for us a moment."
Some sounds were coming from the next table. Theodore Mark heard it familiar, and immediately turned to look.
"What do you want to eat?"
"I can eat anything. It's up to you."
"Then you can call them all, you can eat whatever you want."
"No change. Always."
Theodore Mark looked at the couple beside him. His eyes were filled with sadness.
"Is he lonely for too long and wants someone to share his happiness with?" Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
"At the same time, I also need a protector and cover." Phedra Elizabeth happily looked in the direction of Theodore Mark.
"Don't worry I'm here." Phedra Elizabeth nodded slightly, although she did not say it out loud, she wished to follow Theodore Mark for the rest of her life.
"The dish is up. Let's just eat."
The waiter brought some dishes has a simple structure, and do not require too much skill from the chef.
Alice's villa. The common room between Phedra Elizabeth and Duncan Hiddleston.
"Did I make you unhappy about something? Or are you upset about something?" Continuous search.
"I have answered many times. No... No... No..." Phedra Elizabeth definitely with her answer.
"Please spare my eardrums in peace." Phedra Elizabeth's irritability.
"I'm sorry. I annoy you."
"Why do you only apologize? Why not try to find the most satisfactory solution for both sides? Only two words sorry, repeated many times, I'm tired of hearing." Phedra Elizabeth complains.
"Have you gradually despised and no longer love me? Is it because I can't protect you so you don't need me anymore?" Duncan Hiddleston felt frustrated and extremely uncomfortable. He kept feeling that he had lost something that he wanted to hold the most.
The train of memory passed quickly and waited for no one. Duncan Hiddleston was left behind, standing in front of the rain, lying in a passive position, watching everything move but himself merely saying goodbye to everything, and gradually falling into a state of regret.
"You never liked me before. Let's pretend I beg you, okay?"
The male lead looked at her without taking his eyes off her, slowly walking out. Suddenly the figures before his eyes disappeared. Duncan Hiddleston tried to keep her figure behind, but only behind, when he was close to it, he quickly flew away. Duncan Hiddleston trembled violently, fears whirling around him. Making his legs powerless to fall to the ground.
"She ruined everything again. Good things do not see all doing crazy things. Will Oriana hear the words she unintentionally said earlier? If I had to leave her, I'd do it first instead." The male lead felt insecure in his heart, and his thoughts were a bit confused.
At the end of the meeting, it was time for Theodore Mark to show his gallant and masculine personality. He took Phedra Elizabeth to the house, lent her a coat, and put it on. Because it's cold outside. Theodore Mark knew she would be cold. It was almost as if her body had denounced it.
"You come back carefully." Phedra Elizabeth waved goodbye.
"You go inside too. The air outside is very cold."
Phedra Elizabeth hid behind the door, watching Theodore Mark's shadow until it disappeared completely. Phedra Elizabeth stepped inside, relaxed.
"Where did you just come back from?"
"What?" Phedra Elizabeth startled, her shoulders shrugging, take a step back one step.
"You make me go crazy." Phedra Elizabeth massaged the chest.
"Why are you standing there mysteriously?"
"Who did you go to within the end? Don't dodge my question." Duncan Hiddleston grasps her hand and raises it in the air.
"Didn't I already say that?"
"Go see a partner."
"You hurt me." Phedra Elizabeth using your other hand, against the strength of the male lead.
"Where do I go to report to you? It's my right to privacy."
"Right. It is my right." His eyes softened, and his hands relaxed.
"I didn't mean to make it difficult for you, but do you know what time it is? Do you know how much I care about you?"
Phedra Elizabeth looked up at the watch on a corner on the wall. Phedra Elizabeth was a bit surprised, normally she wouldn't be able to return at this hour. If there were exceptions, she would usually bring her parents along. Phedra Elizabeth is very skeptical, does not believe in anyone, and even more, does not believe that there is a gift from the sky. She is also religious, she just believes that the uncle will create challenges through which people will have their skills, who will still protect but not protect.
"Is it late? It's been 12 hours. I'm sorry. Let you wait long."
"But even so. You shouldn't wait for me either. We don't have much to do with each other. Why do you have to waste your mind because of me? Just a fake show to create a foothold. Do you think you'll win my heart by doing this? Innocence." Phedra Elizabeth thought.

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