The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 17, 2022
Ch. 20Friend

"Isn't she a little weird? Usually, meeting partners is not so exciting." The male lead carries a skepticism beyond the universe.
"What is the position of the male lead in the company?"
[General director.]
"Invite general director Hiddleston to go out to prepare for the meeting this afternoon." Phedra Elizabeth intentionally sent the male lead out.
The male lead was motionless, not intentionally attracting attention, the scene appeared outside in front of his eyes. Phedra Elizabeth was in a good mood, looked at the letter, and accidentally saw the dressing table. Phedra Elizabeth has made progress, she is more feminine, wants to be a beautiful girl in front of her lover, looks at herself in the mirror, holds lipstick in her hand, and tries a few times but can't put it on her lips.
"I have never used this and the furniture on the table before, how should I use it?"
"Miss Alice, please sit down so I can help you."
The male lead suddenly walked in. His face glowed with a flowery idea.
"What did you come here for?"
"I'm also very good at makeup and lipstick, let me help you do it." Duncan Hiddleston was putting on a trustworthy face, trying to convince her to trust him.
"Are you alright?" Phedra Elizabeth is a little suspicious.
Duncan Hiddleston's face is full of prestige, his eyes emit a feeling that makes Phedra Elizabeth feel very confident.
"Okay. I believe you this time. Let's make me so sparkling and beautiful." Phedra Elizabeth dubiously bet on him.
"Close your eyes just wait a few minutes."
Phedra Elizabeth still had some doubts in her heart, but time gradually blew everything away, Phedra Elizabeth gradually waited and waited. The male protagonist flies skillfully like a dancing dragon and phoenix. The secretary watched, her face getting darker and darker.
"I think you should..." Secretary hesitating, implying disapproval.
"You should stop now. I don't think she'll be happy when the lady sees it." The secretary set out a warning for Duncan Hiddleston.
"Silent." The male lead felt uncomfortable and raised his voice loudly.
"You know what the art of makeup is? This is a masterpiece, the talent, the mind of the makeup artist."
Phedra Elizabeth was startled, opened her eyes, followed by her scream.
"What are you doing to my face? I look like a clown." She took the lipstick and threw it at him.
Phedra Elizabeth was afraid to wake up. She had seen hell before her eyes. Her sweat began to pour out. There was no hope left in her current state.
"I let my emotions overwhelm my reason. I'm way too angry for an absurd turn of events."
Phedra Elizabeth's actions and gestures changed rapidly.
"Are you okay? Did it hurt you?" Phedra Elizabeth quickly cared.
"You can only be beautiful in front of me, other than that, no one can see you." The protagonist is steadfast speak up.
The male lead hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek.
"Have you gone crazy? Get out for me."
Phedra Elizabeth couldn't resist the touch. But she will use all means to oppose this unreasonable action. Words can't awaken the male lead's consciousness, she will be violent, destroying all necessary laws and leading to unreasonable actions.
"Repetition of nonsense." Phedra Elizabeth was irritated, in her imagination, Phedra Elizabeth destroyed his image.
"I can not stand it anymore." Phedra Elizabeth clenched her fist and attached it to the dressing table.
... Racking... (The sound of a collision between a force acting on an object.)
"Can I go out now?"
"Don't be hot... Don't be hot... Get out."
Duncan Hiddleston shot his secretary a sharp look, his plan shattered. The perfect arrangement all melted away in smoke. Duncan Hiddleston could not satisfy her pleasure. On the contrary, his presence only caused more trouble. Duncan Hiddleston decided to retreat, creating a way out for himself.
"Fix it all for me. Hurry up."
"Okay. I'll do it now." The secretary's limbs were flexible, without any superfluous action. It seemed that she was too good at pleasing her master.
Phedra Elizabeth closed her eyes, waiting for the results. After some time.
"Please appraise the lady."
Phedra Elizabeth slowly raised her eyebrows.
That's what I want." Phedra Elizabeth's face was as bright as the sun, her eyes filled with joy as if she had resumed a broken dream.
"Should I choose a new outfit or accessory? A tight-fitting black dress to flatter your figure or a red, flowing dress."
"Her body is very beautiful and her skin is white, so choosing a body-hugging dress in black will suit her very well." Thorough consultation.
"New said to my body of what is very beautiful. My figure looks perfect, white skin and long, black, shiny hair, besides me, my height is Rackingy to see, easy to attract the attention of the crowd."
"Looking at you like that is very similar to when you went on a date with the general director for the first time. The years have not changed, it's just..." The secretary was a little apprehensive.
"You mean I am a moon person, easy to change my heart. You mean right?" Phedra Elizabeth bad mood, constantly changing mood.
"You are also very sarcastic. Well said. Need an in-depth analysis for me? I'm already mentally prepared."
"No... No... I didn't mean it... I mean..." The secretary panicked, her hands and feet dancing wildly.
"Don't be so quick to apologize to me. You right... If you don't want to illustrate any further, I'll reward you ... Go down to pack up and leave the company. "
"I'm sorry... I hope you'll forgive me... I remember your words... I... I'm... I'm sorry... I hope you'll forgive me." Immediately receiving the error, he bowed his head after the sentence. The completely wrong move came from the position of the secretary.
It is now 4:30. A velvety afternoon with gentle breezes blowing. The heat mixed with the smell of dust rising. The West is as red as a burning fire, the remaining light rays of golden sunlight are scattered over the countryside, and on the road, the sunlight has weakened, not as strong as noon anymore. The petals in the afternoon sun are inlaid with a layer of red watercolor, extremely beautiful.

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