The system forces me to be the villain
By Matcha
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 2Change a life

He was motionless, sucked down by gravity, unable to support his legs, and fell to the ground. Phedra Elizabeth saw the door in front and ran happily, Phedra Elizabeth thought she had found a way out, intending to alert Duncan Hiddleston. She had just opened the door, and instead of the exit was another stone wall. Phedra Elizabeth immediately realized that the reason she faced such an easy challenge was simply buying time. The danger is with Duncan Hiddleston. She risked her life to run there, seeing Duncan Hiddleston sitting in the corner of the wall, his body getting weaker and weaker, with more and more wounds. She knows that bats are very afraid of the sun, in addition, she also noticed that there are holes in the ceiling, and small cracks, but if it can be used, that is an advantage. She threw the hammer in her hand toward the ceiling. Cracks open more and more. The three-headed bat noticed the strange behavior and attacked Phedra Elizabeth. She quickly sat down on the ground, holding a pile of sand in her hand, and threw a three-headed bat in the eye. The result was as expected, the three-headed bat felt pain, burning, screaming continuously, Phedra Elizabeth quickly jumped on one of its three heads, according to the progress, Phedra Elizabeth was brought close to the place where it was. water, she dashed through the ceiling, light. room flooded. The three-headed bat also disappeared, Phedra Elizabeth was no longer supported by anything, she floated in the air, then landed. Phedra Elizabeth thought she would land on the ground as she expected Duncan Hiddleston to help her. He turned into a mattress to support her. Duncan Hiddleston's emotions seem to be intertwined between life and death. Phedra Elizabeth blushed shyly and stood up. She helped him out of the cell, through the main door was a glass bridge, above hung an hourglass, instead of sand time, it was calculated in money, now there are two players left, so the amount is reduced a lot below. Phedra Elizabeth helped him step over the steps, halfway through, Phedra Elizabeth stepped on broken glass, she seemed to be floating in the air, the only rope to keep her life was Duncan Hiddleston's hand. His face was pale. He tried to pull her up but to no avail. Duncan Hiddleston looked up at the hourglass and saw the last of the bills hanging from his belt. Duncan Hiddleston seemed to understand everything, he quietly let go of Phedra Elizabeth's hand.
Phedra Elizabeth jolted awake, sweat pouring out like rain, soaking her shirt. She calmed her mind, rubbed her eyes, ignored her dream, held the phone in her hand, opened an online story, and read it passionately.
The stub concept to better understand the nature of things, although a bit unipolar and one-way, but a relatively general view and the only basis for us to trust the other, is simply to find out. That is the only information. Not sure if we want to share with a stranger the process we have to go through and accept, but in the end, it will be a system drawn in a few scribbles named after each other. The domain of memories, even if you try to forget, can't forget, it's a habit forever imprinted in the opponent's mind. The name is etched in the heart despite being simply a stranger.
Male lead: Duncan Hiddleston. Personality: gentle, warm, a little soft-hearted when judging, make a decision before a complex event or event.
Female lead: Maris Jane. Personality: contempt, outspoken but very kind, ready to help others when facing difficult cases.
[+40]: I've read more than 150 chapters and I still can't see the end, the love of the characters is going nowhere, the heroine and the male lead spin like a whirlwind, and the romantic lines are too few. Fight, just stab your head to the death that is the truth.
[+27]: Bad story, the author needs to focus on emotions and details. End of story. That's what I think right now.
[I think I fit this genre, maybe it's just my preference. The situation happened quite quickly but did not go deep into the feelings of the two, which made me a bit disappointed. Fake can be fake but my bag has to dock. If I open the scoreboard, I will give the work 6/10 stars. This is an unbiased opinion.]... Sent.
"Hurry down. It's going to be late for school."
"I'll be right down."
Phedra Elizabeth took the phone and ran downstairs. Sit at the table. Phedra Elizabeth is a girl with mixed blood between English and French. Phedra Elizabeth has peaceful but sharp blue eyes. Her skin is so white that it glows with just a single ray of sunlight, it's enough to make everyone around her admire and delight in constantly praising her. In addition, she has a beautiful body that is not created by exercise but by innate, given by nature. However, Phedra Elizabeth always wears a pair of large glasses combined with an oversized school uniform, making her beauty hidden behind a strange outfit. The special thing about her body is that she has a big scar on her waist that was because she was careless when she was a child, so she slipped and fell, her body was rubbing against the road, thankfully God bless her so death can't be killed. took her life but in return, she had to carry that scar forever on her body. It is a testament to the first fall in life, as well as the love of God for man. God will not forsake us when we are in trouble. That's why her family always entrusts faith, health, money, and life to God.
"Hold your phone all day, if I throw it in the street, don't scream."
"You don't know, I'm researching."
"Don't lie to me. After all, I am your mother, I know you too well. Take care of your studies, you will graduate happily. My daughter will make me proud? It is a beautiful dream. "
"Mother! Look down on me."
"Eat fast and go to school. I even called you today to say you were late, don't blame me for being cruel."
"Yeah, I promise I won't disappoint you. Mom, I'm leaving." Phedra Elizabeth quickly ran out, still holding the phone tightly in her hand.

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