The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 18, 2022
Ch. 21Illusion

On the canopy of leaves, the birds chirped and chirped softly, singing the song without words, which was very pleasing to the ears. Occasionally, a cool breeze blows, gradually dispelling the sweltering heat of the remaining noonday sun. Make the air more cool and gentle. Theodore Mark appeared.
"Miss Alice. Nice to meet you. I told you we were destined to meet again." Theodore Mark smiling.
"It is truly a blessing. I have been waiting for president Mark for a long time. Invite president Mark to come inside. Do you want to drink coffee, the president?"
"Finally met him." Phedra Elizabeth rejoices.
"When I met him, I immediately forgot everything that was hidden in my heart." Phedra Elizabeth quietly thinks.
"Since this is an office, I hope president Mark here understands this strange way of addressing things."
"The right thing to do. So right, so reasonable."
"No, I'm not thirsty. Let's go to the room to talk."
The meeting took place in the rain and wind. The scene of favorable rain and wind. Everything, as planned, went very smoothly.
"Since when has the wait become so tiring." The male lead observes behind the room glass.
As the night fell, darkness gradually enveloped the neighborhood. The stars appear dim and then gradually become clearer. As soon as the moon began to emerge, round like a cloak covering the clear blue sky of exploration. Sad moonlight all over the earth. The trees and flowers are quiet as if they have seen all the beauty of this moonlit night. The tree leaves as if brought up, the golden tree fell from the sky. The color of the sky began to become overcast, the wind blew colder outside, and the night shift workers also left. Phedra Elizabeth and Theodore Mark happily walked out.
"We're going to eat together today. No conversion is allowed. This is on behalf of my thanks." Phedra Elizabeth opened the door.
Theodore Mark pondered for a while.
"If Miss Alice has a heart, I shouldn't be rude."
"Don't call me that. The name is Oriana Alice. It was already dark, there was no one in the company. Should change. We're supposed to be friends anyway, right?"
"Miss Alice..."
Phedra Elizabeth tilted her face, her eyes were not satisfied.
Phedra Elizabeth nodded.
"Even though that's not my real name. But that's fine." Phedra Elizabeth is delighted.
"Such elixir is a scammer. I don't follow him. I'm investigating him." If there are currently any incidents of appearing, Duncan Hiddleston will come to the rescue.
"Where did you appear? Why can't I see you? Also, don't meddle in my private life."
"After all, I'm your fiancé, you have to take care of me, keep an eye on me more, no one can take advantage of it." Looking toward Theodore Mark.
He just smiled and said nothing.
"Speaking, sucking human blood, he has no problem, not managing him, he is a good person. This I can be certified."
"He? What kind of stimulant did he use so that you can protect, protect, and trust him so much? Intimate? I don't agree."
"Please stop talking nonsense." Phedra Elizabeth pushes Duncan Hiddleston aside.
"He is a psycho don't mind him. Theodore goes first, I will come back later." Phedra Elizabeth makes excuses for herself and explains thoroughly.
"Anecdotes. Petty things. I hope you don't mind."
"No. Ordinary story."
Theodore Mark walked quietly. Phedra Elizabeth went back to see Duncan Hiddleston.
"Haven't you gone yet? I thought you would leave me here!"
Phedra Elizabeth heard these words a little sad, she was a little moved and sympathized with the heart and heart of the male lead.
"I'm busy. This is a private matter. You go home first, I'll come back later." Phedra Elizabeth rubbed the male lead's head.
"I'm just a supporting assistant in your love story. I need privacy, and freedom of love. Let you separate me for a few minutes. I want to conquer the love of my life. Follow my heart's instructions." Phedra Elizabeth feels guilty.
Phedra Elizabeth still decided to leave. In her heart, she knew the price of being away from the mission. Even so, she still enjoys the freedom to control herself.
"Remember to be careful, leave early, it's very cold at night, don't catch a cold." The male lead accepts to let go.
"Okay. You also left early. Careful." Phedra Elizabeth left.
Phedra Elizabeth saw Theodore Mark looking at the leaves on the branch. Phedra Elizabeth felt relieved. The country that calculated and probed the other's feelings was fully rewarded. The waiting for her lover made her believe that he gradually fell in love with her.
"Did you wait long for me?"
Theodore Mark just shook his head and looked at her.
"I know a very good restaurant, let's go there and enjoy."
"He's a bit reserved. Changing the communication pattern will help the private appointment be more successful." Phedra Elizabeth questioned herself.
The city's upscale restaurant. The restaurant is located in a busy shopping area and is always crowded with both domestic and foreign tourists. The restaurant's staff is very friendly and does not discriminate against guests. The atmosphere in the restaurant is covered with a scent of all kinds of extremely attractive spices. Besides, the restaurant also serves fresh foods from the local seafood market. In addition, inside, there are many play areas.
"It looks so luxurious, so gorgeous." Walk on the red carpet and step inside.
"President Mark. Have a new object? The girlfriend who is as beautiful as a flower."
"Thanks." Phedra Elizabeth politely replied.
"This is the first time my friend brought me here."
"Friend? Then stay in the same place." The person talking pretended not to know, changing the subject.
"Old place."
"I am a regular guest here, usually the location I choose rarely changes if you don't like it, you can tell me. I will have other arrangements."
"Don't mind. The place you choose, I'm sure it will work for me as well." Phedra Elizabeth tilted her head, glancing at him with one eye. Suddenly, she flashed a smile.
"Please, you two, go this way." The waiter leads the way.
"I don't like the hustle and bustle, so choose a quiet location."

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